My Blog Photography Setup

I think it's about time I showed you all exactly how I do my photography on the blog. It's been a while since I adopted this new method, and I've finally found something that I am super happy with. Granted, I'd like a set of reflectors and diffusers, but what I've got at the moment will do for me for the time being.

I use an Olympus E420 Digital Camera. It's not a very good one, especially in poor lighting, but for the time being it's all I've got. It often corrupts the memory, and it happens when I'm in the middle of taking photos. I have to pause, import everything to my computer and then reformat the camera before I can keep on snapping away. Very, very annoying, and it only recognises one memory card at a time, even if there are two cards in the slots. I hope to get a new camera next year if I can.

When I started this blog, my photos were taken outside on a patio table under the sun. It was difficult dealing with the glare and harsh shadows, so I tried moving into the shelter. It yielded better results but the heat quickly became overwhelming, so I'd end up sweating a tonne or feeling faint.

I made a lightbox out of a cardboard box, and used two desk lamps. I had to cover the lamps with tissues to diffuse the light. Using the cardboard box was annoying, because I had very little space to work with, and I couldn't do flatlays or go very far away from the box before the box itself impaired my camera's view.

Once Sean got his job at Apple and needed a space where he could work, we swapped rooms with Greg, and that was when I discovered that bigger bedroom was the brightest in the house. Thus started the moment I started taking photos that were infinitely better than before.

I bought a couple of wallpaper samples and stuck them to a sheet of cardboard, but the samples were just not doing it for me. When I went to Japan I finally found some marble contact paper and brought it home. I stuck the marble print to a white foam core board and used that from then on.

All the while I collected bits of props every now and then, adding to my little tub of props. I tried to make all of my props have a functional purpose so that the money wasn't going to the blog. I made a few wooden boards. I was getting bored of using the marble print for every post, so I wanted something new and easy to make, and here's a tutorial if you want to make your own.

I have to work with a small space for my photography, though, but that is the price I pay when I'm trying to take pictures that look amazing. It's the space between the window and the bed, and the best time of the day for me to photograph, during this time of the year, is between 3pm to 5:30pm. After that, the sun starts hitting the window directly which casts awkward shadows onto my layout. If it's a really bright and sunny day I might photograph earlier, but I find those times to be the easiest for me.

I use a box to lift my board up from the ground by about 6" so that the base of the window doesn't darken it in certain spots. I use the back of my foam core board to reflect the light from the window by slotting it into the space between the timber board and the bed. This is how I achieve, more or less, an even distribution of light. If I had a silver reflector I would be able to brighten the space during the less favourable weather, but the board works for this room.

I use a wide variety of props for the blog photography and keep them in a clear plastic tub. I chose the tub because it was easy to see what is in it, and it fits perfectly on the bottom shelf of my desk. Other props usually reside on my desk as they are decorations/vessels for my vanity, such as my gold wire basket, the owl ring dish, the candle holder, etc.

Other props I use for this blog are makeup products, my gold eyelash curler, makeup brushes, trays, a flocked bunny, perfume bottles, LED lights, a blanket, fake and real flowers, handmade clay confetti, a faux pearl necklace and empty candle votives. I also use attractive stationery, such as my daily planner, notebooks and pens. On occasion, I use faux fur and other fabrics, or even clothes, for texture.

I also have a bunch of white tack on hand to stop round things from rolling away on the boards, as well as a packet of matches in case I want to light up a candle for a photo. It saves me from running around trying to find something I need.

What is your blog photography setup like?


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