My Birthday and Christmas Wishlist

Since my last wishlist, I've long since discovered that readers do not like seeing wishlists on blogs, which is weird because I love seeing them. However, seeing as how my birthday is coming up in a month, followed by Christmas, I thought I could give my family and friends a friendly nudge on what I would love for my Birthmas present. Since my birthday is less than two weeks away from Christmas, I'm often forgotten or I've been lumped in together with it.

There's exactly a month till the big day, so I thought that I'd take the guesswork out for everyone stumped on what to get for me. Not everything is beauty-related, I'll tell you that. There's a pasta machine thrown in too, for goodness sake!

1. Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette
I had seen Violet Voss make an appearance on Twitter and Instagram here and there but didn't pay attention to them. I found a review on the Holy Grail palette and the swatches looked amazing - so pigmented and perfectly chosen.

2. I Heart Makeup Light and Glow & I Heart Makeup Bronze and GlowOriginally, I had the Too Faced Original Chocolate Bar in this place, but since finding out the other day that they have been acquired by Estee Lauder, I feel I cannot support the brand any longer, now that they've got a parent company that sell products within China. Conveniently, Makeup Revolution has come out with these two palettes that look like dupes of the Too Faced Candlelight Glow and possibly the Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer. I'm a sucker for cute designs, so as soon as I saw the drip effect in the powder, I decided I had to have it.

3. Besame Cosmetics Lipsticks
According to my sister, I'm getting the lipstick in the shade Red Velvet (a.k.a. Agent Carter) for my Birthday, but I was so very much in love with the Red Hot Red and Carmine samples that I tried a few months ago.

4. Pasta Machine
I've long since wanted my own pasta machine because nothing beats the taste of fresh pasta, made with all the love (ha, corny!) and effort that I put into turning the crank.

5. A Tea Cup
For someone that really likes tea, it's appalling that I don't have any tea cups to call my own. I'm after a plain white one that's a little bit on the large side, preferably with a textured pattern. I love this one from Bed, Bath and Table.

6. Gold Sleepers/Hoops
I've long had sterling silver sleepers in my ears, but they've now turned black for some strange reason, and I believe it's because the earrings were poor quality. I'd like to replace them with gold ones, two for each ear.

7. Chi Chi Eau de Parfum in Romantic Flowers
I bought this in Peony last month as a To Me, From Me gift for my birthday. I love that I discovered Chi Chi's perfumes because they're so cheap, long lasting and cruelty-free.

8. Star Wars Sphero BB8 Droid
Ever since I first saw The Force Awakens I've wanted a BB8 of my own. I'd like a lifesize version of him but I don't think I'd get anything done with a massive thing rolling around after me on a daily basis, so I'd be super happy with a wee one!

9. Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlighting Palette
I saw this making waves throughout the blogosphere and I was a bit put off by the purple shade in the palette. However, when I had the chance to try it out at Target, I was sold! The gold packaging is also something of a weakness of mine.

10. The Wallflower/Perfect Girl Evolution/Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Manga
I first started reading this when I was in my teens, and have been trying to catch up on the latest issues online, but it seems like the author hasn't been writing new updates lately.

11. Boys Over Flowers/Hana Yori Dango Manga
This was the first ever manga series that I read, and I love it still to this day. It remains one of my firm favourites, and I loved the Japanese live action drama. There are 37 volumes in this series, and I hope to be able to collect them all because, if I ever have a daughter, I'd love for her to read this.

And finally...

An endless supply of vegetarian lasagne. With lashings of bechamel sauce on top, thank you very much!

I could probably think of a few more goodies to add to the wishlist, but that's good enough for me for now. I really like the tea cup I found on Bed Bath and Table, it is so me and I can see myself enjoying it for a very long time. I'll certainly buy it for myself if I get the chance. Right now I'm just browsing TAM Beauty for the umpteenth time to compile my shopping list for my birthday haul. I need some suggestions, so shoot me a line down below!

What do you want for Christmas?



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