My Monthly Skincare & Makeup Favourites - November Edit

We are finally on the eve of December, when the halls are decked with boughs of holly, when the frantic search for gifts begins and when family pets decide that the tree must be toppled over. Not that that has happened to me.


I decorated my tree today, a day earlier than planned, because I had such an awful morning as someone most likely stole a parcel right from my doorstep.

My sister paid for a lipstick from Besame Cosmetics on Wednesday for my birthday present, and it was sent out on Thursday. The problem was that I never received a tracking number in any of my emails from them, so I was waiting blindly for the parcel. Finally, on Monday, I called them and requested for the tracking number to be sent to me, and they said they would do so immediately after the call, but they didn't. Yesterday, in the afternoon, I contacted them again and they sent me a copy of the number late in the evening. That was when I found out that the parcel was marked as "delivered" only that I never received it.

I called the nearest post office this morning, to be told that the parcel had been left in either the mailbox or the doorstep. I asked some of the neighbours in this unit block, and no one had seen it. I contacted Besame Cosmetics, and they said they couldn't replace the lipstick because once orders leave the fulfilment centre, they're no longer responsible for them. I told them that if I had received a tracking number in the first place with my confirmation email or my shipping notification, let alone when I asked for a copy of it on Monday, this wouldn't have happened.

They relented, and have told me that they will send a replacement on Tuesday if the order does not arrive by Monday. They wanted me to pay for the postage for the replacement lipstick when I asked for the lipstick to be sent by registered post and I offered to pay the difference between regular and registered post. For this to happen because they failed to do what was required of them is a major disappointment. I've opened an investigation into the case with Australia Post, and Sandra, from Besame Cosmetics, has done the same too. I highly doubt the lipstick will ever show up, though.

I still keep getting told by them that they do not assume responsibility for any orders that may have been lost or stolen, and every time I bring up the fact that they've failed to send me the tracking number until after it was "delivered", they either deflect or ignore it. It's their responsibility to provide tracking numbers if it is included as a postage option!

ARGH! *rage*

This is not going to be a very good post, I must admit. I'm still so angry about the whole thing, and not even decorating the Christmas tree has managed to calm me down completely. I'm afraid writing my experience down on this page has not helped any, either.

I've decided not to do any more Monthly Favourites after this post. It is impossible for me to come up with new favourites every month, let alone wear makeup often enough to actually pick a favourite. I'm lucky if I get to wear makeup more than once or twice a month because I don't go out very often, and I don't wear makeup when I go to the shops, so imagine being in my shoes.

My favourites this month include the RCMA palette that I've spoken about a couple of times on this blog, so I won't bore you guys again by talking about it. I reviewed the Milani Cosmetics Rose Blushes just last week or so, so if you'd like to read the post, here is the link. I find that I grab this blush the most out of all the ones in my collection, as I love the subtle and natural tint the Romantic Rose shade gives to my cheeks. I've been using the e.l.f. Illuminating palette more and more often lately, it is extremely versatile and I'm rather fond of the bottom left shade. The review for this palette can be found here.

I've been using sukin Sensitive Cleansing Lotion every day, twice a day, and it performs just as well as the Natio Restore Cleansing Milk, though I think it's a tad more emollient. I don't mind that so much because I've noticed that my pores appear smaller now. I've also been using the Sukin Antioxidant Eye Serum (not pictured) for the past week, and I've seen some improvement. Not only do the skin around my eyes feel moisturised, softer and smoother, the dark circles have lightened somewhat, and that is a plus in my books.

Australis Banana Powder has been my go-to setting powder for my entire face, as it gives that extra bit of yellow tint that my foundation needs in order to match perfectly to my neck. It doesn't do much in the way of keeping skin matte and oil-free throughout the day, but it sets my foundation, so that's something.

I told you, it's a pretty short Monthly Favourites! I think that's primarily because I'm still annoyed.

I mean...

I always follow tracking numbers diligently and then I sit at the front window all day for the delivery guy to come - I'm metaphorically a puppy waiting for it's owner to come home every time I expect a delivery, so I rarely, if ever, miss the post-man. This shit would have never happened if they had just sent the damnable tracking number in the first place!

*swears like a motherf**king sailor*

I'm still reeling from frustration and disappointment in their lack of empathy, let alone their poor customer service skills. One thing is for sure, this is the last time I'm ordering from them!

What did you think about my experience with Besame Cosmetics? Am I in the wrong for asking that they replace the lipstick due to their negligence?



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