Blogmas Day #13: My Favourite Things About Christmas

Blogmas Day 13 is right on time! I didn't do anything particularly exciting today, except that I had to do some quick shopping for gifts. I haven't finished buying everyone's presents, but I got what I needed for now. I also picked up a set of three ink pads from Typo because I found out that the Kaisercraft pigment ink just would not dry completely on the pages of my journal, which is weird. I tried heat setting it with a hot iron, and that did not even work - the ink kept smudging!

A friend of mine came to visit and we played a bit of Towerfall, before having dinner. We then watched Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which I thought was alright, though Anna Kendrick's wig and Aubrey Plaza's makeup bugged the hell out of me. I mean, her face was three times darker than her neck in some scenes!

Tomorrow, I have a job interview as a café all-rounder at a cafe in a school. Fingers crossed that all goes well.

1. Eating
I think this is pretty much true for everyone. I've never met a person that did not like food, but I also haven't met anyone that eats as much as I do. I think, if you were to put it into simple terms, I would qualify as a Gilmore Girl. But I digress. I love eating festive food such as white Christmas, candy canes and gingerbread.

2. Baking
I really like baking, it's why I studied to become a pastry chef, though I prefer to bake as a hobby than as a career. Christmas gives me one of the best excuses to bake a few treats, such as gingerbread biscuits, biscotti and crostoli. Sometimes, if I get the chance, I'll spend a day with my grandmother and we'd make something. I think we're going to make crostoli this or next week.

3. Shopping
Granted, I hate shopping in December, the stores are always packed, the queues are long, and the weather is too hot for me to be comfortable. I try to do all of my Christmas shopping in November, and I personally love the ease of shopping online for presents. Which leads me to my next point;

4. Wrapping!
I absolutely love wrapping presents, it's so much fun and I feel relaxed whenever I take the time out, arm myself with tape, ribbons, and a cup of tea, and get right down to it. This year I haven't had as many presents to wrap in one go, as presents arrive in a slow and steady stream, and I just don't have the patience to wait for them all to arrive before sitting down and wrapping them. I also love making them look super cute, with little bells, dried orange slices, holly picks and anise stars.

5. Seeing
I love seeing displays, and the Boulevard Lighting Display in Ivanhoe is no exception when all or most of the houses on the same street decorate their houses with lights. The Myer Christmas Display is also something I make an effort to see every year, even if it means having to deal with the crowds in the city.

6. Crafting
Taking crafternoons to myself is another activity I like to partake in for Christmas. If there's anything I can make for anyone, I would. Two years ago I completely revamped a Police Box DVD case for my sister, because it looked awful in the first place. I installed plexiglass windows, painted the yellowish frames white, applied other details such as the signs on the doors. My sister loved it! I also take the time to make some of my own decorations for my tree, and I have some tutorials here if you'd like to make them too: Poinsettia Ornaments and Pinecone Ornaments.

7. Decorating
I'm really fond of Christmas decorations, they're my favourite part of the holiday. I take the day to myself to just decorate my tree, though if I had a house to call my own, and boxes full of decor, I'd decorate the entire home.

It probably strikes everyone strange that I don't love watching Christmas movies or listening to Christmas music, let alone embracing certain scents. I do watch a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve, but I don't have any favourites, although there is a few that I do like. I don't listen to festive music either because I don't understand the words unless I've learned the lyrics, which is too much effort. My sense of smell is a bit pathetic, it always has been, so I don't get the same kick everyone else has to gingerbread, peppermint, pine trees, cinnamon and the like.

What are your favourite things about Christmas?


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