Blogmas Day 14: My Least Favourite Things About Christmas

I meant to have this uploaded earlier this morning so that at least it was just a few hours late, instead of an entire day, but I had to get some photography done for it, and then I had to leave home to make it in time to see Star Wars Rogue One. The movie was great, though some things kinda threw me for a loop. I wish I could talk about it, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone planning to see it.

So, in my previous Blogmas post I wrote about my favourite things about Christmas, and now I'm going to talk about what I don't like about the holiday. There isn't much, but there are quite a few things that grind my gears, and I'm sure it grinds other people's gears too.

1. Shopping
I mentioned yesterday that I loved shopping for presents, but only in November, as after that, the stores get insanely busy and I can barely gather enough patience to stand in line and buy the goods. I especially hate it when there are last minute gifts that I need to pick up due to sudden plans and I'm having to deal with the throng of rude, privileged shoppers. I can only imagine how badly the staff in the stores have it, having to deal with rude and selfish customers.

2. Waiting
I hate playing the waiting game when I'm expecting a delivery, but I hate it even more so during this time of the year. I get so worried about something getting stolen, lost or delayed during transit, especially when they are presents for other people and need to arrive by a certain date. I really should get around to ordering things sooner than November, but inspiration rarely ever strikes until November.

3. Melting
I hate summer. I really, really do. I've always wanted to move to the UK where the mercury rarely goes above 25ÂșC and it's winter at Christmas-time. Never mind that it doesn't snow, I'd rather be cold and layer up than to be hot and wanting to flay myself to see if the lack of skin makes me cooler. Morbid, I know, but that's exactly how I feel about summer, and to have Christmas during this time of the year just plain sucks.

4. Eating
As much as I love gingerbread biscuits, pavlova and candy canes, that's pretty much all that rocks my boat during the season. Australia's meal of choice for the Christmas dinner is usually a hock of ham, a barbeque or, if the budget permits it, a platter piled high with fat prawns and other seafood. Vegetarians are rarely ever considered when the TV run adverts for the ideal dinner, when supermarkets include recipes for festive meals in their catalogues, and when the family gets together and all I can eat is a bit of potato salad and some fried rice.

5. Spending
I think everyone feels this away about holidays such as Christmas. There's so much financial stress placed upon us all as we strive to provide gifts, prepare a feast, drive here and there, and going out and meeting people for lunch or dinner at a restaurant. Christmas has always been expensive for us, and this year is no exception. Unlike a couple of years ago, when we went way over budget trying to buy presents for everyone and couldn't pay rent until I sold some stuff online, this year is not as stressful.

There you have it, the things I dislike about Christmas. They're not exactly big deals, but they certainly leave a not-so-minty taste in my mouth. I'd like to, one year, spend Christmas in another country when the seasons have done a 360 and it's properly winter. I had a glimpse of Christmas in Japan the first time I visited, and wanted so much to extend my trip and see it through. One day, I will definitely go back again!

What are your least favourite things about Christmas?


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