Blogmas Day #2: My Christmas Decoration Wishlist

I think I am the only person among my family and friends that love Christmas decorations the way I do. It is, in fact, my favourite part of the holiday, not the gifts, not the food (yes, I know!), not the gatherings, and most certainly not the weather. Summer can suck my gonads for all I care.

Every year I always anticipate the Boxing Day sales when the decorations are at their cheapest and I can add a few more pieces to my proper collection. I say 'proper', because I have two sets of ornaments one comprised mainly of glass ornaments, and the other of plastic. I'd get rid of the plastic ornaments if it were not for the fact that they would come in handy for when I have little children with butter fingers. My cats didn't seem to be particularly interested in climbing my tree or bringing things down to an Earth-shattering halt, so I went with the glass ones this year.

My Christmas tree theme is earthy and classic, with animals, florals, pinecones and homemade decorations. The colour scheme are golds, greens, browns, creams and a little bit of white. Every year, I try to add a few more pieces to this collection so that I have a sizeable amount to pass onto a child when the time comes.

My favourite place to find special pieces from is Bed, Bath and Table, though Adairs comes at a very close second. Bed, Bath and Table tends to have decorations that are more in line with my tastes, and rarely ever do they give into seasonal trends that are tacky - Myer, I'm looking at you!

Bed, Bath and Table Glass Dome Decorations
The website doesn't have them, but I actually wanted the ones with the deer, not the squirrel in the dome. The site also has ones with Christmas trees in them, but I'm not one for trees on my tree if I can help it, thank you very much!

Target Gold Capiz Star Treetopper
It's classic and traditional, and doesn't contain glitter, which makes it perfect for my tree. I'm not a big fan of glitter (much to Cat's chagrin) so I wanted my tree topper to be made from metal.

Myer Vue Luxe 8 Piece 6cm Shatterproof Balls in Champagne
I have a bunch of ordinary gold baubles on the tree at the moment, but it's of a very cheap quality and the gold is not the kind that rocks my boat. I love the delicate champagne colour of these, and would also consider the set of 24 of 4.8cm balls in Champagne as well.

Harris Scarfe Glass Speckle Bird Ornament
This matches one of the ornaments in my collection perfectly, a round glass bauble with gold leaf shaped confetti on the inside. I need to beg Sean to let me get this!

David Jones Criss Cross Stripes Gold Bauble
As soon as I saw this online I knew it had to go on my wishlist. There's something so delicate about this ornament, as though it's a collection of fine wires twisted into a pattern. I'd like to add this to my collection this year.

Celebrating Christmas Beaded Green Stocking 
I saw this and knew it would be perfect. I don't have a stocking yet, but if I had to choose one, this would be it. I like the look of those harlequin stockings more than the regular ones, and the gold and green colour scheme just appeals to me. But the price, oh, the price!

My Christmas Plastic Mercury Ribbed Bauble in Copper
I really like the look of mercury glass decorations, and this is no different. The combination of gold/copper, the ribbed texture and the speckled pattern makes this fit right in on my tree.

Christmas Elves Antique Grey Glass Finial Ornaments
I don't have any of these shapes on my tree, and that's been one of my aims for a couple of years. I want one of each style, though the one on the very left is one I like most.

Christmas Elves 24cm Flocked Christmas Bird
So cute! So, so freaking cute! That is all.

I can probably find more ornaments to obsess over, but these are my top picks for the time being. I really, really want the bird ornament from Harris Scarfe and the crisscross ornament from David Jones. They are truly special and would look so wonderful on the tree with the rest of my collection.

I've yet to find a tree skirt that I love, and it's driving me crazy. I'd like a green one, either a pale olive brocade one with gold trim, or a deep green with gold embroidery, trim and maybe beads. Why is it so hard to find a good tree skirt?

Do you guys know of any tree skirts that I might like? Let me know if you do!


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