My First Impression of Makeup Geek

I've finally jumped on the Makeup Geek bandwagon! Granted, it's a very tiny jump. Hell, not even a jump but a toe tentatively hovering over the line. Hear me out, I'm on a very tight budget, but I wanted to try Makeup Geek out once before I go on a buying spree to pick up all the colours I'm after. I needed to ensure that the money I was spending, not just on the eyeshadows themselves, but also on the postage, was going to be worth it once I made the commitment to buy the colours on my wishlist.

I'm hell-bent on creating a green eyeshadow palette for myself, as it annoys me to no end that there aren't any cruelty-free green palettes that I can buy. Therefore, I'm resorting to my last option: curating the colours individually and then adding them to a magnetic palette when I find one that I love. I plan on having at least eight green shadows by the time I finish collecting them. I don't want to remove pans from existing palettes because I'm that kind of person that likes to keep everything intact and in pristine condition.

I only bought one single eyeshadow from Makeup Geek, and that is Jester, a foiled olive green that shines a lovely golden chartreuse colour when the light catches it. I would have bought more shadows if I had a looser budget, but as one foiled shadow costs about $13 AUD, plus shipping, I needed to settle on just one for now, especially when I hadn't tried the brand before and didn't know how it would work for me.

I used to have a metallic olive green pencil eyeliner back in high school that I loved to the moon and back, but I've since used it up (quickly, I might add) and could not find the exact same colour elsewhere, as they were either too pale, too dark, too blue, or too brown. And some were too hard to apply. This eyeshadow is the exact same colour as the pencil I once loved, and since I have a mixer from Makeup Revolution, I can either use this as an eyeliner or simply as an eyeshadow.

I'm not doing a full review on this just yet, as I have yet to truly test the lasting and blending properties of this baby, and I would like to purchase more shades before I do a full review on the brand.

I did a few swatches for this particular eyeshadow, as I wanted to show you all how this appears when you apply it using different methods. In this case, from left to right, I mixed it with a bit of the Makeup Revolution Aqua Seal and applied with a brush. I used my finger for the second swatch, a brush for the third one, and the far right swatch was applied on top of primer with a brush. The Aqua Seal has made it much more intense, but you'd need to use quite a bit of product to get this kind of effect, as most of it gets absorbed into the brush. Using a brush on bare skin makes it appear washed out, so you'd need to layer it to make it more intense. The primer swatch has the best coverage and looks properly foiled rather than just shimmery.

Going by what I've seen so far, Makeup Geek seems promising, though I wonder how the matte formula differs from the foiled ones. I have decided to purchase a few more shades later when there is a sale or when a free international shipping deal is offered. So far I have four more green ones I'd like to get, as well as a few other colours. Who knows, I might go with Makeup Geek for a To Me, From Me gift for my birthday later this year.

What are your Makeup Geek must-haves? Do you have any magnetic palette recommendations?



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