Formula 10.0.6 Rescue Me! Acne Blemish Treatment Review


I seem to be starting a lot of posts lately with an apology, be it because I've been inactive on all of my social media, or because I've missed an update. In this case, both of these apply, as I was meant to upload a new post on Monday. Most of my day was completely taken up by running errands and sending an Australian care package to my friend in the US. I didn't have the time to photograph anything on Monday, so I took blog photos on Tuesday, and planned on uploading a post that night. But as luck would have it, I got extremely sleepy as soon as I finished my dinner and could barely keep my head up. I ended up going to sleep at around 9:30.

Yesterday I spent most of the day out of the house, visiting my mum again and then running more errands. I went for a trim, and then I picked up my Eames replica chair for my desk. I also had to pick up a few last minute things for the Harry Potter Board Games Day that I'm hosting on Sunday. I didn't get home until after 9pm, and despite typing this entire post on the way home, save a few alterations, I lost what little shred of energy I had left and went to sleep early.

Today, I did a whole heap of work around the place, and it's starting to look more and more finished. I've put together my chair and installed the command hooks on the wall for my mirror. The other day I picked up a magnifying makeup mirror from Kmart and completely transformed it, so now it sits on my vanity all shiny and golden. With that, I'm almost done with my vanity! I should have a post on the finished vanity up in the next week or two, but I daresay you all will find a tutorial tomorrow or Saturday on the blog on how to properly paint a makeup mirror into a different colour.

I decided to post a review on the Formula 10.0.6 Rescue Me! Acne Blemish Treatment today, as I've been using it for over three weeks, which is enough time, in my opinion, to get an idea of its efficacy. First of all, I'd like to talk about the packaging. The product comes in a squeeze tube with a needlepoint tip, which makes it so easy to dispense just the right amount. The screw cap goes on securely and I've never experienced any packaging issues such as leaking. The cute minimalist design to the overall packaging makes it easy to recognise the brand.

This product contains isopropyl alcohol, lactic acid, sorbitol (another alcohol-based ingredient), sulfur and a few other ingredients, which has me shaking my head at my foolishness. I stupidly picked this one up without properly researching ingredients, instead basing my decision on the reviews I read on this product. Let me tell you why this is a bad product for acne treatment. Alcohol is one of the worst ingredients that you could apply to skin, as it dries it out and when such a concentrated amount is used in the long term, it results in peeling skin and spots of flakiness.

I've used this product on three types of acne: the pus-filled pimples, the lurkers that stay beneath the skin for ages, staying red and mountainous for a long time until it either goes away or finally comes to a head, and the ones that alert you to an impending pimple of terror. When it comes to the pimples with a yellow/white pustule, it dries the smaller ones out overnight to the point where you can just flick them off, but if they're big fat monsters, it'll partially dry them out, but you'll still see an unwanted and ugly visitor on your chin.

As for the lurkers, the treatment does nothing for them except to dehydrate the skin which results in really dry and flaky skin. The little red mountains take forever to go away even with the treatment. On the other hand, if you're feeling a pimple coming on and just know it'll rear its ugly head in the morning, it could go either way, and sometimes they'll disappear by morning, but the other times, they become a full blown pimple.

I also noticed that this product really inhibits the healing of pimples and broken skin. Not only that, when you're applying other products to your face after this one sinks in, it gets spread around on your face, which causes more dry patches.

I don't see a lot of positives when it comes to this product, and I've decided to stop using it as my skin is suffering so much as a result aside from the usual breakouts. The drying out of skin and delayed healing process just isn't worth the control over the tiny pimples. Over the past few days since I've stopped using it, my skin has responded positively (aside from the breakouts, but that's nothing new).

Have you used this product before? What did you think? What do you use to control breakouts?


  1. It's a shame that this product hasn't worked out too well for you - although I must admit your description of pimples is on point haha. Acne sucks, I'm so jealous of anyone with skin that's flawless!

    Love your updated blog and new look, it's very professional and clean.

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. Before all of my skin concerns started this year, my skin was flawless, I boasted smooth unblemished skin, but now its like my body decided to revolt against me and give me hell. It's awful!

      Thank you <3 I'm pretty happy with how it looks, including my photography lately.