Blogmas Day #11: Last Minute Gifts Under $25

Another late Blogmas post! I intended for this one to go up last night, and write most of it on the way home last night from Mum's house, but I was quite sleepy by the time I got home. I aim to have the rest of Blogmas uploaded to schedule, including today's one, which will be released later this afternoon/this evening. It's my birthday today, and I'm spending it chilling at home, writing/uploading posts, taking photos for the blog, and eating my favourite foods. I'm looking forward to going out for Thai food for dinner tonight!

Chi Chi Cosmetics Meet The Girls Fragrance Collection
I've got the full sized, 50ml, version of the Peony perfume ($20), and I can honestly tell you that for the price, these perfumes last a long time, and if you're uncertain as to what scent to get for that special someone, these mini atomisers will give them a nice range of scents to try out, and it's incredibly good value considering the quantity you get.

A Board Game such as Cluedo, Monopoly or Scrabble
This is a fun board game to play if you've got a group of friends and/or family, and children often like playing this game. At least, I did, anyways. I've got this here at home with me and bring it out when I've got a few friends over

Custom Cards Against Humanity Cards
This is incredibly thrifty, but so, so much fun, especially when you create themed decks based on a fandom such as Harry Potter or Star Wars. It's super cheap to get them printed at Officeworks, and you have the choice of getting them printed on cardstock, which is almost as thick as regular playing cards. This website lets you generate your own cards for free and you can choose the official size or the 2x2" cards. The original deck comes with 420 white cards, and 90 black cards, so you can create as many cards as you'd like, or scale it down a bit to be used in shorter games.

Daily Planner from Typo
If you know anyone that may need a bit of help in organising their time, someone that loves stationery or someone that's a real stickler for organisation, a daily planner is really useful. I personally like the A5 sized planners, but maybe a little, A6, planner would be good for those that are not so busy.

Themed Hampers
This doesn't have to be massive, but it's a pretty cute touch. Just focus on a theme, such as a pamper hamper; in which you would include a single-use sachet of a face/sheet mask, a bath bomb, nail buffer, nail polish and a homemade sugar scrub. Or for the handy bloke, maybe a new tape measure, a set of tiny screwdrivers, a short level, some goggles, and a few pencils. An artist would love a hamper comprised of a variety of pencils, erasers, a mini sketchbook, charcoal, a set of watercolour or acrylic paints, or so on. The brand Mont Marte is relatively affordable and yet decent quality, found in a lot of discount stores.

Hamper Full of Homemade Baked Treats
White Christmas slices, cornflake wreaths, meringue trees, almond crescents, crostoli, gingerbread biscuits, biscotti, mince pies, and coconut ice are some of the ideas that come to mind. I plan on baking several of these for a few hampers as it's a thoughtful, personal gift that's great for those who pretty much have everything.

That there was a series of photos of Luna gatecrashing my photography session and trying to steal the candy. I couldn't resist including them in this post, she was being so cute!

Donating to Charity
If you've got someone that's sensitive about certain things, such as starving children in third world countries, rescue animals, the Orangutan Project and such, how about making a donation to the organisation that they support? It's a very thoughtful, sentimental and compassionate gift, sure to bring a smile to their faces. For example, if anyone would like to donate to a charity on my behalf, I would like the donation to go to Pets Haven Foundation, a pro-life, not-for-profit, animal shelter that need as much help as they can get.

What other suggestions might you have for last minute gifts under a certain price point?


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