The Mission to Improve My Skin #7

This newest edition to the Skincare Mission comes with a few downfalls, and I've mentioned them below. Frankly, this was one of the worst months I've had considering my skin, and I'm appalled. After the events of this month, I'm actually considering keeping a skin and food diary to see what needs changing. I'm just really disappointed because my skin is still breaking out and I don't know what exactly is causing it. I'm going to go back on my old edits and see if there have been any significant changes in my skincare routine in the past few months. I thought the Wet n Wild Tinted Moisturiser was the problem and I've replaced it, but acne persists. I don't necessarily get a pimple when I wear makeup, though, so it's something outside of me wearing it. Part of me wonders if it's the moisturiser that I've been using?

28th February
I've been wearing the Natio Pure Mineral BB Cream three times since my last post, and there have been no adverse reactions to my skin. However, while I haven't actually had any problems with it, my skin isn't quite clearing up. I've upped my water intake and maintained my skincare routine, making sure to cleanse my face twice at night after I've worn makeup. My skin looks clear overall, as the tone is even and there are little to no dry patches, but there's a pimple on my chin that is simmering under the surface. A pore on my nose keeps getting clogged and it becomes a bump almost on a daily basis, and I have trouble resisting the urge to squeeze it out. Some days squeezing it out works, but on others it makes me look like Rudolph the Reindeer.

4 March
We're already in March. Holy cow! I'm still using the BB Cream for work, and it just works a treat. I never have to worry about breaking out with this one. I haven't actually condensed my skincare routine, because I'm still unfailingly loyal to everything, and to be honest, if they work, then why should I give them up? The pores on my nose aren't as gross as they used to be, but I should get some pore strips to really reduce the appearance of filaments in my pores. I haven't had any breakouts since, but the blackheads on my chin are being a pest again.

10 March
So I've got a couple of admissions to make. One, I've noticed that I pick at my skin a lot when I'm stressed out. Right now there's so much texture happening on my face, what with the new pimples cropping up and sores from the blackheads that I pick at. Secondly, I am grudgingly admitting that the milia on my eyes are from sun damage. When I use my BB Cream, which contains SPF15, I don't take it to my eyes because I've already put primer and eyeshadow in that area. I really dislike my sunscreen because it makes my face so greasy I could fry an egg on it. I'm going to have to find something to replace it. I tried simplifying my routine last night to just micellar water, cleanser, Sugarbaby serum and then their moisturiser. I woke up with really dry patches on both cheeks. I went with the Mario Badescu Glycolic Toner and the same serum and moisturiser this morning. So far, no dryness, but I'm so greasy.

17 March
I've been getting a few breakouts over the past week, and there was a lot of open wounds because I've been picking at them and the blackheads. One particular pimple on my upper lip was really large and uncomfortable. I think I need to change something in my skincare because it is really gross how greasy my skin becomes and I hate all the texture that's been happening. I'm still struggling to increase my water intake but on the days when I do hit my benchmark, my skin looks so much better. By the way, Sean lost some of my skincare on the train when I asked him to carry a bag home for me from the city so that I could continue shopping around for the best currency rate for my sister in the heat. Au revoir, my favourite faux leather jacket!

22nd March
My skin is still breaking out, despite the fact that I've actually reduced my skincare routine, only using the cream cleanser from Sukin, the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner, the Hylamide Hyaluronic Acid Serum and the SugarBaby moisturiser. In fact, I've got multiple pimples across my chest and back, and some of them are really large and uncomfortable.

27th March
I decided to use the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil bar soap on my body, and it's actually helping improve my pimples on my chest and back, so there haven't been any new pimples since my last entry five days ago. As for my face, yesterday I woke up with a pimple on top of a pimple on my cheek and a huge one under my nostril. There's one coming to the surface on my jawline under my chin. I'm down to one bottle of water a day, and I've taken to doing my skincare once a day the past two weeks. It doesn't make much of a difference, but it makes my skin feel less greasy.

I feel like I've taken two steps forward, and one step back with this month. It doesn't seem like much is improving in the way of my skincare on my face, and I've gotta work something out. I do know that using a rosewater toner never did much for my skin, compared to the Glycolic Acid toner, and that the Hylamide Serum performs better than the SugarBaby Serum. I'm going to go back to doing my routine morning and night, as that's what seems to be better for my skin. I think that the SugarBaby Creme de la Creme needs to be phased out of my routine as it's causing my face to sting somewhat for several minutes after application.

Do you have any tips for people with really greasy skin?



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