30 Thoughts I've Had Since Getting A Pixie Cut

Holy shit, it's my 200th post and I should have come up with something a bit more exciting to commemorate the event, but instead I came up with this. I've spent all day cleaning the house from top to bottom, because there should be a house inspection sometime this week, and since I'll be busy until Friday, I didn't want to leave it up to chance. As of 4:30 pm, my place is pretty f**king clean and I'm wrecked! Luckily I already had this written and organised, so I don't have to put a lot of effort into this post before uploading it. I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure I've told you guys that I'm one of the laziest people on this planet.

How many of us have gotten a short haircut at some point in our lifetimes? I can count on one hand the number of times I had my hair cut shorter than my chin, and only one of them was one so short it was a boyish crop. This was in April last year.

I loved my pixie cut, don't get me wrong. I aced the look, and it was so easy to work with that it took a minute or so to get my hair ready in the mornings.  However, my hair did get oily easily because I kept touching it, and it also looked more greasy than usual, because the locks were so short it couldn't hide the oil. I often had to reach for the cornflour and cocoa powder to dust into my roots so that it absorbed the grease and made me look presentable for the day.

After a handful of months, I got tired of having to go to the hairdressers every month just to maintain the length, especially because it cost money every time. I also missed having long hair, so I decided to start growing it out in August/September, and it's been a somewhat slow progress. I went for a trim roughly every two months to give it a better shape, and the next time I go, I'll get the back taken up a bit more than the front so that it's even. I'm going to grow it out to a lob, even it out a bit, and then I'll just leave it alone.

Now, I'm going to tell you guys all the thoughts I've had since cutting off the majority of my hair. This is pretty much in chronological order.

1. My head feels 100% lighter
2. I don't need to tie my hair up anymore
3. My bathroom floor isn't decorated with them every single day
4. Nor does it block the drains anymore
5. I don't need to worry about detangling that mop
6. I don't need hair ties or bobby pins anymore
7. The wind doesn't blow my hair in my face
8. I can now wear lipgloss without getting my hair stuck in them (not that I wore any because I don't own lipgloss)
9. Some days I woke up with a cowlick and could not get it down at all. I suppose that's what it feels like for guys with morning wood.
10. It dries so quickly without needing a hair dryer
11. I use far less product on my hair
12. Too much product makes it look like shit
13. It's hard to tell if the hair in my cup of tea is mine or the cat's
14. The cats will confuse my hair for another cat's and proceed to lick it
15. My hair doesn't get caught in the strap of my bag.
16. Growing it out is a pain because of the different lengths, and at one point I sported something akin to a bowl haircut.
17. Washing my face is difficult with short hair, so I need a headband.
18. I look ridiculous in a headband.
19. Tying the front of my hair up so that it resembles a palm tree is much more comfortable than a headband.
20. Sean thinks it makes me look like a child, and he feels creepy because of it.
21. Cue me using this hairstyle all the time at home just to creep him out.
22. Using a hair dryer after every time I shower in the evenings and blow waving my hair so that it doesn't stick out in awkward angles overnight.
23. And still waking up with the odd bump
24. Using a hair curler is difficult because burned fingers are almost always guaranteed
25. I never got around to trying a faux hawk
26. It looks like shit if all of my hair is down, so I always pin one side of it back
27. I keep losing my bobby pins
28. I can't keep it out of my eyes
29. My glasses get so dirty easily because of oily hair.
30. I still want ginger hair.

My hair hasn't reached my chin yet, but I'm sure I'll get to that point in a few months. I've taken to pinning one side of my hair back and amping the other side up with a bit of volume because it looks better that way. Having all of my hair down looks a bit dorky, especially because the back is still a bit longer than the front. I especially love curling the loose side because I look totally badass when that side sticks out in all directions. It's a lot of effort trying to manage that with a small hair straightener, and I really should get around to buying a heat protectant. Some days I'll shower at night, let my hair airdry for the most part before going to bed. This way my bedhead is curly and full of volume, rather than being wonky.

Sometimes, not often, I spritz some DIY sea salt spray into my hair straight after showering. That doesn't always produce very good results, to be honest...I can't tell whether I look better with short hair or with long hair. I saw some photos of myself from at least five years ago and my hair was really long, though I felt like my face was hidden by it, and it didn't help that my face was much thinner back then (ah, the stresses of being in your final year of high school). Gotta be honest here, though, I want to lose at least 10 kilos, I'm way too heavy for my size, and I think my diet is contributing to the breakouts on my face.

I have to make some changes with my health, so hopefully by the end of this year I'm a bit more fit, my skin clears up and I'm more comfortable with my body.

Which do you prefer, short hair or long hair?



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