Milani Cosmetics Rose Blush Review and Swatches

I feel like I haven't uploaded anything new to the blog in over a week when the reality is that it's only been a mere three days since my last update. I've had a really full few days, starting with yesterday where I had to visit Mum for a bit, do some shopping, visit my lovely Nonna for her birthday, and then head back home early enough to put together an outfit for a last-minute group interview as a travel consultant for Flight Center this morning. I had to wake up at 6:30am to make it in time, and I thought I did quite well. However, I didn't get the job. I'm a little bummed about it, but life (and this blog) goes on.

I'm running on so very little sleep over the past two days, so I'm sorry if this post is a little boring or low in quality. I really wanted to get this review up, as I've had the blushes for so long now it didn't make sense to keep putting it off.

I've got two of the regular shades from Milani Cosmetics, the Romantic Rose and the Tea Rose, as they are the two shades that are vegan. It's not like I needed more blushes in my collection, what with blushes taking up half the face powder section in my vanity drawer. The funny thing is that I only ever reach for a few of them, while the rest of them sit there collecting dust.

I've had these two gorgeous babies since late last year (I think) so I've definitely had heaps of practice and use out of them. Which is why it's the perfect time to start talking about these products, starting with the packaging.

These blushes come in a gold and acrylic compact that is about 7cm wide, and 2cm tall. The gold coating on the blushes do not chip or scrape off, they bear no marks of any kind whatsoever, whereas the acrylic lid looks a bit dull now compared to when I first received them. The compact isn't easy to open, and so you do need to use a little bit of force to be able to pry it open. This makes it perfect for travel.

Top: Romantic Rose, Bottom: Tea Rose

These blushes are not buttery in texture, they feel more like velvet. I find them to be quite easy to blend, and they are incredibly pigmented for someone who uses only a very tiny touch of blush. I've never been confident enough to make my blush stand out so I always try to make it subtle. I find that this lasts all day without budging, provided that you wear at least a primer underneath the blush.

Romantic Rose is the shade I reach for the most, as it gives the most subtle wash of rosiness to the cheeks that's warm and quite natural. It's a fully matte, dusty rose that looks great all year around, especially for the fall and Winter, and to be honest, I sometimes use it as a very subtle contour to somewhat accentuate my cheekbones without going overboard with brown pigment as I avoid contouring products with a passion. This really warms up the complexion and goes beautifully with nude, berry or mauve lipsticks.

Tea Rose is a blue-tinted pink that is nowhere close to being hot pink. It's quite neutral in colour, though it may suit those with cool undertones more than those with warm undertones. I don't use this very often because, as much as I like the colour, I've always been a bit wary of applying striking pink blush just in case I end up looking like a clown. I think this blush is perfect for Spring and Summer.

I find that there does tend to be a bit of fallout in the pan, as the powder is packed quite firmly. It's not soft to the point where it breaks easily or makes a dent, and as I said earlier, it's more velvety in texture. The rose design is too gorgeous to muck up, but I've barely made a dent in the products despite how many times I've used them. I only have to touch my brush to the blush to pick up pigment, I don't even need to swirl the brush.

Would I buy them again? Yes, though it'll probably be years before that happens considering how long it takes me to hit pan.

Have you tried these blushes by Milani Cosmetics before? How cute is the design?!



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