Blogmas Day #4: Gifts for Him

Blogmas Day 4 comes with a list of gift suggestions for men, woot-woot! I've not been doing much over the past few days where Christmas is concerned, as my partner has been working since Tuesday. Today I went to the Deaf Christmas Rally where a whole bunch of people in the deaf community met up at Hays Paddock for a picnic of sorts. I chatted with a few people, and met a newcomer. We, of course, bonded over our love for Harry Potter, and the new Fantastic Beasts movie

I'll get started on today's post.

1. Sleeve Armbands
This is probably such a strange gift to give on Christmas, but it's what makes this a fun but unique idea.

2. Natio Lather Gift Set
Probably one of the most ordinary gifts to give a bloke, but let's face it, if someone needs a shave, this definitely comes in handy.

3. Christmas Tank Top
This is perfect for Christmas in Australia, as it is usually warm and often consists of beer and BBQs. At least this one isn't a tacky Christmas t-shirt like most of the other ones on the market.

4. Ghostbusters Schooner and Can Cooler Set
Perfect for the Ghostbusters fan that likes their beer, this gift is fun!

5. No. 1 Dad Darth Vader Mug and Keep Cup Set
I thought this was pretty cute for geeky daddies, and I have a feeling that this would be quite a popular treat.

6. Nerf Elite Strongarm Set of 2 Guns
I have never met a guy, young or old, that did not love playing with Nerf guns, and having a set of two guns is perfect for battles around the home. Which brings me to my next suggestion.

7. Nerf N-Strike Elite 30 Dart Pack
Bullets! No battle is complete without a bunch of extra bullets, especially when they have a tendency to get lost in strange places around the house.

8. Smirnoff Peppermint Twist Vodka
I know a few guys that have loved this drink and while I'm not fond of vodka, I can definitely see the appeal in this beverage.

9. Shot Glass with Real Bullet
This is a brilliant gift for those that love play-on-words/puns, and this is such a great conversation starter at parties and small gatherings alike. I want one myself!

So, that's all of my gift suggestions for the men, and I hope you guys got some great ideas from the list. I'd daresay that I'd pick a few of these things for myself if I had the choice. The shot glass idea is amazing!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, and let me know other gift suggestions for the blokes.


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