End of Year Makeup Detox


We are getting super close to the end of the year, and I'm about ready to lose my shit. After hearing about the death of one of my favourite actresses and role models, I'm in a sad mood. I would like the new year to come around already because I'm done, I'm so done. I'm shattered that Carrie Fisher has passed away, it sucks so much because she is such a wonderful and amazing person. I had the experience of meeting her in person at Supernova a couple of years ago and it was exhilarating.

She was outgoing, affectionate, witty and friendly. Instead of taking some time to herself when the camera stuffed up during our photo, she came back to hang with us for several minutes as we waited and even offered a drink of Coke from her glass. The amount of generosity and enthusiasm she showed towards her fans were like no other, and I am so lucky to have had the honour to spend those precious few moments with her.

Before I start crying a river, I'm going to move along with this post. It's already hard enough for me to gather the motivation to write, let alone think properly and string words together. I'm also sad that her mother has passed away today. Rest in peace, Debbie Reynolds.

Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas

Hark, she speaks! I'm fully aware that I've been absent over the past week, not just on my blog but also on all of my social media accounts save for a few chats on Twitter and likes on Instagram. Christmas makes me one very busy chickadee, and that was why I've been AWOL from blogging. Such is the reason why I couldn't get all of my Blogmas posts up in the last two weeks.

Seriously, one should not set themselves the task of writing Blogmas posts at the last minute of every day and not expect to be sidetracked by Christmas baking, shopping, visiting and all of the other things that happen without a moment's notice, including a funeral last Friday. I decided to do a bunch of baking in preparation for Christmas so that some of the treats could be given in a hamper to my grandparents and to Sean's mum, and then the rest for dessert after Christmas dinner.

Blogmas Day #20: How To Prepare A Vegetarian Cheese Platter

It's time for today's Blogmas post! I didn't upload anything for the past two days because I wasn't getting the opportunity to take photos for them, let alone for the rest of this month. I was busy on Sunday helping mum with the bungalow to make space for more stuff. Yesterday was taken up by shopping which took way too long. Today, I was trying to make my grandmother's almond biscotti recipe but like with the vegan pavlova I attempted last week, the meringue expanded like there was no tomorrow and left a huge hollow in the middle. I strongly believe that the oven is the culprit, and so I'm going to find out why. I'm going to try this again tomorrow using a slightly different recipe to see if there is any difference.

On another, unrelated, note, I've been offered a job, so now I'm going to be working as a café all-rounder at a school just outside of the city starting late January. I'm going to see if I can find another job as well to supplement it as it's only 2 days a week, and I'd like a bit more work than that. I'm still going to work on my blog, so never fear.

Blogmas Day #17: Five Perfect Red Lipsticks for Christmas

I've been putting off writing this post for several hours, as I was more interested in Instagram and antagonising my sister on Facebook. I think this whole Blogmas idea is more stressful than I initially thought, and I've been trying to keep up to date with the posts. I keep running out of ideas to write about, and then I'll find something and not be able to upload it until the following day because photos need to be taken. Such is the case with tomorrow's post, as I've yet to take photos for it, and won't be able to do so until Monday as I'm going to be out all day.

Today I was in the city with my friend Funda for our birthdays. Normally we would hold it somewhere in the middle between our birthdays (hers is on the 18th of November) but we wanted to wait until the order from Makeup Revolution arrived. It arrived before my birthday but other things got in the way too. We had lunch at Rice Workshop and then chai lattes at Soul Cafe. Funda picked up theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer from David Jones and I was so proud of her, it's such a lovely highlighter!

Blogmas Day #16: A Christmas Tag

I saw this tag over on Rhaea's blog, which she posted on the second day of Blogmas. I'd been wanting to do it for a while but I kept forgetting to complete it. I saw it again the other day after being stuck with a blogger's block and went 'ah-ha!'. I have to admit that some of my answers are a bit unsatisfactory, as December as a whole did not go well at all last year. As a result, I can barely remember much about it except for the good bits and the really horrible bits.

Blogmas Day #15: The Worst Christmas Gift I Got

Oh, ho, ho,  this will be a very good post, and you guys might be quite surprised by this one. Well, there were two Christmas presents that were the worst, and in my opinion, they are pretty much on the same level. This is because the person who gave them to me was none other than my father before he left the family, and he really was not to be trusted to buy presents for any of his offspring. The kind of presents that I got really showed just how much respect he had for us, especially for me.

