Five Things I Do On A Rainy Day

Yesterday I frequently looked outside to see if the sun would come out from behind the clouds fat with water, just so I could do some blog photography. No such luck, and there were even short bursts of showers here and there throughout the day. It was clear, by mid-afternoon, that I would not get a silver of sunlight. I gave up on the possibility of getting any work done, including a bunch of chores that I just could not be bothered completing. It wasn't until very close to my bedtime that I had the idea of writing this post. It's especially fitting because today is the last day of Winter for us Australians. Or is this post majorly overdue?

Eh. My readers in the northern hemisphere can take advantage of this post to prepare for their chilly months.

When it gets cold and rainy, I take it as a reason to just stay home and be comfy, and if I don't have to interact with people, even better. These are the things that I like doing when it's cheerfully bucketing down liters upon liters of water.

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette


I'm excited to bring you guys this post! I recently bought a few things from Makeup Revolution to celebrate the end of my spending ban, and this palette was one of them. And I'll tell you one thing for sure, I am a MUR convert. I absolutely love what I've gotten so far, and I cannot wait to make another order from the website later this year. I want my second haul sooner rather than later, but I need to focus on the home first. We're working on getting bits and pieces together to make the place a home, and everything is still all over the place. The only room that is *pretty much* finished is the kitchen. 

The bedroom is about 75% of the way there, because I want new bed coverings, as well as a chair for my vanity. We're trying to get the lounge room sorted first and foremost, because we're hosting a small party next month and we're only about halfway through finishing it. We've got a general idea for the room, but we need to sort out the basics, such as places to sit, where things would go, so decoration is on the backburner. We were without a couch for a few weeks because I lost the parts for my Tidafors sofa I had to wait for IKEA to send replacement ones. Yay to sitting on cushions on the floor!

SugarBaby's Vita+Skin Super Serum Review

I rarely ever write a full review on a single skincare product, I usually always lump a few together in the one post or make some passing mention about something or other. I decided to finally attempt a full post, on a serum, no less. Serums have made quite the appearance in the skincare industry over the past year or so, and I never thought I'd ever fall into that trend.

That is until I saw the packaging for the SugarBaby serum. It appealed to me so much; the retro beachy theme with the gold embossed letters and the vivid pinks and greens.

SugarBaby is an Australian-owned beauty and lifestyle brand, owned by two sisters Nicci and Lizie Clifton. According to the website, the brand does not test on animals, though they are not certified by any cruelty-free organisations, nor do they feature any of the official bunny logos. I'll need to send them an email regarding their stance on animal testing, and whether they use animal-derived ingredients in their products. There's a statement on this bottle that says that the product is vegan, though that isn't indicative of the entire brand. An official statement on the website would be a great help!

Would You Like Some Wine With That Cheese?

I thought I'd do a lifestyle/food update to break up the steady stream of beauty-related posts. Don't get me wrong, I love writing about makeup, skincare and everything in between, but giving my readers a glimpse into my life isn't so bad, right? Right. Today, my friend David is staying over at my place for a night, as he spent the weekend hitting the snow here in Melbourne. Tomorrow, he's going back to Adelaide.

As is the norm for when the two of us get together, we gorged ourselves on cheese and wine. This time, I went for cheese that was found at the local grocery store, as I didn't have the money nor the patience to brave the wet weather to visit the market for the more gourmet/artisan cheeses. I figured I could supplement the cheese with a variety of sides, and it worked rather well. I bought a brie (as always), a really nice blue, and a washed rind. With it, I included some sourdough baguette, some seasoned crackers, tomato relish, olive tapenade, quince jam, olive oil, some Tasmanian Bush Dust, and oil-preserved olives, capsicum and eggplant.

The Mission to Improve My Skin #1


Most of you all know from this post, Updating My Skincare Regime, that I've had a lot more breakouts lately, and have bought products that were meant to help. They included ingredients such as activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and salicylic and/or glycolic acids. They were all gentle, oil and alcohol-free, and were meant to help reduce oil production and prevent pimples.

I've decided to do a monthly series in which I write about my skincare, to document my mission to improve the overall condition of my skin, to try and banish pimples and oiliness for good. I also have raised blackheads that tempt me on a daily basis to just squeeze them out despite the horrific bloodbath that ensues, not to mention the scabbing and scarring. Really, Steph, why do you do this to yourself?

My Makeup Battlestation's Progress


Some of you might recall this post in which I had a list of things I wanted for my desk slash bedside table slash vanity (whew, that's a mouthful) now renamed 'The Battlestation'. It's been a few months since then and I am shaking my head at how easily I change my mind. I am so fickle when it comes to making plans! In fact, I only kept two of the items, and everything else had been switched up. I ended up returning my first desk to Officeworks because it was quite small and I had changed the floor plan (See? Fickle) for the bedroom so now there was more room on my side of the bed. I went for the IKEA Micke desk with the cupboard on the side. It has more room for me to store things and I love that there are two separate drawers, the smaller one for stationery, and the bigger one for all of my makeup.

