My Five Lip-Picks for the Fall Season

It's Autumn, but the weather can't seem to decide whether it wants to transition into fall or remain summer forever. In fact, we're in this awkward transitional stage where it's warm and sunny, mild but wet, or cold as fuck. The latter began on Thursday and I've been freezing my ass off since then. As I write this, I'm cuddled up in a blanket because it's still so chilly and I'm waiting for Sean to make me a cup of tea.

I love the cooler months much more than Summer because I get to wear knits, hide my three-day-old hair in a beanie, and keep cosy all season long. I also love the cooler months because deep shades are where it's at, and I love a bold lippie. I always look forward to autumnal shades because they're so much fun, and I think I pull off a plum better than a nude. When it comes to lipsticks in general, I like to choose from warmer colours, and I avoid blue-toned pinks and purples. That's why my picks are usually better reserved for the cooler months.

Besame Cosmetics Lipstick in Red Velvet
This has a neutral red that's perfect for everyone. I love it because it appears as a sort of brick red on my lips in some lights, but as a blood-red in other lighting. It's so creamy and moisturising on the lips, but it doesn't feel thick or sticky. The best thing about this lipstick is that it's perfect for any type of occasion and it wouldn't look out of place. Well, except for a funeral... Besame's lipsticks aren't vegan as they contain beeswax, but they are cruelty-free.

Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipstick in Wine Room
This appears slightly darker on my lips, but it's such a lovely raspberry shade that really suits the season. It feels quite creamy and doesn't really dry down to a matte finish. One swipe results in an incredibly opaque finish, though it's a bit difficult to manoeuver the bullet as there's no pointy tip to ensure a crisp line. It lasts all day without fading but will wear off quickly when in contact with greasy food. The packaging drives me up the wall as you can't twist the bullet all the way down, so it keeps coming in contact with the sides while opening or closing it.

Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Tanielle Desert Rose
I think you're all sick of me mentioning this one, but it's a mauve-rose nude lipstick with a satin finish that's just perfect for the fall season. And my lips don't look like a cat's sphincter like they normally do with most mauve lipsticks. You can dress it up or down, so you could go heavy on the eyes, do a smoky look, pull off the monochrome trend with taupe eyeshadow or you could do a bit of shimmer to make them pop. Shanghai Suzy is an independent Australian lipstick brand with a formula that just makes your lips feel amazing and nourished.

Australis Velourlips in Doo-Bai
It's no secret that I love matte liquid lipsticks because it's so easy to wear them and there's rarely need for upkeep. This comes with a doe foot applicator, and the formula, while thin, doesn't feel sticky. It dries to a truly matte finish, however, it may dry your lips out a little if you wear it all the time. This is a deep berry shade that is neutral in tone and is perfect for both cool- and warm-toned people. I often have to make sure my base is flawless when I wear this so that it doesn't call attention to my blemishes.

Lime Crime Velvetine in Pumpkin
Gifted to me by Cat for our second care package swap, it is a perfect orangy-brick red in a transfer-proof, matte formula that glides on so pigmented and easily. It dries down to a matte finish quickly and doesn't fade except for when you eat something greasy. Reapplication isn't awkward, so it doesn't end up making your lips look flaky or dry. When I use this shade I keep the rest of my face plain, with my cheeks very lightly blushed in a warm peach and just a bit of a winged eyeliner with a short flick at the ends.

I've been thinking that I should get a few more Autumn and Winter shades, but my collection of lipsticks is already reaching exorbitant levels. I might actually pick up a couple of Lime Crime Velvetines as the formula is amazing, and I've seen a few shades that I really like, especially Rustic and Riot. Wicked also looks great! I need to get around to wearing my MegaLast lipsticks from Wet n Wild, as I've got four shades, and I've only tried out two so far. Luckily, just because I really like warm shades, they're perfect for this season. I just need to reach for them more often whenever I go out.

What's your favourite lipstick for Autumn?



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