My On-The-Go Makeup Bag Edit #4

I actually had this post written up before, and somehow Blogger ended up publishing it before it was even close to being ready. I reverted the post back to a draft, but that deleted the entire contents of this post so I had to write it again. I'm not having a very good go of things the past week or two, especially when it comes to this blog. I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but the blog was down for several hours yesterday because I was having trouble trying to renew my domain for another year. I had Sean call them a few times to get things sorted, and when we were assured that it would be renewed within a few days and that the blog wouldn't be taken down, we breathed a sigh of relief.

Only to find it had disappeared a day or so later.

I was pulling my hair out because I was getting frustrated with how shit kept happening, and on top of all that I was also trying to blog only on Fridays, and schedule posts and tweets for the week ahead, but life keeps getting in the way and I'm always being interrupted in the process. As a result, I'm pretty much down to two posts a week and I'm not happy with that. I need to step up my game because I love working on this blog.

I know work takes up quite a bit of time and energy, but it doesn't excuse the fact that I have five other days of the week to blog. I think actually trying to do everything on just the one day a week is way too difficult as I burn myself out. I may end up breaking it up into shorter sections over the week, but still aim to have posts finished and scheduled for the week ahead on Fridays.

I chose to use the theBalm Appetit palette on Tuesday for a very mild look, using the shades Bruce Schetta, Hal Apeno-Poppers and Ray Sinbread. I used the e.l.f. Studio Blush in Tickled Pink and the Mary-Lou Manizer on top of my Natio Pure Mineral BB Cream, the L.A. Girl HD Pro Conceal in green and Natural and the Australis Ready, Set, Go Finishing Powder. I finished the look with a lashing of the Barry M Showgirl Extra Lengthening Mascara and the Lime Crime Velvetine in Pumpkin. I wanted to go for a Fall look, using the lipstick as the showstopper because I love this shade so much!

Thursday I went for the Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly palette, using all of the base shades. I used Extra Creamy across my lid and brow bone, Spread the Love on my crease and Bananas on the inner corners of my eyes. I used the Face of Australia Liquid Eyeliner for a short wing, and two coats of the Barry M Mascara, and did my brows with the Freedom Brow Pomade that I'm so fond of lately. I put a lot more effort in my base, so in addition to my usual products, I also used the Face of Australia Lasting Concealer to further hide my blemishes. I also used the Makeup Revolution Radiant Highlighter in Breathe as well as the Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Amber Nectar. I finished the look with the Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme in Devotion.

The following Tuesday consisted of the same base as for the previous day, as well as the e.l.f. blush and theBalm highlighter. I wore the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, using the shade Tempera across the brow bone, Burnt Orange as the transition shade, the Buon Fresco in the crease, and finally, Primavera on the lid. I was trying to mimic a look I found on Pinterest but I botched the tightlining with the Milani Supreme Kohl Pencil and so I wasn't too happy with my look for the day. I used two coats of the mascara, the Freedom Brow Pomade and then I finished my look with the I Heart Makeup Lip Lava in Forgiven.

I couldn't be bothered going all out today, as I ended up in North Geelong on my way home on Wednesday, which is the opposite side of where I lived, so it took me an extra two hours to get home. I couldn't get off the train sooner because it was an express train and it didn't stop anywhere between Deer Park and North Geelong. Needless to say, I didn't get home until it was 9 pm, which was practically my bedtime. I ended up going to sleep and waking up later, and I didn't want to waste more time and energy than necessary to put my face on. I used the BB Cream, the L.A. Girl concealers, the Face of Australia concealer, and the Australis powder. I didn't use anything else except for the Barry M mascara. It was a very basic look, meant to hide my blemishes and make me appear less tired.

Australis recently came out with a pressed version of their Ready Set Go Finishing Powder, which excites me to no end because using a loose powder on the train or to touch up is just plain messy and awkward. Especially when it's so finely milled the powder erupts into a white cloud every time I even so much as tap my brush or open the container. I've really got my eye on the Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Contour palette, I'd love it if I could treat myself to this after the week or two I've had.

Am I the only one that feels that this series is a bit redundant for this blog? I feel like I only ever use the same things over and over again, and just change up the eyeshadow and lipstick. I might as well just make this a monthly thing and talk about the palettes and lipsticks I've used for the month. Let me know in a comment whether you want me to continue this series. I'm thinking I should use the time and effort to write more useful or meaningful posts. What do you reckon?

What are your must-haves when you only have five minutes to put your face on?



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