The Lipstick Diaries Entry #9


I was going to upload this post last night as soon as I got home from the movies (I went to see Finding Dory) but just before the train was about to pull into my station, someone got hit by the train that I was on. They couldn't get replacement coaches to us because on one side of the train there were hills, and on the other side there were farms with fences so they had no safe way of reaching us. Long story short, we were stuck waiting for over two hours while the emergency services sorted out the ordeal. I was annoyed because the station was literally a block or two away and they could have let us all off the train and created a path for us to walk along. When they finally started up the train, it took literally 30 seconds to get from where we were to the station. By the time I got home, I was irritable, headachey, tired, hungry and beyond done with the day, so the post had to wait.

Recently I contacted Milani Cosmetics here in Australia for some new products to review on the blog again, and they happily sent me a few items to try out for nothing in return. While I already had some of the stuff they sent me, I also received a few other things that were recent additions to Milani's range. These Amore Matte Lip Crémes aren't exactly brand new releases, but for my fellow Aussies, they are, so I was all too happy to review them. They also sent me the Prime Perfection Hydrating + Pore-Minimising Face Primer and the EasyBrow Tinted Fiber Gel from the new releases. More on those in later posts.

They sent me the shades Loved and Adorable, though I would have loved to also try the Covet and Devotion shades too. I think I'll get those shades myself because after trying these lippies out, I need want more!

These lipsticks are so much better than the Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks, which comes as a huge relief. Firstly, these ones don't cause the unattractive white lines on my lips like the lipsticks, and they do not budge. They're kissproof, though not entirely snog-proof, so if you're going to have a full-on snog session with your significant other while wearing this, you might want to check yourself out in the mirror afterwards.

That said, these lipsticks last a long time on the lips and do not feel drying at all. I put them on even without preparing my lips (by exfoliation or lip balm) prior to application, and they did not look dry, wrinkly or flaky. It didn't even settle into the creases, which makes me so utterly happy because a lot of matte lipsticks tend to do that with me. It didn't bleed outside the lips and the first coat is completely opaque so it doesn't require a lip liner. It lasted all day, and I only had to reapply it once after eating lunch. It doesn't feel heavy, and I barely noticed that I was wearing anything. It doesn't taste weird at all.

The packaging is the Milani trademark acrylic and gold and feels quite secure and luxe. It isn't loose or cheap, so I have full confidence that these lipsticks will take pride of place on my new vanity (when I set it up, of course) as well as be super convenient for travel. The applicator surprised me a little bit because it was one that I had not expected nor experienced before. From the stock images on the website, one would think it would be just a regular ol' doe foot applicator, but that is not the case here. If you look at the photo, you can see that they're stiff yet bendy, and thicker at the base. I actually quite like this feature, and I had the easiest and most precise application of a liquid lipstick to date with these applicators, because of the way they acted much like a lip brush and lipliner in one.

Adorable is described as a pink nude beige, though I would say that it's more of a dusty-rose nude, though it leans a tiny bit towards mauve on my lips. I really like the look of this shade, it amplifies the size of my lips and paired with lashings of mascara, subtle blush and some highlight, it is perfect for the winter and fall. I'm late to the Fall game, but I still have another two months of winter ahead of me so I'll just go right ahead and wear this all the damn time.

Loved is described as a nude brown on the Milani website, when it is anything but a brown nude. it's actually a dusty rose with red and brown undertones, so when worn on my lips, it starts looking almost like a light shade of brick red. I am seriously in love with this shade, and I think this may just be my go-to lipstick for when I want something that isn't 'WOAH!' but works really nicely for both day-time and evening wear. Bonus part? It amplifies the size of my lips too! I don't outline my lips (god forbid!) but whenever I wear certain matte lipsticks, my lips sticks out a bit more rather than being tucked in and appearing thin.

I think these might just actually be my favourite budget matte liquid lipsticks, out of all the ones that I have in my collection. Here's me eagerly waiting for my spending ban to end in just a few weeks so I can buy a few more shades!

Have you guys tried these lipsticks before? What did you think?



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    1. They are quite lovely! Thank you for commenting! <3

  2. I love love love Loved! Haha, such a beautiful shade. The formula sounds absolutely amazing, have you tried the Nyx liquid suedes? If you have I'd love to know how it compares.
    I experienced something similar to that last year when I took the train to and from work - on top of someone being hit by the train they also had radio problems! So instead of being home at 6:30 I got home at 9:30. It can really suck - that's for sure!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. It's absolutely awful when it happens, right? I feel bad for the person that got hit, but at the same time, it's disappointing that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I haven't used anything from NYX because it's owned by L'Oreal, but I do read a lot of the reviews for the Suedes, and I'd say it goes 50/50. Some shades turn out to be a bit patchy.

      I loved Loved too! I can just stare at it longingly all day long XD

  3. Oh my...I'm so glad you're doing well. Sorry to hear about you waiting that long on that train. On the other hand, I like how you described these lippies. I'm into lipsticks wherein I don't necessary have to prepare my lips by exfoliating or putting in some lip balm. I'm obsessed with the "Adorable" shade here. Thanks for sharing babe! xx

    1. It was really unfortunate being stuck on a train that was mere seconds away from home. My poor partner was waiting for me too T_T I agree! I absolutely cannot be bothered preparing my lips prior to wearing lipstick, so I always try to take the easy way out by finding lippies that just WORK!

      Thank you for commenting <3

  4. Wow these really surprised me, good job Milani honestly for competing with the bigger brands. Those swatches look amazing and from what you've said these definitely sound like the type of liquid lipstick formula that I'd like. These aren't available in Aus stores at all are they?

    1. Yeah, I think they really know how to do their job and it blows my mind how much I like each and every one of their products except for a couple, especially their fiber brow tint thingy, it didn't seem to work for me at all. Not in stores, no, but they do have a website here, and can be found on Life would be a lot easier if they could be found at Target or Kmart though...