See, while my brother was spoiled a lot more than me (no offence, brother dear), my father didn't quite like the fact that I was deaf, and he really showed it, so to experience that kind of ostracisation from your own flesh and blood is quite heartbreaking.

Blogmas Day 14: My Least Favourite Things About Christmas

I meant to have this uploaded earlier this morning so that at least it was just a few hours late, instead of an entire day, but I had to get some photography done for it, and then I had to leave home to make it in time to see Star Wars Rogue One. The movie was great, though some things kinda threw me for a loop. I wish I could talk about it, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone planning to see it.

So, in my previous Blogmas post I wrote about my favourite things about Christmas, and now I'm going to talk about what I don't like about the holiday. There isn't much, but there are quite a few things that grind my gears, and I'm sure it grinds other people's gears too.

Blogmas Day #13: My Favourite Things About Christmas

Blogmas Day 13 is right on time! I didn't do anything particularly exciting today, except that I had to do some quick shopping for gifts. I haven't finished buying everyone's presents, but I got what I needed for now. I also picked up a set of three ink pads from Typo because I found out that the Kaisercraft pigment ink just would not dry completely on the pages of my journal, which is weird. I tried heat setting it with a hot iron, and that did not even work - the ink kept smudging!

A friend of mine came to visit and we played a bit of Towerfall, before having dinner. We then watched Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which I thought was alright, though Anna Kendrick's wig and Aubrey Plaza's makeup bugged the hell out of me. I mean, her face was three times darker than her neck in some scenes!

Tomorrow, I have a job interview as a café all-rounder at a cafe in a school. Fingers crossed that all goes well.

It's My 25th Birthday!

I came out of my mother's uterus on this very day 25 years ago, kicking and screaming as everyone tried not to let the heat get to them. Luckily, mum didn't have to be in labour for very long, as I was out in 2 hours flat, around 2:30pm. The little girl in the above picture is indeed me, blowing the candles on my 6th birthday. I'm wearing a headband that was gifted to me, with my name written on it in glitter glue.

Unfortunately, no one told me my hair would look like shit in this picture.

Blogmas Day #12: My Birthday and Early Christmas Haul

It's my birthday! I know, I know, my birthday isn't on Christmas Day, but being a December baby means my birthday is often lumped together with the holiday.  I don't mind that so much anymore because I can get heaps of presents for myself and no one can stop me, bwahahahahaa!

Such is the case with most of the gifts I got on my special day - most of them were self-bought purely for selfish indulgent reasons. I mean, who doesn't want a huge haul from Makeup Revolution? I know I do, and I did! Funnily enough, a couple of days after I made my order I got an email telling me that MUR came out with new highlighting palettes in the cute melting chocolate bar packaging. They really remind me of the Candlelight Glow and Sun Bunny powders that Too Faced has. I really wanted it, but because I had already made my order I couldn't add them to the cart. It'll just have to wait until later next year. They just came out with a new chocolate eyeshadow palette, the Golden Bar, and, my, the colours look beautiful.

So, let's see what I got for my 25th special day! I am now a quarter of a century old, and I feel old now.

Blogmas Day #11: Last Minute Gifts Under $25

Another late Blogmas post! I intended for this one to go up last night, and write most of it on the way home last night from Mum's house, but I was quite sleepy by the time I got home. I aim to have the rest of Blogmas uploaded to schedule, including today's one, which will be released later this afternoon/this evening. It's my birthday today, and I'm spending it chilling at home, writing/uploading posts, taking photos for the blog, and eating my favourite foods. I'm looking forward to going out for Thai food for dinner tonight!

Blogmas Day #10: Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

This is a little bit late, but considering how it's my birthday weekend I think I can be excused. I had another lazy day on Saturday in which I really could not be bothered doing anything except reading fanfiction after a disastrous baking attempt. I wanted a pavlova for my birthday cake, and I was faced with the issue of my sister-in-law not being able to eat dairy for the time being as my baby nephew still gets a rash whenever she consumes it.

I made pavlova out of aquafaba instead of the traditional egg white because I wanted to try making a meringue from the liquid from a can of chickpeas. I'd heard about it a lot over the past year and it sounded awfully interesting. The meringue turned out perfectly as I followed the recipe to a T, but it quickly spread like lava in the oven while baking and I couldn't salvage it. I was incredibly disappointed because that had never happened before with egg-white meringue and I was a qualified pastry chef, damn it! I still haven't figured out why or how it happened, but I felt much like a failure for most of the day.

