My Go-To Spring Picks

It is Spring here in Australia at the moment, and I saw nothing more fitting for a blog post than a spring-themed one. I love looking at other blogs' spring-themed posts, it always makes me feel cheerful on the inside just thinking about crisp fresh air, clear blue skies, flowers in bloom and even standing in the sunlight for a few short minutes just to feel the warmth. Lately, Melbourne's been under the weather (pun intended) so all we've had are lots and lots of cloudy days, with rains here and there that are sure to make lots of gardeners happy. Not for me, though.

As much as I love to stay at home, keep warm and not have to worry about wearing a bra, days of cloudiness that threaten to make my backyard very, very muddy just makes my cats, and me, very very miserable. I prefer to keep my cats inside when it's cloudy or wet, so when they're cooped up inside all day for a few days straight, they go straight up ballistic. I kid you not, Phoebe literally jumps up the wall for no reason and bounces off of it (broken window, anyone?), whereas Luna takes to running around the house like a loon (another pun intended - I hope someone got this reference!) and making shitloads of noise before she settles down in my bedroom.

So, while the cats are driving me bonkers with the constant worrying that they will knock something over or break another window, my photography game is also taking a hit because there isn't adequate lighting. My bedroom is the brightest place in this unit, but when the weather decides to rain on my parade (oh look, another one!), even the brightest room in the house is too dark. Yesterday, as I write this at my battlestation, my bedroom looked quite dreary. I had to take these photos yesterday and while I wasn't happy with the lighting, I managed to make do by taking dozens upon dozens of pictures. Ironically, the blasted sun came out today and I didn't have the chance to go nuts!

So, I thought I would show you all my picks for this season, and tell you why I have chosen them.

Makeup Revolution I <3 Chocolate Pink Fizz Eyeshadow Palette
I bought this for spring because of the sweet, delicate shades. The pigmentation of these shadows may not be 100% there, but it's much easier to control.

Australis Killer Curves Mascara
Made with a tubing formula, this mascara coats each lash with tiny polymer particles to lengthen, volumise and curl. I love how this does everything it's meant to do as well as last all day.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Moisturising Lipstick in Ravishing Rose
I picked this one up last year and I love the semi-opaque finish. It's a beautiful watermelon red shade and I love that it's moisturising, though it doesn't last as long as matte lipsticks.

theBalm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer 
I have lots of highlighters, but this one still has my love and affection to this day. It is perfect for the subtle, dewy glow.

Milani Cosmetics Rose blush in Tea Rose
This a true pink that is just right for that natural flush on the cheeks. It's long-lasting, easy to blend and the design is perfect for the season.

So, now you all know what I've been and will be reaching for this season as the weather warms up. And hopefully brings some sunlight with it, because I want good photographs, damn it! I was trying something new with the props today and while I like the frame, I'm not feeling it for the chevron print, it looks a bit too yellow for my liking. Here's to me stepping up my photography game, right?

Wherever you are in the world, what are your makeup picks this season?


  1. Gloomy weather is such a nightmare for photos, it's Autumn here so it's starting to take effect. These look fab though. I absolutely love the look of that MR palette though, can't believe I haven't seen it before!! xx

    Tamz |

    1. Doesn't that suck so much, when the weather gets colder? I have no idea how you guys manage to deal with it, though I'm sure snow can be helpful when it comes to reflecting the light, but what light is there when the skies are overcast? :( You should look into the palettes, they're so much fun!