Blogmas Day #1: My Christmas Tree!

Welcome to my very first issue for Blogmas! This is my first time doing the Blogmas ever since I started blogging, and after seeing the hype last year, I wanted to try it out this year. Blogmas is basically an advent countdown on the blog, one post a day, up until Christmas day. As I'm not getting a beauty advent calendar (as I haven't found a cruelty-free one that I liked) I thought it would be fun to give you guys a little gift by way of a post for every single day of December.

I decided to start with showing you all my Christmas tree that I put up and decorated yesterday. Usually, I would decorate the tree on my birthday, but then Sean said that it wouldn't be fair to the (future) kids, so, now the tree goes up on the first day of December. Well, I did it yesterday because I had a really shitty morning and needed some way to vent, and decorating the tree is therapeutic for me. I included an anecdote in my last post about why my morning was so shit, so if you wanted to have a read, here's the post.

I have a collection of ornaments that I add to every year, in hopes that I'll one day be able to pass it on to someone in the family. They are predominantly made from glass, as I really like the classy look of high-quality decorations. I tend to steer clear from current trends as I want the theme to be timeless, as I do with everything else that I collect.

It all began when I found a box of green, brown and gold glass ornaments from Costco and I just fell in love with them. I took the box home with me, and thus started my obsession to add to the collection. The collection has grown quite a lot over the past three years, but I can still see room for more! I picked up two sets of fairy lights just over two weeks ago, and I've made two sets of decorations as well, poinsettia flowers out of homemade cold porcelain, and pine cones with ribbons.

I've got a classic nature theme going on with my tree, with a few Harry Potter elements in there. I won't tell you what they are, though, you'll just have to play Where's Wally with the tree in order to win some House points. The Hogwarts Express under the tree is a bit obvious, so you won't be getting a point for that.

Adding the lights to the tree took a couple of hours because my first run left me with not enough lights for the top third of the tree. I was actually wrapping the length of each individual branch hence the shortage of lights on the tree's apex. When lit, it made the tree look sparse, so I took them down and did it again, starting from the top this time, and only wrapping the lights around each tip. Much better.

Luna and Phoebe really like sleeping under this tree, and neither of them have shown any interest in knocking it down. That's not to say Phoebe hasn't done anything as stupid or unsafe before. Here's a couple of snaps of Luna being all cute.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What kind of tree are you having this year? 

Merry Christmas!



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