In the end, I went with a storebought pavlova, intending to top half of it with coconut cream. That did not go very well either, as it just would not whip. Needless to say, I had to serve a portion of the pavlova with just fruit.

Aquafaba, I WILL CONQUER YOU ONE DAY! (ahem, and whipped coconut cream...)

Blogmas Day #9: DIY Pinecone Ornaments

Here's another tutorial for Blogmas! We are on Day Nine, and I am horrific at boosting my motivation levels because all I want to do is read Bagginshield fanfictions, and I found this awesome one today and I cannot tear my eyes away from it. It pains me so much to have to write this entire post because I want nothing more than to sip tea and read, read and read some more. I'm seriously all too tempted to just go "bugger it", close this document, and go to the other tab where Bilbo and Thorin wait for me in their angsty glory.


Me: I'm going to get into Speedy Gonzalez mode and churn this out in record time. 

Also me 3 hours later: Ah shit, I failed.

Blogmas Day #8: DIY Clay Poinsettia Ornaments

It is now the second week of Blogmas, and I'm stressing out a little. I feel so behind already, and I'm trying really hard to catch up and get ahead of everything. I've got to write several more posts and take photos for them too. It is frightening how quickly this month is flying by, and I can scarcely believe that there are only two weeks and three more days till the big day. I'm rushing to complete the other Blogmas posts because I only wrote about half of them.

Up today is a tutorial on how to make your own poinsettia ornaments out of cold porcelain clay. I made these ornaments for my tree, inspired by a few pictures that I found on Pinterest. I couldn't find a tutorial that I liked, so I went with something that was both easy, made use of what I had, and didn't require a lot of effort.

The Latest Additions to My Highlighter Collection

It's no secret that I have a weakness for highlighters, and I'm not talking about the markers that you use to highlight text. I'm talking about that glow that we all find on Instagram every single day when those cheekbones could cut butter. I'm not one for contouring, I've never dabbled in it aside from very lightly applying a matte greyish bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks, but give me a highlighter, any highlighter, and you'll find me adding it to the tops of my cheeks, my cupid's bow and underneath my eyebrows. I tend to avoid applying it on my nose and chin because these areas get pretty dewy.

Several months ago, in May, I showed you guys my highlighter collection, and since then that particular section of my makeup kit has doubled in size. I have a problem, I admit that wholeheartedly, but I just cannot stop hoarding them like there's no tomorrow. In fact, I've got a few new ones on my wishlist! At this rate, I'll need to make a separate section in my makeup drawer just for my growing pile of highlighters.

Someone send help, please?!

Blogmas Day #7: 10 Tips to Survive Christmas In Summer

Because we're in the Southern Hemisphere, we don't get the chance to experience snow, cuddling in front of fireplaces, hot chocolate topped with too much whipped cream, ugly but festive sweaters, or even roasted chestnuts fresh out of the oven. Now, I'm of the mindset that we should have Christmas in July, despite the lack of snow, but that's not going to happen any time soon.

Instead, we're stuck with Christmases that are often warm, sometimes humid, sometimes dry, and once, stormy (but hot) with flash flooding and hail stones the size of golf balls. I call that day the only time Melbourne ever had a chance at a white Christmas.

So, how does one survive a hot Christmas smack dab right in the middle of Summer, especially without a swimming pool nearby to boot? Here's how:

Blogmas Day #6: Gifts for the Geek

Day Six of December is finally upon us! I got quite excited while writing this post because thinking of all the things a geek would love makes me giddy. I'm quite the geek and have my own collection of paraphernalia and collectables, including a comic or two. I mostly collect things that are from Harry Potter, but I do have quite the collection of Tolkien books (17 copies, including duplicates). Aside from them, I do have a small collection of Doctor Who and Star Wars goods, such as an Obi-Wan Force FX Lightsaber with a Removable Blade.

The last one was a gift from Sean for my birthday slash Christmas present a few years ago, and the year after that he bought the Lionel Hogwarts Express Remote Control Train Set.

We used to buy our geeky gifts from Thinkgeek, but we haven't ordered from them in a long while since shipping can be a tad pricey to Australia, especially if you have a large parcel.

My Blog Photography Setup

I think it's about time I showed you all exactly how I do my photography on the blog. It's been a while since I adopted this new method, and I've finally found something that I am super happy with. Granted, I'd like a set of reflectors and diffusers, but what I've got at the moment will do for me for the time being.

