Things That I Do When I Get My Period

So, it's almost that time of the month when Aunt Irma comes to town. I suppose I should consider myself lucky since I don't really suffer from the typical pains that others experience. Especially the unfortunate souls that face debilitating pain regularly, usually due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or Endometriosis. I feel for you, guys, I know way too many sufferers and the amount of pain they go through is appalling.

There's a lot of taboo surrounding this natural part of our lives, and it annoys me. It annoys me that we have to keep it all hushed up and hide the evidence that we're on our period. It annoys me that people are still so awkward and embarrassed when it comes to talking about periods. It pisses me off when men get all squeamish about it, because it's completely natural, just like breastfeeding. Sean says "ew" when I get into the really gory details about it, but overall, he's chill about grabbing a bag of pads when I need him to.

I've actually been on the pill since I was about 16 years old, due to the fact that without them, I wouldn't have hit puberty. Somehow, the hypothalamus in my brain isn't very active and so I couldn't produce the growth hormones that I needed in my teens.

At the beginning of my treatment, it was full of trial and error, I can promise you that - it was just bloody awful, pun intended. My OB-GYN had to change my prescription a few times because a lot of them didn't agree with me. At one point I had severely heavy periods that lasted for two weeks that began every month. I was so drained and weak at that time because the flow just so heavy. However, since then, my body has caught up to be at the same level as those my age. In fact, when I was 17, my bone density was similar to that of a 12-year-old, but now it's right where it should be.

Anyways, I thought I'd write down a few of the things that I do when I'm afflicted with the monthly curse.

1. Drink copious amounts of tea
I tend to drink more tea during my periods because the sweet, hot fluid warms my soul and really soothes me, especially when I'm feeling particularly lousy. Despite the fact that I really dislike sweets most of the time, I always have my tea with three teaspoonfuls of sugar.

2. Eat all the savoury foods
Unlike many others that crave chocolates and ice creams, I actually seek out all the savoury food that I can get my hands on. My particular vices are salty chips like Pringles or Doritos, mi goreng or spring rolls dipped in soy sauce. If I'm not in the mood to cook or I need some comfort food, I love vegemite toasted sandwiches with the butter spread on the outside so that the sandwich press makes it crispy, not just toasted.

3. Indulge in cheesy goodness
I know cheese is considered a savoury food item, but I put it in a category of its own because I love cheese much more than the average person. When that time of the month hits me, I really like placing slices of crumbly blue cheese on water crackers while drinking a sweet cup of tea.

4. Beg for attention
Okay, I'm not talking about bitching and moaning on Facebook about having my period. I meant begging for attention like a kitty would pester its owner for a pat. I constantly approach Sean in a very similar manner, asking him to rub my belly or my back or to give me cuddles. Sometimes, I'll use the period as an excuse to get him to make me a cup of tea or run to the shops to buy me a bag of Doritos.

5. Binge-read fanfiction
I know a lot of people binge-watch Netflix while they're feeling less than stellar, but I'm not the type of person to turn on the TV to watch something. In fact, the only show that I watch by myself is Riverdale, while everything else is with Sean, because without him constantly reminding me, I'd be about three seasons behind on Modern Family. However, I am always reading fanfiction, and my favourite ones to read are of the Hobbit. It's a guilty pleasure of mine, and has been for many years.

6. Disney movies
If I've had a bad day, or something upset me quite a bit, then it's the perfect time for me to watch either one of these two Disney movies: The Lion King or Brother Bear. There are scenes in both movies that brings on the waterworks and gives me a good crying session, which is exactly what I needed.

7. Online window shopping
I generally don't go shopping, because the lack of temptation means I don't give into impulse buys. If I plan on getting anything, it's done after careful contemplation. When I'm on my period, the urge to shop increases, but instead of spending money, I just create loads of wishlists. I also watch dozens of reviews and swatch videos on YouTube to decide on a product. I never buy anything unless it's to replace something, or if it's because I haven't spoiled myself in a good while.

8. Long hot showers
I try not to indulge in long showers because I don't want to waste water, even if we don't pay for the water in this rental. However, sometimes a long hot shower is like a soothing balm for when I have a sore back. So, sometimes, I just stand there while the water melts all the tension away and then runs cold. I don't take baths, in case you were wondering, as I tend to get really bored and hate having to refill the bath just to keep it piping hot.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and that you guys aren't grossed out by this topic. I want to be able to talk about more personal things with my readers, because I feel like it connects us on a deeper level. I don't want this blog to just scratch the surface of 'Me' as a whole, but I want to also get down right to the nitty gritty parts so that my readers can relate to me as a person, not just someone behind a screen.

What do you do when Aunt Irma comes to town?


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