Nine Tips On How to Make Moving Easier

As of Saturday, we have officially moved out of the little two-bedroom unit located in the outer suburbs of west Melbourne, and into mum's house. We're not completely moved in yet, as we've got way too much stuff to unpack and put into storage. We're almost done, though, and it shouldn't take us too long to have our bedroom sorted out. We moved back to mum's house because we wanted to save up for our first home. Not a surprise, really, as many young Australians are doing that these days. More often than not, in order to save up for a first house, we have the option to either rent further out from town, share a place with others or move back in with the parents.

Been there, done that.

I hate moving, hate it with a passion, and I scoff at everyone who complains about having to move for the first time in several years. "No, you do not understand, I despise it - try moving houses every damn year!" We've moved five times in as many years, and the bitterness towards moving house just increases with every move.

Where I Find My Blog Photography Props

You know, when I first started blogging, I didn't have much in the way of props. It wasn't like I had the financial freedom to go out and buy whatever I thought looked perfect. I had to make do with a couple of things, as well as stuff that I found lying around the house. That made for photos that may have suited the theme I went for back then, but I wanted something bright and classy with soft colours. I wanted something cute, something more fitting for a beauty blogger.

I looked online for cheap stuff, but the best ones were more expensive than I wanted to spend. It was hard trying to find props that didn't look tacky, but I made do with a can or two of spray paint on a few things. I also scoped out some sales wherever I could, but for the most part, it was a lot of searching and a lot of improvisation. A lot of the props I wanted were in the US or the UK, and it wasn't easy to get them, so I had to settle for the ones I could get here in Australia.

The Beauty Tools that I Must Have in My Kit

The day of the move is coming ever closer, and I am trying to get ahead on the blog so that I'm not falling behind. I've got a few posts written up, for the most part, so all I need to do now is take photos and edit the posts. I've had this idea in my blogging notebook for months, but never got around to ticking it off because other ideas just seemed more interesting. However, I thought I'd just bite the bullet and write the post.

I'm actually really happy with the photos for this post, mainly because I've found a theme that I really like for this blog. I also love these photos because my friend, Allen, showed me a way to easily adjust the white balance on photoshop without faffing around on the Camera Raw File filter for ages, and the result are whites that look more neutral/grey-toned, instead of leaning towards blue, green, pink, orange or whatever colour the lighting decides to bring me that day. Thanks, mate!

A lot of people have their favourite beauty tools, ones that they use to apply their makeup, for grooming, and even for skincare. There are lots of tools out there in the world, including beauty blenders, eyelash curlers, Clarisonic devices and even Tangle Teezers. I'm a girl of simple means, so I like to put more of my money towards the products themselves, rather than the tools that I use them with, so I don't have a lot of beauty tools. Here they are!

Makeup Revolution The One Highlight & Blush Review

It's after midnight as I post this, but it's still Easter in my books, so I hope you all are having/had a great time! Who doesn't like getting free chocolate and binge-eating them to their hearts' content? Oh, right, me. I'm not as fond of chocolate as I used to be when I was in high school. I blame the fact that I had to suffer through a whole term of chocolate-stained chef's whites, chocolate under my fingernails and smudges of chocolate on my arms, neck and even face.

However, that doesn't stop me from wearing Too Faced's Chocolate Bar for Easter yesterday.

The time for summery hues has passed now that we're smack dab in the middle of April, but I wanted to review the following products for those that live in the Northern Hemisphere. After all, what kind of person would I be if I didn't help my fellow beauty addicts decide whether or not they want to add the blush or highlighter to their collection?


Things That I Do When I Get My Period

So, it's almost that time of the month when Aunt Irma comes to town. I suppose I should consider myself lucky since I don't really suffer from the typical pains that others experience. Especially the unfortunate souls that face debilitating pain regularly, usually due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or Endometriosis. I feel for you, guys, I know way too many sufferers and the amount of pain they go through is appalling.

There's a lot of taboo surrounding this natural part of our lives, and it annoys me. It annoys me that we have to keep it all hushed up and hide the evidence that we're on our period. It annoys me that people are still so awkward and embarrassed when it comes to talking about periods. It pisses me off when men get all squeamish about it, because it's completely natural, just like breastfeeding. Sean says "ew" when I get into the really gory details about it, but overall, he's chill about grabbing a bag of pads when I need him to.

