Opening the Latest Happy Mail from Kitty

I know I've been absent a lot lately, and it's not fun that I keep having to struggle to make time just to be able to work on here. However, I've been working on the blog the past couple of weeks, writing a few posts to get ahead, as well as planning what will go up over the next month. It's shocking that it's the end of June already!

I'm on holidays from work for the next two weeks as the school I work at is closed for winter break. I'm pretty excited about this as it means I have more time to myself, and to focus on finding out what is triggering my migraines, and what began it in the first place. I highly believe it's a result of severe B12 deficiency, aka pernicious anaemia, so I need to organise for a B12 injection as soon as possible. Possibly tomorrow.

Cat and I have finally settled on a name for our care package swaps! Last Tuesday, I brought Cat's parcel with me to work and sent it out as soon as I finished for the day. I intended for it to be sent out on Monday but I was having trouble figuring out how to finish the cover I made for her planner. Then, I had to go and get it printed and laminated at Officeworks.

Cat's box arrived last Friday, after being delayed for four days. Apparently, Australia Post wasn't prepared for the sudden and unexpected increase in international parcels at this time of the year. They likened it to be worse than at Christmas time, even more so because they were understaffed. The parcel almost didn't arrive on Friday, as it was nearing the very end of the business day and the sun had set. The poor delivery guy looked so frazzled!

The weight of this box is much like the first ever care package that Cat sent to me. I kept telling her not to buy more than the amount we decided on because these packages are expensive enough without having the hefty price tag associated with shipping it halfway across the world. But the damn woman loves to spoil me!

Australia is known for being completely slow with the latest trends in the US. It was many years before we even had our first Sephora in Sydney, and another couple of years for one to open in Melbourne. The planning trend is gaining traction here in Australia, but our hobby stores such as Lincraft and Spotlight are severely lacking in planning supplies. That said, Cat wanted to make sure I had everything I could possibly need to go with the Happy Planner that she also bought for me.

For our first friendiversary; the theme was paper, and since Cat recently got herself hooked onto planning, she wanted to get me hooked as well. I keep a small planner for day-to-day activities and reminders, as well as for the blog. So naturally, we settled on sending each other planner goodies as part of the paper theme. It is a stark contrast to the makeup-laden boxes that we've sent to each other before.

In fact, Cat sent me two lipsticks from Lime Crime, the matte Velvetines in Wicked and Rustic. I'm really excited about these as the formula from Lime Crime is one of my favourites, and Wicked is perfect for this chilly season. I've always wanted the Rustic shade, so I was pretty excited when Cat bought it for me. She surprised me with a Colourpop Creme Gel Eyeliner in Show Me, a metallic copper that I just know I'll use all the time, as copper is one of my favourite colours to use on my eyes.

She also included a copy of the Allure magazine as she wanted me to read a couple of articles that she bookmarked for me, as well as a box of pointy cotton tips and a sheet mask from Leaders Cosmetics. I flipped out over the little trinket dish because it had the letter 'S' on it and was trimmed in gold. Which, of course, is perfect for blog photography.

She gave me the MAMBI Modern Marble Classic Happy Planner, and I was really excited to start using them. I did my first layout already, complete with unicorns, and I'm working on next week's layout, centred around Spider-Man Homecoming. It's not yet finished, as I need to draw Spider-Man as well as some webs.

She gave me a bunch of stickers to use in my planner, and I can't wait to start using them. She also included a couple of sticker books from MAMBI as well, one of which is the watercolour set, and the other the 1829 piece set which contains all the basics. The last sticker set is a smaller, golden version of the 1829 piece set. There was a variety of sticky notes from Cat as well, one being of cute tropical flowers and plants in pots. A few of them were of retro establishments like a bakery, a diner and a boutique. Oh, and a set of cute sticky notes from MAMBI.

Other things that she sent along were the 9 hole punch for any inserts I may want to make for my planner, a set of expander rings, three pocket folders, a set of magnetic bookmarks and a stack of lists that you insert into the planner. There is a To Do list with a marble print, as well as a USB in the shape of a camera, which I'm going to use solely for the planner for when I need to print some stickers and inserts. And two sets of sheets for writing down notes and lists. I'm really fond of the covers that she included in the parcel as well, as on one side we have some retro stripes and on the other teal polka dots on a white background. Cat sent along some washi tapes, and I could not believe that she also included washi samples! As if 10+ tapes weren't enough, right?

We have an inside joke, which is that I'm the unicorn in the relationship, while she's the mermaid. It's why she decided to send a few unicorn goodies, and why I sent her a few mermaid sticker sets. The unicorn goodies that she sent was a set of sticky notes, stickers and some unicorn washi. Not only that, she also had her cousin make me a Harry Potter bag for my planner, and threw in a really cute pen of Harry.

