It's My 25th Birthday!

I came out of my mother's uterus on this very day 25 years ago, kicking and screaming as everyone tried not to let the heat get to them. Luckily, mum didn't have to be in labour for very long, as I was out in 2 hours flat, around 2:30pm. The little girl in the above picture is indeed me, blowing the candles on my 6th birthday. I'm wearing a headband that was gifted to me, with my name written on it in glitter glue.

Unfortunately, no one told me my hair would look like shit in this picture.

Lately, ever since a few years ago, my birthdays have been quiet affairs, mainly because everyone is simply too busy dealing with Christmas parties, events and obligations to organise something for my birthday unless they're major milestones. I don't mind this now, because I've come to embrace that quiet solitude that surrounds my big day, befitting an introvert of my stature. I get to do what I want, and no one can tell me what to do. Except for last year when Greg and Sean refused to let me do anything around the house. Bless them, their hearts are in the right place, but I do like being productive!

One day, I'd like a birthday in which I do not receive presents, but instead, I'm the one handing the presents out like the hobbits do in the Shire. I know, I'm a queer little hobbit.

I've uploaded a birthday and early-Christmas haul just before, and here's the link if you would like to know what I got. I don't want to harp on about them, so I'll just move along.

Yesterday, we went to Mum's house for my birthday lunch, and my grandmother, sister, brother, sister-in-law and my nephew Jasper all joined me in celebrating my birthday. Mum made me my favourite dish, vegetarian lasagne, and then we had pavlova for dessert as my birthday cake. I'm not too crazy about cake these days, so pavlova is the perfect replacement, full of fresh fruits and whipped cream. Yum, yum, yum. Everyone left in the afternoon, and we then ordered pizza for dinner. I ended up going home with a lot of leftovers.

Today, I woke up to a multitude of messages from my friends and family, and I felt truly blessed. Some of the messages were hilarious, and my sister actually posted a collage of my funny faces on my wall on Facebook. I ate pizza for breakfast, lasagne for lunch, and then a Thai curry for dinner.

The weather was quite warm and uncomfortable, but we made do by turning on the air conditioner. Today felt pretty much like any other day, and I think we all start feeling that way in our mid-twenties.But at least I had some delicious food today, and I get to have the last of the pavlova for dessert. I'm seriously looking forward to it!

Oh, by the way, this card with my nephew's handprint on it is the cutest, and, quite possibly, the best gift that I have ever received in my lifetime. Jasper, my Mister J, is the cutest baby I have ever laid my eyes on, and I am absolutely besotted with him. I'll be treasuring this lil gift for forever.

I hope you all had a great day!

What did you do for your birthday this year? What did you get?


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