The Mission to Improve My Skin #7

This newest edition to the Skincare Mission comes with a few downfalls, and I've mentioned them below. Frankly, this was one of the worst months I've had considering my skin, and I'm appalled. After the events of this month, I'm actually considering keeping a skin and food diary to see what needs changing. I'm just really disappointed because my skin is still breaking out and I don't know what exactly is causing it. I'm going to go back on my old edits and see if there have been any significant changes in my skincare routine in the past few months. I thought the Wet n Wild Tinted Moisturiser was the problem and I've replaced it, but acne persists. I don't necessarily get a pimple when I wear makeup, though, so it's something outside of me wearing it. Part of me wonders if it's the moisturiser that I've been using?

Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette Review

I haven't done a review in a little while, and that bugs me somewhat. I was aiming to write and post a review every week, but these days I've not been posting as much as I used to. In fact, I think I'm actually down to two posts a week, instead of my usual three. I'd have everything written up and the photos taken, but life gets in the way, and I'm not able to edit the photos or have the posts up and running. I'd have my posts scheduled to go live on a designated day, but I never get to that point because I'm always interrupted, even on Fridays, which is meant to be my blog day.

It's very frustrating, and I'm trying to get things back in order so that I can get ahead and be more organised. I think the whole blog-in-one-day feels more like a chore than a hobby which is why I'm not getting a lot of motivation in writing. I decided to break down my tasks and spread them over a few days during the week because that is what I prefer, and I enjoy the process more. Contrary to what some people may think, I blog for the creative outlet it provides, not because it's a potential source of income.

What's In Naomi's Travel Makeup Bag?

I am both brimming with excitement and envy because my sister is going to Japan for three months on a quest for adventure. I'm a teeny bit frustrated because she's going away for so long and gets to enjoy all the food and culture, while I'm stuck down here in Down Under. We both love Japanese food to the point where it's almost comical, as it's basically our favourite cuisine. We always become so happy when we sink our teeth into sushi, teriyaki tofu or even udon noodles. So, I'm pretty excited that she gets to eat Japanese food every single day. I wish I could do that here - I'd be a very cheerful person. After all, the way to my heart is through my stomach.

I look forward to hearing about Naomi's trip when she comes back, and pictures of all the fun things she did and experienced. I know she will have such an amazing time, and I know she will learn lots of great things while she's there. She's flying out in just over 12 hours, and I'm going to see her off at the airport with Mum, and then I have to head to work on so little sleep. At least I'll only be doing 4 hours of work instead of my usual 8, so I won't be a zombie.

My On-The-Go Makeup Bag Edit #4

I actually had this post written up before, and somehow Blogger ended up publishing it before it was even close to being ready. I reverted the post back to a draft, but that deleted the entire contents of this post so I had to write it again. I'm not having a very good go of things the past week or two, especially when it comes to this blog. I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but the blog was down for several hours yesterday because I was having trouble trying to renew my domain for another year. I had Sean call them a few times to get things sorted, and when we were assured that it would be renewed within a few days and that the blog wouldn't be taken down, we breathed a sigh of relief.

Only to find it had disappeared a day or so later.

30 Thoughts I've Had Since Getting A Pixie Cut

Holy shit, it's my 200th post and I should have come up with something a bit more exciting to commemorate the event, but instead I came up with this. I've spent all day cleaning the house from top to bottom, because there should be a house inspection sometime this week, and since I'll be busy until Friday, I didn't want to leave it up to chance. As of 4:30 pm, my place is pretty f**king clean and I'm wrecked! Luckily I already had this written and organised, so I don't have to put a lot of effort into this post before uploading it. I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure I've told you guys that I'm one of the laziest people on this planet.

How many of us have gotten a short haircut at some point in our lifetimes? I can count on one hand the number of times I had my hair cut shorter than my chin, and only one of them was one so short it was a boyish crop. This was in April last year.

Cult Products and Whether They're Worth The Hype

While looking at my makeup collection over the past week, I realised that I actually have a lot of products that are from the higher-end of the spectrum, and a lot of them have a cult following. Most of them were gifts from my dear friend, Cat, who keeps spoiling me whenever we send each other care packages. I've rarely bought anything for myself that costs too much to justify the purchase, so it's always a wonder when I open my drawer and I find Too Faced (from before they were bought out by Estée Lauder) among the Milani and the Wet 'n' Wilds. My breath catches in my chest whenever I spy my little Mary-Lou in the drawer, and I get a little too excited when I open up my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette.

If you were to tell me two years ago, before I started wearing makeup again, that I would come to possess a few high-end brands, I would have scoffed in your face. Back then, I wasn't interested in more than a few basics from the cheapest cruelty-free brands possible, as I wasn't in the best place financially and I didn't think it mattered if I only owned a mascara and a red lipstick. I don't know how, and I don't know when, but somewhere along the line, I ended up unleashing a monster.

Barry M Showgirl Extra Lengthening Mascara Review

It is not a lie that I have tried many, many mascaras. I've tried a lot of drugstore brands, as well as one higher-end option, the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. My eyelashes are naturally curly, dense and lengthy enough to look fine on their own, but they're somewhat thin, which makes them appear shorter than they actually are. A good lashing of mascara opens my eyes up and makes me look alert and brings attention to them, which I am told is my best feature.

What I look for in a mascara are some length and some volume, but nothing heavy, clumpy or thick. I like something that individually coats each lash and separates them. This is why I pick mascaras with plastic/rubber bristles rather than a fibre spoolie. I also look for thinner formulas that don't coat my lashes too thickly, weigh them down or clump them together. I know, I'm rather specific when it comes to mascaras, and to date I have only found a couple that fit the bill, even if they're not Mr Right.

My On-The-Go Makeup Bag Edit #3

Here I am, writing the third edit to this makeup bag series, and I can't help but wonder if I should be calling it ' What's in My Makeup Bag?' instead. I've woken up earlier than is humanely acceptable or planned, once at 4 am, for work, so I've had time to do my makeup at home. I bring my mascara and lipstick of the day with me to apply on the way to work, but everything else was applied before I left.

4 Australian Brands I Really Love

I think I mention a lot of Australian brands on this blog, and it comes as a surprise to me every time I think about how many I support. I do try to support local businesses wherever I can, but I don't make it a huge part of my decisions when it comes to shopping. I love international brands just as much as the next makeup fanatic, but it's not always practical to get them when something gets in the way.

The exchange rate from USD to AUD, for one, is ridiculous these days, and as a result, I really limit my online spending unless there's a massive sale and the shipping rate is cheap. GBP to AUD isn't too bad, but it's still steep when you're trying to budget, and the postage from the UK usually costs a lot. Two, waiting for the mail to arrive is a bit of a pain in the arse, especially when tracking wasn't offered and you're paranoid that someone will steal the mail right from your doorstep. Thirdly, Australian drugstores and department stores do not stock all of the brands that I know and love, such as Milani, Wet 'n' Wild, Makeup Revolution (and their sister brands) and most of e.l.f., and so I need to look for alternatives. Especially when it comes to foundations and concealers.

This is where locally-owned brands come into the equation. They're easy to find, affordable and a lot of them are cruelty-free, which is a big plus in my books. Many of them are found at Priceline, my favourite drugstore, while some others can be sourced from Big W, Kmart, Myer and Target. I have some firm favourites and they're always the ones I look to on a regular basis when I need something quickly.