Homemade Instant Mi Goreng: Take Two

Okay, guys, I was a bit naive back then thinking that I'd come up with The Best Recipe to replicate the flavour of the classic lazy-day treat. In fact, I was basing the recipe off of the ingredients on an old packet that my then-housemate had in the back of his cupboard. I didn't taste test it, hence why I screwed up. I depended on my partner to tell me whether it tasted like the real thing, but he wasn't very helpful because he liked what I produced, even if it was different to what I was looking for. It resulted in a sweet, not-so-spicy, noodle, that, while delicious, was definitely not what the masses are wanting when they're trying to hunt down an MSG-free and/or vegetarian version. Especially a super cheap one that they can whip together in a mere few minutes.

I've actually been indulging in Indomie's or Supermi's Mi Goreng, though sometimes I also go for Aldi's dupe. The ingredients aren't exactly non-vegetarian, but I haven't gotten around to finding out whether the artificial flavour is from a vegetarian source, let alone the flavour enhancers. I want to remove the commercial ones out of my diet and make my own when the mood strikes because then I know exactly what ingredients are in there. It's also a lot cheaper to make my own from scratch than it is to buy it in sets of five.

A Sneak Peek Into My Makeup Capsule Wardrobe

I'm getting increasingly frustrated with how I've rarely got time to work on the blog. We're on week two of April, and including this one, I've only done three posts. It shouldn't be this difficult, it never was for me before, but I find my time being eaten up by so many things. For one, we're moving house again, so I've been packing and cleaning while Sean's working, as I'm on school holidays at the moment. I've one more week left so I'm going to do all that I can to really get on top of blogging. Otherwise, I'll lose my shit.

I've seen a few of these posts on the blogosphere, and I've been meaning to do one for months, but I never got around to do it. However, I've been wearing makeup more often now that I wear them every day that I work. I've figured out what I reach for the most, especially when in a pinch, and I've discovered my default products. Isn't that such an awkward way of putting things? Like "Oh, return to factory settings!" Just me?

I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe, but I think it isn't for me. I employ the capsule wardrobe method while travelling, making sure that all of my clothes go with each other, and that each article of clothing can be used in at least five outfits. At home, however, I prefer a minimal wardrobe where all or most of the pieces coordinate with each other and consists of staples that can be dressed up or down.

My Five Lip-Picks for the Fall Season

It's Autumn, but the weather can't seem to decide whether it wants to transition into fall or remain summer forever. In fact, we're in this awkward transitional stage where it's warm and sunny, mild but wet, or cold as fuck. The latter began on Thursday and I've been freezing my ass off since then. As I write this, I'm cuddled up in a blanket because it's still so chilly and I'm waiting for Sean to make me a cup of tea.

I love the cooler months much more than Summer because I get to wear knits, hide my three-day-old hair in a beanie, and keep cosy all season long. I also love the cooler months because deep shades are where it's at, and I love a bold lippie. I always look forward to autumnal shades because they're so much fun, and I think I pull off a plum better than a nude. When it comes to lipsticks in general, I like to choose from warmer colours, and I avoid blue-toned pinks and purples. That's why my picks are usually better reserved for the cooler months.

Cruelty-Free Products that I've Been Wearing Lately

Previously known as the "What's In My On-the-Go Makeup Bag?" edit on my blog, I decided to change this up a little, because I was getting bored of how repetitive the edits were getting. I kept using a lot of the same things over and over again. My base collection, after all, is pretty limited so I only change up the eyes, cheeks and lips. Another reason for this is because I've realised that I rarely ever touch on the cruelty-free side of my blog. In fact, I think my content is pretty vague and I don't go in depth about brands, ingredients and current issues.

That said, I'm going to take a more proactive approach with those things on the blog from this moment on. Never fear, though, I'm not going to shove information down your throats or preach my readers for using L'Oreal or MAC. If you like those brands, that's fine, it's not like I'm going to condemn you to hell for it. It is part of the reason that my friend Cat calls me a unicorn, because even though I'm a strict vegetarian, I don't give people shit for eating meat or wearing leather. Your business is your own, ma cherie.