Plan With Me #1 ~ June

I am really on a planner kick lately, aren't I? In fact, I think there are more planner posts than there are for makeup, and that really is why I started this blog two years ago. That is largely due to the fact that I haven't been able to do a lot of work lately, and writing about planning comes quickly. It also doesn't take more than several minutes to take a few quick snaps of planner goodies, as opposed to taking photos of swatches or my own face.

However, I've knuckled down the last few days June to really amp up my content for July, and have as many posts ready to go live when they're meant to. In short, I'm tired of falling behind and so I'm kicking ass to get ahead.

My planner is really coming in handy for that reason, as I'm putting a lot of effort into keeping track of everything. I've created a few blogging inserts, as well as stickers to monitor a few things such as my skincare and supplement intake. Kudos to Stephii for trying to stay organised, aye?

The first week of the Happy Planner includes a large chunk of June, as each week begins on Monday and the first day of July doesn't happen until Saturday. So, I took the liberty of decorating said week, sticking to a unicorn theme, as a nod to my friendship with Cat, the one who made all this planning hoopla happen. I used all of the unicorn goodies that she sent me to decorate the spread, as well as a thin purple washi my sister bought for me in Japan. I also used both sticker books to organise my week.

I had to use the "Work hard and be nice" sticker to remind myself that even though it was the final week of the term and I now have two weeks of holiday from work, I still needed to work my ass off at the café. And be nice to a certain (difficult) co-worker. As it's the end of term for the students at the school that I work at, we had to clean the kitchen from top to bottom to prevent a pest infestation during the break.

The sticker books that Cat sent me didn't have any stickers to mark down my weight, so I downloaded a printable and printed them off at Officeworks. I also printed out a layout I created for Game of Thrones, a social media tracker, drink intake tracker, skincare tracker and a tracker to remind me to take my supplements. Some of which I downloaded, and the rest I created/modified to suit my needs.

After one week of actually using a planner properly, I've really noticed a few things. One was that I tended to slack off quite a bit throughout the week and I need to stop putting things off. Another thing was that I am really not good at keeping up with my drink intake, let alone being consistent with my skincare and my supplements. Having these scale stickers are actually a great way to motivate me into losing weight and not giving into my carb-loaded vices.

I'm sorely tempted to start decorating the other weeks in the planner, but at the same time, I want to do it slowly and take it one week at a time. I figure I'd get the most enjoyment out of that, incorporating any new material that I may pick up over time. In fact, I've just ordered some cutesy Harry Potter stickers and it is due to arrive next week. I'm excited because it means that I can decorate the July spread with a Slytherin theme (since I doubt I'll use the Slytherin washi often) and the final week for Harry's birthday.

I have one conundrum though. See, I want to buy all the unicorn activity stickers I find on Etsy but I can't justify the purchase of those when I would be making lots of different types of layouts that may not necessarily match the unicorns. I'm a very fussy person and would like for all of my stickers to match the theme I've chosen for the week. Nonetheless, these stickers are really cute and I want them so much! How does anyone work around this?! Help!

What stationery do you love buying? My weaknesses are washi tape and Frixion pens.



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