Blogmas Day #15: The Worst Christmas Gift I Got

Oh, ho, ho,  this will be a very good post, and you guys might be quite surprised by this one. Well, there were two Christmas presents that were the worst, and in my opinion, they are pretty much on the same level. This is because the person who gave them to me was none other than my father before he left the family, and he really was not to be trusted to buy presents for any of his offspring. The kind of presents that I got really showed just how much respect he had for us, especially for me.

See, while my brother was spoiled a lot more than me (no offence, brother dear), my father didn't quite like the fact that I was deaf, and he really showed it, so to experience that kind of ostracisation from your own flesh and blood is quite heartbreaking.

Another time, another Christmas, I woke up to presents under the tree, and I found a couple of gifts. One of them were furniture for my Barbie doll, which I liked. The other one was a skimpy purple negligee for said Barbie, complete with stockings, heels and panties. Way to set an example for your impressionable daughter. I managed to find a picture of it on google, and here it is!

To this day, I am still pissed off about this gift. I'm aware that it was probably a collector's item at the time, but when you're a four/five year old, this is not the kind of gift you'd expect from a father that should know better. He could have gotten any other outfit from the same collection. Like, maybe this cute little number?


The second one was a plastic ironing board and iron, and it was an awful disappointment, because later that day, before we were due to see our family, he was carefully wrapping a very lovely ceramic tea set for a second cousin of mine who was not much older than me. I was shattered that he would give me such a cheap gift, while his cousin got something much nicer. Hell, my brother got a Playstation One while I got a flimsy piece of plastic and a toy iron.

Those are the worst gifts I have ever received in my lifetime. I've had some other Christmas gifts that were not as sentimental as I'd like, but everyone else means well and they weren't awful gifts.

What was the worst gift you have ever received?


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