Five Things I Do On A Rainy Day

Yesterday I frequently looked outside to see if the sun would come out from behind the clouds fat with water, just so I could do some blog photography. No such luck, and there were even short bursts of showers here and there throughout the day. It was clear, by mid-afternoon, that I would not get a silver of sunlight. I gave up on the possibility of getting any work done, including a bunch of chores that I just could not be bothered completing. It wasn't until very close to my bedtime that I had the idea of writing this post. It's especially fitting because today is the last day of Winter for us Australians. Or is this post majorly overdue?

Eh. My readers in the northern hemisphere can take advantage of this post to prepare for their chilly months.

When it gets cold and rainy, I take it as a reason to just stay home and be comfy, and if I don't have to interact with people, even better. These are the things that I like doing when it's cheerfully bucketing down liters upon liters of water.

1. Keep warm.
This is a no-brainer. I actually spend rainy days in my jimjams and robes, because I'm most comfortable in those types of clothing than I am in others. I rarely have the heater on because this rental has an old school gas heater on the wall, which uses up quite a bit of gas. As we're trying to be thrifty, we only use the heater on those cold nights where blankets just don't cut it. I use a heat pack the other times, and it really helps.

Hot cups of tea is a must throughout a rainy day. I'm especially fond of my regular ol' black tea with one plus two and a half spoonfuls of sugar and a splash of milk. It's super comforting, and it makes me relaxed. Sean reckons I'm actually half-British and half-Japanese, instead of being one whole Italian, just because of my love for tea and Japanese cuisine.

2. Binge Watch a New Series.
I think this is a favourite for a lot of people on a regular basis, but as someone that doesn't like to sit down and watch something alone, this is something I participate in very rarely. I don't know what exactly it is about me that doesn't like spending the entire day watching something, but I think it's to do with the fact that the day should be spent being productive. However, on rainy days like this, I can barely muster up the motivation to even wash the dishes from the previous night (sorry, two-day-old dishes, I'll wash you right after this post!) so I take a couple of hours to myself and watch something that I've been following. These days it's all about the Gilmore Girls, and I blame my sister for it, she's got me hooked onto this show.

3. Online (Window) Shopping.
This is one dangerous activity for someone on a tight budget, so I try to avoid spending money on all of my finds by writing wishlists and saving bookmarks. These days I have bookmarks and lists for a lot of things; furniture, homewares, makeup, skincare, and even, to a lesser extent, food. My eBay account is full of things that I'm watching, including dupe brushes, artificial flowers and even pearl beads. You know, now that I think about it, I really do spend a lot of time on online stores, it's like my life revolves around them, haha.

4. DIY Projects.
I participate in a lot of DIYs, it's something that I've always done while growing up, and I think it's to do with the fact that Mum is quite handy with everything from soldering irons to sewing machines. Growing up with a thrifty mum like mine, you're bound to pick up a few skills here and there to make the most of a budget. As a result, I have scores of fabric, tubs full of paint, mixing mediums, glitter and glues, and drawers filled with other craft supplies and tools. At the moment I'm crocheting up some soft toys for the winner of my last giveaway. It's taking a while to finish because I'm fussy and keep redoing them, however, Captain America is coming along quite nicely if I may say so myself.

Lately, a lot of my DIY projects have been for my vanity, and I'm still not quite done yet. I spent about an hour yesterday arranging and rearranging everything repetitively on my vanity trying to make it work. I now have a definite idea of where everything goes and what else I need, and one thing's for sure, I need another can of gold spray paint, as well as a can of primer.

5. Blogging and Web-Surfing.
I decided to lump these two together because they often go hand in hand. I love reading other blogs, especially for new products recommendations, lifestyle posts, inspiration and whatnot, and I also like connecting with other bloggers on Twitter. I browse Pinterest on an almost hourly basis for blog post, makeup and home decor inspiration. Often, Pinterest puts me in the mood to be productive, and I either end up writing a post, playing with some makeup or trying out a new recipe or project. I also tend to spend some time reading fanfiction over on Archive of Our Own or

I really should get around to finishing my Dramione fanfic, but I need someone to poke me into finishing it as well as be my beta reader. Any offers?

What do you do on a cold and wet day? I'm open to suggestions!


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