Blogmas Day #6: Gifts for the Geek

Day Six of December is finally upon us! I got quite excited while writing this post because thinking of all the things a geek would love makes me giddy. I'm quite the geek and have my own collection of paraphernalia and collectables, including a comic or two. I mostly collect things that are from Harry Potter, but I do have quite the collection of Tolkien books (17 copies, including duplicates). Aside from them, I do have a small collection of Doctor Who and Star Wars goods, such as an Obi-Wan Force FX Lightsaber with a Removable Blade.

The last one was a gift from Sean for my birthday slash Christmas present a few years ago, and the year after that he bought the Lionel Hogwarts Express Remote Control Train Set.

We used to buy our geeky gifts from Thinkgeek, but we haven't ordered from them in a long while since shipping can be a tad pricey to Australia, especially if you have a large parcel.

Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp
I went on ThinkGeek just now to take a look, and the first thing I saw was this lamp. I love that it's battery operated LEDs, which means us Australians don't have to worry about voltages and power adapters/converters and so on. I've literally got stars in my eyes for this. However, according to the reviews, you can find this for much cheaper at Wizarding World, because it's actually a toy that lights up, not a proper lamp.

A better Harry Potter collectable to give to a die-hard fan would be Hermione's Time Turner in the display case. Plated in 24k gold, it is a beautiful piece that can be worn but looks much better sitting pretty on a shelf. The gold rings can be rotated using the knobs on the sides, and the hourglass in the middle is made from glass.

JRR Tolkien's Letters from Father Christmas Book
I have this book in my collection, but I haven't read it yet except for a letter or two. This is a wonderfully written book capturing the magical relationship between Tolkien and his children. I love that he took the time every year to write a letter to his children to entertain them, keeping their imagination alive. My partner and I have agreed to not read this until we have children and they've grown up enough to be able to understand it. However, Tolkien-philes will love this book if they haven't got it in their collection yet.

Another thing you could get for a Tolkien fan is a preorder for the new book, Beren and Luthien. It's about a Man and an Elf in love, and desperate to prove themselves to her father, an Elf Lord who was in deep opposition to Beren. They have a fundamental role in the Silmarillion, and their story can be found in that particular book, but for anyone that is a collector, this would go down a treat.

Custom Cards Against Humanity Cards
This is such a fun gift, especially when you create themed decks based on a fandom such as Harry Potter or Star Wars. I did a Harry Potter one (of course) for my Harry Potter Board Games Night and they were a hit among the Potter-philes. I got ideas from Reddit, certain pages found through Google, and I looked for funny quotes from the movies and books. This website lets you generate your own cards for free and you can choose the official size or the 2x2" cards, and you have the choice of putting your own logo on them. You can have them printed out at your local Officeworks or similar. Officeworks was incredibly cheap, as I got 10 sheets of 2x2" cards printed on cardstock for just $3.60, and I used a ruler and scalpel to cut them.

Star Wars Keep Cups
Darth Vader, R2D2, BB8, or Stormtrooper, the options are there. Everyone that I know loves drinking tea or coffee on a regular basis throughout the day, so having a keep cup that's cute and geeky is such a practical yet thoughtful gift that really shows how much you know they like Star Wars. There are also keep cups/mugs for Ghostbusters, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Pokemon, and anything else you can imagine.

Pop! Vinyls
They are super popular (see what I did there?) and there's every character for every fandom imaginable. You name it, they have it. I've only got one myself, and it's an Adipose from Doctor Who, an inside joke between me and my friend David. My nickname is Adipose as I'm all fat and no muscle (I have practically no muscles, so it's true), so it's very fitting. Some people find them tacky, so you might want to find out if the person you're getting a Pop! for likes those collectables.

The Last Of Us Remastered
Granted, the person you're buying this for needs a PS3 to be able to play this game, but it is one of the best games I have ever seen. I don't play games personally because I don't have the patience for them, but I've watched Sean play this from start to finish, and it is, without a doubt, one of the best out there. The graphics and artwork are beautiful, and the story is moving and captivating.

BB8 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero
There are two versions of this adorable little robot from Star Wars, the first being the original droid in his pristine condition. This one doesn't need any more than an app on your phone to be able to guide it, create holographic videos, and it responds to your voice. The Battle-Worn version comes with a Force Band that is strapped to your wrist, and you can use it to wave your hand like a Jedi Knight to control the droid. You can also engage in training with the band itself, or collect holocrons in the environment. The Force is Strong in This One.

Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot 1/4 Scale Figure
I have a super soft spot for Groot, and that applies to both the adult version and the baby. I literally watched the new trailer at least five times just because of Groot.

"I am Groot?"
"I am Groot?"
"I am Groot!"

Just writing that down has made me smile like a dork, and then, just now, Phillip DeFranco showed that exact scene on his latest video and I had a giggle. I love it! The statue is a replica of Groot when he dances in the credits of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

There are so many ideas that I can't just narrow them down because there's such a wide range of fandoms and so many awesome collectables to choose from. I have such a hard time trying to choose collectables for myself, let alone for other people, so you can imagine the kind of trouble I might have with this, haha. I want a Groot!

I had a fun time compiling this list, and I hope you guys got some great ideas from this. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!


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