If I Could Only Have One Of Each

I saw this post over on The Makeup Directory and figured that it would make a great post for the blog. I definitely have a few favourites, and the rest of them are all up in the air. However, I thought my readers would like to know what I love to grab on a regular basis and would recommend every time. I just need to let you all know ahead of time that I actually don't have very good answers for some of the categories, either because I don't own one, or because none of them have worked for me as yet.

Here goes.

I currently have two primers in my kit, the Face of Australia 3 in 1 Face Base Primer and the Milani Cosmetics Prime Perfection Hydrating and Pore Minimizing Primer. Neither of them do a good job of keeping oil at bay, so I often find my nose area being the first to go. I'm working on my skincare in the meantime to get my oil production under control so that I can find a base that works for me.

To this day, the only foundations that I actually have are samples from Sephora and Mecca, because I haven't found the best formula for my skin yet, let alone a perfect colour match. So far Too Faced's Born This Way in Ivory has the best colour and finish that I've found, but it doesn't stand a chance against the oil pit in the middle of my face. I'm looking into RCMA soon for a foundation.

Face of Australia Lasting Finish Concealer in Natural is the one that I use on a regular basis for my pimples and acne scars. I use LA Girl HD Pro Conceal in Natural for under my eyes as it leans towards peach, which cancels out my dark circles.

My favourite blush has to be the Milani Rose Blush in Romantic Rose, the shade is a lovely dusty rose colour that looks quite natural on the skin. I forgot to include it in the photos, but I've talked about it so many times on the blog that I'm sure that all of you know it by now.

I rarely, if ever, use a bronzer. I rather like having light skin, so I pretty much steer clear of using a bronzer in most cases. However, I do use Milani Multitasking Face Powder in Medium Tan as a bronzer or contour.

Eyeshadow Palette:
At the risk of sounding like a broken record on this blog, I reach for the Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette the most. It has all the shades I need for every day use and it is so incredibly easy to work with. I did a review on this palette just a couple of weeks ago in case you wanted to have a read.

I've tried so many eyeliners to date, I've tried cream, liquid, pencil and pen eyeliners, and none have applied or looked just as amazing as e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Cream Eyeliner in Black. Now that I've actually found an eyeshadow primer that works for me every time, this eyeliner stays forever.

I rarely ever fuss about my eyebrows because they're naturally dense and defined enough for me to not bother with brow products on the regular. However, on the days where I want my brows to make more of a statement I use Milani Cosmetics Easy Brow Pencil to fill some areas that may be sparse (or accidently plucked) and to enhance the brows.

My holy grail mascara used to be ModelCo's VolumEyes Mascara because it lengthened and curled my lashes somewhat while giving them more volume. However, since discovering Australis Killer Curves mascara, which is a tubing formula, I no longer have to look back. It lengthens my lashes in a really nice way while coating each lash with tiny polymer particles. This also doesn't flake throughout the day.

The Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme in Loved has been my favourite matte lipstick both for its colour and amazing budge-proof formula. This has such a lovely brick-red/pink shade, which makes it perfect for both day and night, both formal and casual.

I had to go to court today because last year in November I was sexually assaulted in broad daylight on my way home from the train station, and the trial started this week. I know, it took almost a year for it to go to trial. I have to go back tomorrow because I didn't get the chance to do my bit today. I can't wait for this to be over so that he is off the streets and isn't able to assault anyone else.

What did you think of my choices? Will you complete this post on your blog too? Leave a link so I can have a look!


  1. I always love reading posts like this because I'm nosey and love to see what people view as their holy grail (I always find some great suggestions!) I love Makeup Revolution's chocolate palettes, my favorite is their white chocolate one. Great post! XO -Kim

    1. Me too! I love finding out what other bloggers love and it makes for such great inspiration and suggestions. Those palettes are amazing, and I can't wait to buy some more, I'm getting the white chocolate one too <3

  2. I love MIlani's Romantic Rose blush. It's so gorgeous! I want to try that liquid lipstick next. Gorgeous color!

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    1. It's a fantastic blush, and the lipstick shade is beautiful. I want to collect some more! Thank you for commenting! <3