I use an Olympus E420 Digital Camera. It's not a very good one, especially in poor lighting, but for the time being it's all I've got. It often corrupts the memory, and it happens when I'm in the middle of taking photos. I have to pause, import everything to my computer and then reformat the camera before I can keep on snapping away. Very, very annoying, and it only recognises one memory card at a time, even if there are two cards in the slots. I hope to get a new camera next year if I can.

Blogmas Day #5: Gifts for the Beauty Addict

I've got another post for you today, and that is a gift guide for the beauty addict in your life. Over the past month, I've had to write a few wishlists for people that wanted to get me a gift but had no idea what to buy. So, now that I have an idea of what gifts to get, it was time to write a list for you all, so that there was something within each price range for that special someone.

Of course, all of the gifts that I've mentioned are cruelty-free, so you can rest assured that you'll have an easy time.

Blogmas Day #4: Gifts for Him

Blogmas Day 4 comes with a list of gift suggestions for men, woot-woot! I've not been doing much over the past few days where Christmas is concerned, as my partner has been working since Tuesday. Today I went to the Deaf Christmas Rally where a whole bunch of people in the deaf community met up at Hays Paddock for a picnic of sorts. I chatted with a few people, and met a newcomer. We, of course, bonded over our love for Harry Potter, and the new Fantastic Beasts movie

I'll get started on today's post.

Blogmas Day #3: Decorating My Vanity For Christmas

Day three of Blogmas is here! This is another decoration post because I've got my Blogmas posts organised in a certain way. I thought about mixing it up, but I like it this technique, so I'll stick with it. My first day of Blogmas had me unveiling my Christmas tree. Yesterday I showed you my Christmas Decoration Wishlist. Now, we have my vanity! I wonder how many of you guys have been wondering about my battlestation. I spend a lot of time at my battlestation, especially when Sean starts work for the day. It's the brightest room in the unit, and it's the most comfortable place where I can sit and work on the blog, than anywhere else.

I wanted to decorate my vanity a little bit for the festive season, so I decided to go with a putz house.  I made this little house myself, though it was really time-consuming. I had a crafternoon with Mum when I slept over at her place the other weekend, and we had heaps of fun painting our little houses (both built by me), and then applying the other details such as wreaths and glitter. The glitter went everywhere, especially when my sister opened a container of red glitter all over herself, thinking it was empty.

"Bitch, I'm fabulous!"

Blogmas Day #2: My Christmas Decoration Wishlist

I think I am the only person among my family and friends that love Christmas decorations the way I do. It is, in fact, my favourite part of the holiday, not the gifts, not the food (yes, I know!), not the gatherings, and most certainly not the weather. Summer can suck my gonads for all I care.

Every year I always anticipate the Boxing Day sales when the decorations are at their cheapest and I can add a few more pieces to my proper collection. I say 'proper', because I have two sets of ornaments one comprised mainly of glass ornaments, and the other of plastic. I'd get rid of the plastic ornaments if it were not for the fact that they would come in handy for when I have little children with butter fingers. My cats didn't seem to be particularly interested in climbing my tree or bringing things down to an Earth-shattering halt, so I went with the glass ones this year.

My To-Do List for December

Alert, alert, this is not a Blogmas post! I'm uploading that later this evening. I wanted to try and maintain somewhat of a normal routine with my original posts. It looks like I've got another busy month ahead of me, and I see little to no room in which I can relax and recharge at home in solitude, being the introvert that I am. December has always been one of the busiest months of the year for me, I'm always running around trying to get things in order. For one, it's my birthday month so I'm often having to catch up with friends and family, and I'm always on-the-go looking for gifts for everyone else, wrapping presents, keeping up-to-date with family events, so on and so forth.

So what have I got planned for this month?

Blogmas Day #1: My Christmas Tree!

Welcome to my very first issue for Blogmas! This is my first time doing the Blogmas ever since I started blogging, and after seeing the hype last year, I wanted to try it out this year. Blogmas is basically an advent countdown on the blog, one post a day, up until Christmas day. As I'm not getting a beauty advent calendar (as I haven't found a cruelty-free one that I liked) I thought it would be fun to give you guys a little gift by way of a post for every single day of December.

I decided to start with showing you all my Christmas tree that I put up and decorated yesterday. Usually, I would decorate the tree on my birthday, but then Sean said that it wouldn't be fair to the (future) kids, so, now the tree goes up on the first day of December. Well, I did it yesterday because I had a really shitty morning and needed some way to vent, and decorating the tree is therapeutic for me. I included an anecdote in my last post about why my morning was so shit, so if you wanted to have a read, here's the post.