My On-The-Go Makeup Bag Edit #3

Here I am, writing the third edit to this makeup bag series, and I can't help but wonder if I should be calling it ' What's in My Makeup Bag?' instead. I've woken up earlier than is humanely acceptable or planned, once at 4 am, for work, so I've had time to do my makeup at home. I bring my mascara and lipstick of the day with me to apply on the way to work, but everything else was applied before I left.

My base was the Natio Pure Mineral BB Cream in Medium, the LA Girl HD Pro Concealer in Natural and the Australis Ready, Set, Go Finishing Powder. So far, I'm quite impressed with the BB Cream from Natio, because the coverage is quite decent and it takes little effort to apply it. I find that this works so much better when I apply it to bare skin that's been "moisturised" with the Hylamide HA Serum, and I stay shine-free for much longer. Using a moisturiser underneath this just makes me super shiny, super quickly. 

The palette of choice for the Tuesday of Week Four was the Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly. I used the shades Spread the Love, Nuts About You and Jammin'. I found that the Jammin' shade appeared quite muddy on the lid, so I wasn't too fond of my look today. I used the e.l.f. Illuminating Palette to give my face a bit of glow; the top left shade on the tops of my cheeks and the bottom left shade on my chin, nose and forehead. I used the Tarte blush in Fanciful and the Wet 'n' Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Cinnamon Spice. I don't support brands with testing parent companies, but I got this in a deluxe set before I knew any better of Tarte. It makes no sense to toss it when the money has already been spent.

On Thursday, I got around to trying out the first of the palettes in my Too Faced Grande Hotel Café set that Cat gave me for Christmas. I actually held the Peppermint Mocha and Gingerbread Cookie out to Sean for him to pick, and he went with the latter. I baulked at the shades within because Ginger Snap and Winter Dream were foil shadows. I went for a neutral smoky look on the eyes with Ginger Cream, Maple Syrup and the bronzer, Gingerbread Cookie. I used the Face of Australia Lasting Concealer to hide my blemishes because they were quite prominent today. I used the Milani Baked Blush in Red Vino because I wanted to get into the fall spirit - I freaked out because I used a very light touch yet I ended up with bright red cheeks. I managed to diffuse the blush with the Australis powder, though. I also used the Makeup Revolution The One Highlight Stick on my cheeks. To finish my look, I used the Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Tanielle Desert Rose, a satin taupe-pink nude shade.

This week I've had better sleep so I woke up to my alarms. As thus, I've had to shove everything into my bag in a rush and run out of the door to avoid missing my train on both days. I think we all know too well the pain of having to leave your bed when it is so comfortable and warm.

On Tuesday, I chose to use the I <3 Makeup Naked Chocolate palette and my look was pretty neutral. I did a slight wing with Face of Australia Liquid Liner, and I used the Tarte blush in Fanciful. I then used Mary-Lou Manizer on the tops of my cheeks. There's actually a funny story about this - there's a volunteer at my work with the same name, and I couldn't resist showing her the highlighter. She got so excited and swore that she would buy it the first chance she got. She's an older woman, so she didn't know about the brand or the product in the first place, so that was pretty exciting. I used the Freedom Makeup London Pro Lipstick in Bare 112 aka Sooner or Later. I did my brows with Freedom Makeup Brow Pomade in Ash Brown today and on Thursday.

On Thursday, I went for the Too Faced Grande Hotel Café Eggnog Latte palette. I used the shade Frosty Nog on the brow bone and the lid, the Skinny Latte on my crease and Eggnog Latte on the inner corner and bottom lid. I did a slight wing with the same eyeliner as on Tuesday. I used Makeup Revolution Radiant Highlighter in Breathe all over my face. I couldn't be bothered with a blush, so I just moved onto the lipstick. I wore theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick in Committed. I was pleasantly surprised by how it didn't fade so easily when I had a couple of coffees.

I was apprehensive about wearing darker shades since I started working at the cafe but, today, I decided to grow some balls and ask my boss what her limit was for lipstick in the workplace. Sure, I wore Cinnamon Spice, but I was really hesitant about wearing it since I work at a school filled with impressionable kids both young and old.

Her response? "You could wear black lipstick for all I care!"

Good to know, Amanda, good to know...

Not that I own any black lipsticks, but still... I can finally wear reds, berries, bricks and browns! I cannot wait to start celebrating the beginning of Autumn, starting with the Pumpkin Velvetine from Lime Crime! I'd like to try using more bold shades on my eyes, as my eye looks are pretty neutral and I'm too much of a chicken to stand out at work. I also have the problem of having glasses that makes my eyeshadow almost invisible, in combination with my hooded lids. I'm getting new glasses soon, and have already picked out the frames that I want - they're a transparent taupe-coloured plastic, so they won't be overshadowing my eyes, pun intended. I'm also getting a month's supply of daily contact lenses to wear on events and special occasions so I don't have to wear my glasses.

I'm actually really surprised by the colour of the Freedom lippie because I expected it to be a more brown nude, but it actually turned out to be my lips but better with a satin finish. The wear was pretty decent and I only had to reapply once throughout the day. Also, my impression of theBalm Matt(e) Hughes lipstick in Committed wasn't positive the first time I wore it last year, because I thought it looked pasty and flaky, and the colour weird on me. I tried it again for the second time ever this week and found myself wrong on all counts. In fact, I love it!

What are your favourite lipsticks to wear to work or school?


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