Blogmas Day #12: My Birthday and Early Christmas Haul

It's my birthday! I know, I know, my birthday isn't on Christmas Day, but being a December baby means my birthday is often lumped together with the holiday.  I don't mind that so much anymore because I can get heaps of presents for myself and no one can stop me, bwahahahahaa!

Such is the case with most of the gifts I got on my special day - most of them were self-bought purely for selfish indulgent reasons. I mean, who doesn't want a huge haul from Makeup Revolution? I know I do, and I did! Funnily enough, a couple of days after I made my order I got an email telling me that MUR came out with new highlighting palettes in the cute melting chocolate bar packaging. They really remind me of the Candlelight Glow and Sun Bunny powders that Too Faced has. I really wanted it, but because I had already made my order I couldn't add them to the cart. It'll just have to wait until later next year. They just came out with a new chocolate eyeshadow palette, the Golden Bar, and, my, the colours look beautiful.

So, let's see what I got for my 25th special day! I am now a quarter of a century old, and I feel old now.

Spider-Man / Deadpool Volume 1: Isn't It Bromantic
I'd been wanting to get this comic for a while and was planning on collecting the individual issues as they came out, but by the time I decided to start collecting them, I was too late. The first few issues could only be purchased online at an incredibly inflated price, so I ended up going for the trade paperback instead.

Chi Chi Eau De Parfum in Peony
I've mentioned this a couple of times before on the blog, though it hasn't had a proper introduction yet. I picked this baby up from Myer while it was on special, as I wanted to replace a perfume that I'd received when I turned 18. I can't speak much about the scent as my sense of smell is pooptastic but I've gotten compliments on it since I got it a couple of months ago.

Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Machine
This was on my wishlist for some time and my mum, Nonna, my brother and his wife all put money together to buy this for me. We actually picked it up a couple of weeks ago, but my grandmother is superstitious, so she wouldn't let me use it before my birthday for fear of bad luck. It's super pretty, all shiny and brand new!

Hero Arts Kelly Purkey Clear Stamps Work Planner
I've got a new planner for next year, and it's bigger than this year's one. I wanted a way to make it look cuter and more organised, and I found these stamps. They are cute yet functional, and I'm full of ideas.

Kaisercraft Pigment Ink Pads in Island and Black 
I bought the set of stamps before I realised that I didn't actually own any ink pads. I found these on eBay after doing some research on different types of stamps. I went with pigment ink because even though they might take a little longer to dry than dye-based inks, but at least it wouldn't sink into the pages of my planner and show up on the other side.

Makeup Revolution Haul
I'm just going to sum this up in a couple of paragraphs or else we'd be here all day. Long story short, I bought myself exactly 12 products from TAM Beauty, because my birthday is on the 12th day of the 12th month of the year. Yeah, I just sounded like a spoiled brat there, but it's not often that I get to treat myself as much as I did this time, and 11 items just felt too incomplete for me to be comfortable with. I went with three I Heart Chocolate palettes; the Salted Caramel, the Chocolate & Peaches, and the Naked Chocolate. I couldn't resist picking them all because the colours look great and I'm a sucker for cute packaging.

I also picked up a Blushing Hearts blush in Candy Queen of Hearts (packaging again and dupe alert!), The One Blush Stick in Rush (because I don't have a blush stick), The One Highlight Stick (because I don't have a highlighting stick), Radiant Light highlighter in Breathe (because I'm a such a magpie when it comes to highlighters aaaaaaand dupe alert!), the Aqua Seal Liquid Eye Primer (only because I wanted to make gold eyeliner for Christmas), the Lip Lava in Forgiven (uh, dupe?). Freedom Makeup Brow Pomade in Ash Brown (this was the last one I added to the cart to make up number 12).

I also picked up Freedom Makeup Bare Lipstick Collection, a set of 5 nude lipsticks (I wanted some nudes for Summer), and the Freedom Makeup Radiance Tonic (meant to be a dupe for Pixi Glow Tonic - I also needed a glycolic-based toner) which was somehow omitted from the order when they sent it out, so they refunded the money for it.

Besame Cosmetics Lipstick in Red Velvet.
My sister bought this for me for my birthday because it's the exact lipstick that Peggy Carter wears in Agent Carter. I love the show, and she looks drop dead gorgeous in that lipstick. I've tried a sample before and it is a really beautiful shade. I had such an issue getting my hands on this because the distributor didn't include the tracking number in any of their emails, so I couldn't track this until it was too late and someone stole it from my mail box. They reluctantly sent me a replacement, refusing to acknowledge or apologise that they failed to provide what was promised. However, I had to cover the shipping fee for it.

Rubi Buzzy Pom Pom Sandals
I almost didn't get this, but because the weather became hot all of a sudden and I had to go to an event, I needed something loose for my feet. My last pair of sandals broke last summer, and I had my eye on this for weeks but wanted to wait until it was on special. I couldn't wait on them any long as I needed appropriate summer footwear last weekend, and it turned out these were not being made anymore.

Have you tried Besame Cosmetics before? Have you bought anything from Makeup Revolution?



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