Her cousin, Erica, made me a makeup bag with Eiffel Tower printed fabric. Pink may not be my colour, but I just love it, and the quality is amazing for something that was made by hand! It's my go-to makeup bag from now on as it's so roomy on the inside which fits all of my daily essentials. In it, she included a few stationery pieces. There were pineapple paperclips, as well as a small notepad with a pineapple print. Because, apparently, all Australians love pineapples, even as decor.

I ordered my new camera earlier this week, and it's due to arrive on Tuesday. I'm really excited because I'm getting fed up with how my current camera keeps corrupting my memory mid-shoot. Basically, it means I have to stop whatever I'm photographing, run to the computer, import everything and then reboot it. It's definitely a pain in the arse whenever it happens while I'm travelling and taking photos of my surroundings. The camera I'm replacing the piece of junk, the Olympus E-420, with is the Canon 750D. This should teach me not to buy shitty seconds from people without doing my research about said piece of junk.

I highly suggest that you guys stay tuned for my next post on Sunday, because I'm going to reveal the first layout I ever did on my planner. I was going to do a little preview of my planning collection but then I remembered that I had a few more things due to arrive next week. So, that'll have to wait. The one little drawer that I allocated for washi tape is now practically full, with room for about two or three more rolls. Crazy, hey? The sad thing is that I don't think I have enough! I'm trying to focus on stickers though, because I've got my heart set on some really cute ones, like the ones I mentioned in my wishlist earlier this month.

Do you have a friend in another state or country that you send mail to?


How To Make Your Own 3D Needle Felted Paperclips

I'm excited about this post because it's more complex than the tutorials that I've shared with my readers. One of my tutorials was on how to make your own tassel paperclips, and while that one is fun, it's really simple to make. I had another tutorial in which you could add a ribbon page marker to any book with a spine, which is also relatively simple and didn't require more than a few minutes and basic materials.

This one, however, takes some time and effort, and a lot of swearing as you stab yourself in the fingers. At least a hundred times in my case. I was lucky no one was at home or else they would be hearing expletives coming from my bedroom every minute or so. What can I say? I'm clumsy, even if I'm quite nimble with my fingers. I think impatience may have a lot to do with the multiple puncture wounds in my fingertips...

Harry Potter | Ravenclaw Inspired Makeup

It is no secret that I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter. What's not to love, though? You've got friendship, love, important life lessons, magic and a whole world that you can get lost in. I'm a Hufflepuff, through and through, and it is a very accurate sorting. I possess qualities from the other houses, but I'm also too loyal for my own good.

I'm going to do makeup inspired by each of the houses. I've seen lots of looks online, and while most of them are creative and fun, they don't quite represent the houses and their traits accurately. I wanted to save Hufflepuff for last, so I'm doing Ravenclaw first before making my way through the other houses.

How To Make Your Own Tassel Paperclips

Here's my second post for the week, and I think I'm actually getting things back on track. Sure, I only published two posts last week, but it was a bit full on then with work. This week, however, looks like it'll be a lot better. I'm trying quickly to make sure I can have this published tonight. I have work tomorrow, so I need to be in bed by 10. I went to the city today because a Japanese woman visited my work yesterday as she wanted to see what deaf schools were like in Australia. Being deaf herself, she's taught children Japanese sign language for a number of years.

She was interested in learning Auslan, and I was also interested in learning JSL. She was only in Melbourne for a few days before heading to Sydney, so I suggested that we meet today for lunch and coffee. It turned out to be a great idea, as we both learned a lot and it was fun. I took Misato to a Korean restaurant, as she wasn't interested in Japanese or Chinese cuisine, and then we went for macarons at La Belle Miette, before moving over to the cafe next door for some coffee.

I'm so surprised that I didn't stop by Daiso or someplace else to buy more stationery, considering how crazy I've been lately. For some of you that may not have read my previous post, I've been planner-obsessed and so my willpower is rather weak when I look at washi, stickers, and printables.

My Newest Obsession | My Planning Wishlist

So, here's the deal, my friend Cat and I had our first friendiversary earlier this year, and the theme for first anniversaries is paper. We thought we'd incorporate the theme into our next care package swap. That means we have to send each other something paper-based. She let on that she bought me the MAMBI Classic Happy Planner. I initially had no idea what it was, so I looked it up and that unleashed a monster. A hobby that incorporates scrapbooking elements and organisation?! How could I resist the temptation?

This is the stock photo of the planner she bought for me. Marble?! Rose Gold?! Oh, my...