Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette


I'm excited to bring you guys this post! I recently bought a few things from Makeup Revolution to celebrate the end of my spending ban, and this palette was one of them. And I'll tell you one thing for sure, I am a MUR convert. I absolutely love what I've gotten so far, and I cannot wait to make another order from the website later this year. I want my second haul sooner rather than later, but I need to focus on the home first. We're working on getting bits and pieces together to make the place a home, and everything is still all over the place. The only room that is *pretty much* finished is the kitchen. 

The bedroom is about 75% of the way there, because I want new bed coverings, as well as a chair for my vanity. We're trying to get the lounge room sorted first and foremost, because we're hosting a small party next month and we're only about halfway through finishing it. We've got a general idea for the room, but we need to sort out the basics, such as places to sit, where things would go, so decoration is on the backburner. We were without a couch for a few weeks because I lost the parts for my Tidafors sofa I had to wait for IKEA to send replacement ones. Yay to sitting on cushions on the floor!

Meanwhile, I've been trying to get my vanity finished. For some reason, it felt incomplete to me, and I spent so long trying to figure out what it is that's missing from the overall design. It might just be the mirror sitting on the vanity rather than up on the wall that's making me feel this way, so I need to get around to hanging it up. The Bunnings near me is all out of the Command Hooks that I need for my mirror, so I've got to wait until Sunday when I'm in mum's area. I also need to pick up more spray paint because I'm almost out of my gold paint, and I finished the can of white paint. I also have to pick up a spray paint primer, because I'm planning on painting a cheap makeup mirror gold for the time being until I find an actually gold one.

Now that I've pretty much covered everything that's been going on in real life, I'm going to get onto the post. I've played with this palette several times, creating different looks with the eyeshadows. I wasn't able to get any good photos of myself because I suck at selfies, especially eyeshadow selfies! I hope the swatches below help give a really good idea of how they work. Firstly, let's talk about the packaging. This arrived in a metallic brown cardboard box that looks quite tacky and cheapens the overall look of the product, it's plain, with a picture of the shades on the back of the box.

The packaging for the palette instead is really quite sturdy for the price, it's made of very solid moulded plastic, and the lid is quite cute, though, as a qualified pastry chef, the look of the melted chocolate befuddles me. You open the palette up and immediately you find a plastic sheet printed with the names for every shade. I find the names a little bit corny, but that's not a big deal for me. The palette comes with a mirror that takes up the entire lid (so freaking useful!) and a brush with a sponge applicator on each end. However, these sponge applicators are not like the usual crappy sponge ones that we find in drugstore palettes, these are actually very similar in texture to blending sponges, which is why I haven't thrown mine out. I've yet to try them out, but I should have a proper opinion of them up in my review of the Pink Fizz palette, which sports the same brush.

I had Sean smell the palette for me as soon as I got it in the mail, and he said that it actually smelled like chocolate, much more so than my Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly palette. I can't wait for him to compare the scent of this palette to the Too Faced Original Chocolate Bar one.

I'd like to apologise for the swatches being in the wrong order vs the palette, I was swatching the first colour on my wrist and so on so forth before I realised that it was meant to go the other way around. It's like that with the rest of the swatches. These first few swatches are done on bare skin, while the last one shows a few of the patchier shades on top of an eyeshadow primer to properly show the difference in colour payoff. 

Left to Right: Stolen Chocolate, Love Torn, One More Piece, Piece Me Together and You Need Love

You Need Love is a matte cream colour that leans a tad towards peachy-yellow. This has excellent pigmentation and I love using this all over my eyelid to even everything out before I start working on my look. Piece Me Together looks like a dark olive green in the palette, but when you swatch it it's a dark, neutral brown with gold shimmer. It's slightly patchy but still shows up well without a primer. One More Piece is a matte tan shade with a slightly cool undertone. Love Torn is interesting in that it looks like a chocolate brown shade with gold shimmer, but it shows up as a warm burgundy with gold shimmer. It is slightly patchy. Stolen Chocolate, on the other hand, is quite patchy and needed to be swatched twice to really bring out the colour. To best describe it, it's a matte dirt-brown shade that goes nicely in the crease, especially if you're wearing a primer. 

Left to Right: Love Divine, Unforgiveable, Meet Chocolate, Pleasure Girl, More! and Thank Friday.

Thank Friday is my favourite transition shade in this palette, it's light enough to make everything else blend together, but not so light that it's invisible. This is what I call a pale peanut butter shade, and it's one of the shades that I use most in this palette. More! is my most used shade in this palette, it's such a decadent creamy golden shade that really brightens up the eye. Pleasure Girl is a matte chocolate brown that's a little bit patchy but is great for the crease. I really like using these three shades together for a natural but entrancing look. Meet Chocolate is a matte pink that really isn't up my alley at all, it barely shows up on my fair olive-neutral skin-tone, and looks a tad chalky on me. Unforgivable is quite patchy, but works well on top of a primer. It looks like a bluish purple in the palette, but shows up as a warm plum when swatched, with violet shimmer. Love Divine is similar in colour to Pleasure Girl, though a tad towards red with coppery micro-shimmer.

Left to Right: Endorphins Ready!, What A Way To Go, You Need More, Chocolate Love and Smooth Criminal

Smooth Criminal is a shimmery mid-brown shade, leaning towards dark bronze. It swatches beautifully and is just as good on the eye. Chocolate Love looks like a polished bronze in the palette, but shows up as more of a gold. Slightly patchy compared to the first two shades in this row, You Need More is a shimmery chocolate-brown with a rose-gold tone to it. What A Way To Go looks like a deep maroon with blue and rose-gold shimmer, but it comes out as an intense vampy burgundy red with blue shimmer. Endorphins Ready! is a cool-toned ivory shade with pearly shimmer, though this shows up rather white on my skin thank to the olive tones. 

These shadows are quite buttery and finely milled, which is super surprising for a high-street dupe of a really popular high-end palette. I've never experienced fallout with this palette, though it is easy to pick up too much product on the brush, so a light hand is required. I've never worn these without a primer, because my Stupid Oily And Hooded Eyelids From Hell will make these, and any other eyeshadow, melt away in a matter of minutes, so I can't speak for their lasting power when used on bare eyelids. However, with my eyeshadow primer, these things have lasted all bloody day without budging or creasing, and they look as vivid at night time as they do in the morning. 

 Left to Right: Piece Me Together, Pleasure Girl, Thank Friday, Unforgiveable and Love Divine

The patchier eyeshadows have been swatched on top of my Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Take On The Day primer in this photo, to show how much of a difference primer makes. As you can see, they show up a lot better and more evenly.

To be quite honest, I actually like this eyeshadow palette more so than my Too Faced PB&J palette, because in terms of application, it's so much easier to control as it's not too pigmented. The colours in this palette are more versatile as well, which makes it great for when you're travelling for longer than a week. The palette is perfect for Autumn and Winter, though it would also look great in the early Spring.

I look forward to reviewing the Pink Fizz palette, and I cannot wait to make another order with Makeup Revolution to get the rest of the chocolate palettes. Consider me a convert!

Have you used this palette before? If so, what did you think? If not, would you consider getting it?



  1. This was a really helpful review, thank you! I am writing my first ever eyeshadow palette review at the moment and I've been struggling with it, so this was enormously helpful for showing me exactly how a review should be written! Thank you so much!

    MUA is such a fab brand - I was given one of their palettes as a gift a little while ago and I really need to make better use of it!

    Abbey ✨

    1. I'm so glad you got some inspiration from this post. Please drop me a line when you publish your review, I'd love to read it! :D I just adore everything that I've got of theirs and cannot wait to get more <3