The Mission to Improve My Skin #3

Sunday 25 September
I've discovered a few things since my last entry. One, high-end brands don't always equal amazing skincare. I tried a sample of Argan Cleansing Oil from Josie Maran and that didn't improve my skin. If anything, I think it dried it out a little bit. Two, I must not get within a 10-foot radius of products containing alcohol. I put on a mask last week and it took me a very long time to restore my skin. Finally, rose hip seed oil has to go. I used it twice a day to help heal the dryness, and while it did help, it clogged my pores to the point where they were raised, red and fat with sebum. Since I stopped using the oil my skin has settled down.

Tuesday 4 October 
I recently picked up some grape seed oil as per Kevin James Bennet's suggestion, as it's meant to help with oil production when used in place of moisturiser while wearing makeup. I've had some success in how foundation lasts on my nose, but without any primer on it, it still melted off/started separating towards the end of the day. I'm going to get some RCMA foundation next week, as according to Kevin and other artists on the In My Kit facebook page, it is apparently amazing for oily skin. I had a MASSIVE pimple on my chin today, and that pretty much appeared overnight after I kept picking at my skin yesterday. Note to self: KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR FACE!

Tuesday 11 October
I'm actually seeing quite a bit of improvement with my skin now that I've been using Caroline Hirons' Cheat Sheet for a skincare routine. There isn't much of a change to my skincare routine, but I've been using a fresh face washer every day and I think it makes a lot of difference. For the past week, I haven't seen a breakout, even when wearing a full face of makeup. However, today I have a stye in my eye, and I think my mascara is what caused it. Also, in the past week I've noticed a number of milia developing around my eyes, especially at the tops of my cheekbones near the outer corners of my eyes. And one on my jawline! I wonder if it's because I've barely exfoliated my face in the past couple of weeks... I've been afraid of drying my skin out with my Nip + Fab Glycolic Exfoliating Scrub, but I think I'll reintroduce it into my routine twice a week, making sure not to be too harsh on my skin.

Saturday 15 October
I used the scrub (very gently) twice in the past four days and it hasn't dried my skin out, thankfully. I made sure to get the product around my eye area to work on the milia. There's a very tiny pimple smack dab right in the middle of my chin, but I'll take that over the giant one that appeared on the left jawline near my chin the other day. I've noticed that I get large, sebum-filled pimples whenever I keep touching a blackhead, the area around a scab, etc. I also noticed that I get sore pimples deep under the skin that never comes to a head around the time my monthly visitor comes to town, and it takes a least a couple of weeks for it to go away.

Oh, I forgot to mention this in one of my entries; another thing that I learned from Caroline Hirons' cheat sheet is to keep my head out of the water whenever I have a shower, as they are blistering hot for my face and tends to really dehydrate it. Ever since I stopped doing that I've been seeing a huge decrease of dry areas on my face. I'm well on my way to figuring out what makes my skin break out and fluctuating from dehydrated to oily and back.

And I'm pleased to admit that Kevin James Bennett's recommendation of using grapeseed oil instead of moisturiser/primer when wearing foundation makes a huge difference in how the foundation lasts on my nose without separating. However, grapeseed oil doesn't quite moisturise skin so be prepared for flaky patches if you're prone to dry skin. I prefer to multitask with oils/moisturiser - using the oil on my nose and the moisturiser on the rest of my face. It helps a lot. I decanted some of the oil into a small bottle with a dropper to make it so much easier for me to apply it to my face, especially in a rush.

I'm excited about the fact that I'm seeing an improvement in my skin, and I'm taking extra care to prevent it from flaring up. I love that it is so much softer and more hydrated now, and my acne scars are also starting to heal and fade.

What products or techniques do you use for your skin?



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