The Harry Potter Tag

I'm a massive fan of Harry Potter, most of you already know that, but to my newcomers, here's a glimpse into my obsession with Harry Potter. I wasn't joking when I said I was a massive fan, and as soon as I saw the Harry Potter Tag over on That Online Geek, it had to be done.

1. Favourite book?
Hands down the Prisoner of Azkaban. It is what appealed to me the most, getting to experience the feeling of having found a fatherly figure in Sirius Black (my father left the family when I was quite young so I felt for Harry to some extent) and also going back in time to rescue Buckbeak.

2. Favourite movie?
This might grind a lot of gears, but Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was my ultimate favourite. I actually saw this movie before I read the books, so it technically opened the floodgates for me and began my obsession with the series. I was completely enamoured with the newness of it, the experience of finding out about an entirely new world.

3. Least favourite book?
Chamber of Secrets, sorry. It was the slowest book in the series and more times than not I was beyond irritated with Lockhart and Ginny drove me nuts as well.

4. Least favourite film?
I used to think it was the Chamber of Secrets movie, but after marathoning the series a few times, I realised that the Goblet of Fire was the worst one of them all, as a lot, and I mean a lot, of stuff had been taken out, especially all of the obstacles in the maze and the Rita Skeeter twist.

5. Parts of the books/movies that made you cry?
By default, it will always be Sirius' death, that affected me the most and I could not get over it for days. It still breaks my heart every time I read or watch the Order of the Phoenix. No other death in the books affected me as much. From that moment on I loathed Bellatrix's guts.

6. If you could hook up with any HP character, who would it be?
Funnily enough, I never really had a crush on any of the characters in the Harry Potter books, but if I had to choose, it would be Fred. He is ridiculously charming and funny.

7. Favourite male character?
Draco Malfoy. Wait, wait, hear me out. This may just be headcanon, but I really believe that there is much more to Draco Malfoy than what meets the eye. He has the makings of a good person, but his upbringing was his downfall. Take away the pureblood prejudice and his parents' influence, and he's intelligent, cunning, efficient and respectable. He may be an arrogant git, but he isn't evil.

8. Favourite female character?
By default I should say Hermione, but it's actually Luna Lovegood who is my favourite female character. Aside from her fascination with things that are not quite there, she is unfailingly loyal, deep, friendly and compassionate.

9. Least favourite character?
Umbridge, enough said. She is one of the worst characters to ever be created for a book, and I despised her.

10. Best book to film character adaption?
Snape, Pettigrew, and Richard Harris' Dumbledore were all very great film-to-character adaptions, but I would say that Professor McGonagall was the best one of them all. No matter how you look at it, Maggie Smith's portrayal of the Professor was perfection.

11. Worst book to film character adaption?
Ron. He's quite dumb/useless in the movies as opposed to the books, if you ask me. I think the writers wanted Hermione to have all the credit for every smart/reasonable thing that happened and the best way to do that was to cheapen Ron's character.

12. What would your Patronus be?
It would be an otter, so says a few quizzes that I've tried. Which makes sense, because a lot of quizzes also say that my spirit animal is an otter.

13. If you could have the Resurrection Stone, the Invisibility Cloak or the Elder Wand, which one would you choose?
Cloak, it's the safest one out of them all and you can really use it for many things, and it sure does come in handy when you want to scare the crap out of your significant other.

14. What House would you be in?
I am a Hufflepuff, I've made my peace with it and I really think I suit that house the most anyways. It's a house for students that have all the other qualities of the other houses are famed for, on top of being loyal.

15. If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?
I've already met both of the Phelps twins and Natalia Tena, but I'd love to meet Evanna Lynch.

16. Which class would be your favourite?
Potions, I just know that I would be amazeballs at it. It's quite like cooking, and I love the idea of all the different potions that create certain outcomes. Polyjuice Potion? Sure, why not? Dreamless Sleep? Good for isomniacs.

17. If you could remake any of the films, what would you remake?
Goblet of Fire, definitely. If I'm not wrong, GoF was the shortest movie out of them all and really could have included Winky the house-elf (one of the biggest parts of the books), the Rita Skeeter being a bug twist, and the maze, especially the maze.

18. Were you happy with the ending?
Voldemort's defeat? Definitely. The epilogue? Somewhat. I found it a bit too corny for my liking though, and especially hated the names JK Rowling chose for the Potter kids, like... why?

19. Books or films?
You're joking, right? It is not even a contest as to what is better than the other. Books will always be the best.

20. How much does Harry Potter mean to you?
It means a huge deal to me, it was the biggest part of my childhood and I will always look back on these memories fondly. It has taught me so much, and gave me the thirst to read more to immerse myself into new worlds. I felt like I was right at home when I went to Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan, that's how much it meant to me.

Next month I'm hosting a Harry Potter Board Games night, and one of the games includes a pop quiz drinking game. I'm going to be the one asking the questions because I would the only sober one at the end of the game, what with my encyclopedia-like knowledge of everything Harry Potter. I'm trying to think of good prizes for the winners of the games. Sean suggested that I make decorated cookies. Any ideas? I'm making sweet and savoury Pumpkin Pasties, Butterbeer and Exploding Bon Bons as treats for the party.

By the way, I am SUPER excited about the release of the Cursed Child book, and I just cannot wait to get my copy on the day it comes out. It's going to be just like old days, except this time I won't sneak out of the house at 8am in the morning to get my copy like I did when Order of the Phoenix came out... Mum got so mad at me. It wasn't like I snuck out in the middle of the night to party hard and smoke weed *shrugs*.

Will you guys be doing this tag? Please post a link in a comment so I can have a lookie!


  1. So happy that you did my version of the tag. I'm so excited for the release of cursed child and I am going to see the show in London next month.

    1. I loved your version, it was awesome! I'm so jealous of you, I would give my left leg for the chance to see it (I have two left legs :P)! I'm getting all dressed up for it =D

  2. Ah this was so fun to read! For me my favourite film is Prisoner of Azkaban but Philisopher's Stone with always hold a special place in my heart. I actually met Tom Felton and James and Oliver Phelps and it was so cool to see them in real life, as fan girly as that makes me sound! I mean no shame though, who am I kidding I literally own a wand haha

    1. Agreed, Philosopher's Stone has a very special place in my heart too <3 Prisoner of Azkaban was a great movie, so very sentimental and warm~ I'd love to meet Tom Felton, he's super pretty. I wanted to meet Alan Rickman too, and was so gutted when he passed away. I don't own a wand yet, but I do have a 1/16 scale remote control Hogwarts Express train set, so... am I fangirly enough?