Would You Like Some Wine With That Cheese?

I thought I'd do a lifestyle/food update to break up the steady stream of beauty-related posts. Don't get me wrong, I love writing about makeup, skincare and everything in between, but giving my readers a glimpse into my life isn't so bad, right? Right. Today, my friend David is staying over at my place for a night, as he spent the weekend hitting the snow here in Melbourne. Tomorrow, he's going back to Adelaide.

As is the norm for when the two of us get together, we gorged ourselves on cheese and wine. This time, I went for cheese that was found at the local grocery store, as I didn't have the money nor the patience to brave the wet weather to visit the market for the more gourmet/artisan cheeses. I figured I could supplement the cheese with a variety of sides, and it worked rather well. I bought a brie (as always), a really nice blue, and a washed rind. With it, I included some sourdough baguette, some seasoned crackers, tomato relish, olive tapenade, quince jam, olive oil, some Tasmanian Bush Dust, and oil-preserved olives, capsicum and eggplant.

I discovered today that I actually don't mind green olives, whereas before, I hated them.

Sean stubbornly refused to eat the washed rind and blue cheese because, according to him, they smelled like vomit. I finally managed to convince him to try some of the washed rind cheese, and he went on to eat the rest of it. I found it rather mild and firm, which disappointed me because I had kept it in the fridge for a few weeks for it to ripen before we opened it. It was sad, but the blue cheese cheered me up as it always did.

Tonight for dinner, we're having spinach and ricotta agnolotti with a cream-based sauce. I'm planning on shaving some of the black truffles I picked up from Aldi yesterday on top of the sauce, maybe adding a little bit of the Riesling for a little kick. I love adding semi-dry white wine to cream sauces, it really cuts through the richness of the cream and makes it easier to eat. I've never tried truffle before, so I'm pretty damn excited that I picked up that little jar.

I'll let you know how it turns out in my next post. I'm going to talk about my new serum from SugarBaby, and how I'm really loving it. Till next time, my dears.

What are your opinions on truffles? Any suggestions for recipes that I can make?


  1. How was the truffles? I've never had them either. Actually I've had truffle fries which didn't taste any different than regular fries, sadly disappointing. I had great expectations. :(

    1. It was interesting actually, by themselves they didn't taste that spectacular, just a bit like mushrooms, but once you put it in food, it actually enhances the flavour of other things like the parmesan cheese, the cream etc. I can see why it's popular in cooking, especially if you're a bad chef :P