You guys remember this post in which I left a tutorial to make drawer dividers out of foam core boards. That was one major project for the desk and I love it to this day. It's perfectly proportioned for everything

My Makeup Cull


The title of this post does seem a bit terrifying, doesn't it? I've done friend culls on Facebook many times before when I felt like there were too many people that I didn't know or talk to, but never makeup, except for when something expired or just plain sucked. After buying my new desk, the IKEA Micke desk, building it (there's something so therapeutic about building flatpacks, I love it!) and chucking all of my makeup into the main drawer, it was obvious that I had way too much stuff, and a lot of them were going to waste. They had to go.

Don't worry, I didn't throw them into the bin, except for the ones that have been in contact with my eyes such as eyeshadow pencils and mascara, and products that were just plain terrible.

My First Makeup Revolution Haul


Just before my 2-month spending ban ended, I was trying very hard to not give in and start buying more products left, right and centre. Once I see something, I want it, hard. The only time I ever broke the ban was midway through the first month when the DownUnder Makeup store had their 50% off sale and I picked up a few concealers. Aside from that, I spent most of my time suppressing my urge by creating wishlist upon wishlist, and thoroughly researching brands and their products. One such brand was Makeup Revolution.

I'd heard and seen so much about their products on Twitter and Instagram, and I was always interested to personally see how their I <3 Chocolate eyeshadow palette compared to the original Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Some of you guys already know that I'm getting the Chocolate Bar for myself as a Christmas and birthday present (perks of being a December baby), and I really wanted to compare it to the MUR palette.

While carefully combing through the site, I picked out a lot of products, added them to my wishlist, looked some more, added more to the list and then narrowed them down to the ones I really, really wanted, rinse and repeat. I had a few (read: several) highlighting products on the wishlist as well, but I convinced myself to not get any, as I've got one too many highlighters in my collection already.

DIY Makeup Drawer Dividers


As some of you may know already, I've been in the process of getting my vanity slash desk slash bedside table set up. Now, the vanity isn't finished yet, there's quite a lot to be done, but I finally finished my main drawer. I wanted to divide my makeup into sections in the drawer and looked into many options, such as cutlery trays, desk drawer dividers, DIY balsa dividers and so on, but they didn't suit my restraints.

1. They had to be cheap
2. They had to have compartments big enough for the makeup
3. Be white or transparent
4. Completely take up the entire drawer without any space wastage

A lot of commercial drawer dividers were either too small or too big for the space, and they often cost more than I was comfortable spending. I considered balsa dividers but couldn't be bothered painting the wood white, let alone use stronger glues and tools to cut and construct the pieces. Then I saw a pin on Pinterest for foam core dividers that was perfect. It had the potential to fit all the parameters that I had set for this project, and I wouldn't have to paint a thing!

The Cruelty-Free Tag

I came across this tag on Anita's blog recently and felt like I should get around to completing it. I've been filling this out while watching Gilmore Girls. My sister has been bugging me into watching it for months. I keep marvelling at how adorable Jared Padalecki looks at his infant stage. See, he's a toddler at the start of Supernatural and grew into an overgrown child by the end of Season 11, so it's nice to see him in his first years of life *giggles*. He's such a baby!!!

My Spending Ban Ends!


Just two days ago My Two-Month Spending Ban ended! I bloody well survived this long, and I'm amazed by my willpower. I went two entire months without buying anything and it was incredibly hard not giving in to all the sales, new releases and all the things I so wanted to buy.

I gave in once a couple of weeks into the ban, as I really needed a new concealer and DownUnder Makeup just so happened to have another one of their big sales. I went there not intending to buy anything, just to accompany my mum, sister and two girlfriends and give them beauty advice, until I saw the LA Girl HD Pro concealers and picked three shades. You can read about this visit here. After that, I didn't buy anything else, save for my new desk, mirror and acne treatment. I actually returned the desk I initially bought, because we changed the plan for our bedroom, so there was more space available for the vanity (which, in reality, was too small). I ended up going for the IKEA Micke desk, and I could not be more in love with it. I also returned the chair to Kmart because it turned out to be structurally unsafe as the legs were bending at an angle.

To celebrate my success with the ban, I placed a small order with Makeup Revolution. I wanted to try something new, and I'd heard so much about the brand. I actually ordered from them two days before the ban ended, but that was only because one item that I wanted had just been restocked and I didn't know how long I had till they ran out of it again. I'll do a post on the MUR order later, but for now, let's look at my Priceline haul from yesterday. They just so conveniently had another one of their 40% off skincare sales starting yesterday, and it supposedly ends tomorrow. I went there first thing because I needed to restock on things I had run low on or finished completely (Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner, I'm looking at you!)