Catch Up With Me

First off, I'd like to start with an apology. I apologise for the inconsistency on my blog over the past few weeks. Every day I cringe at myself for either failing to deliver on quality or even uploading a new post to the blog, let alone write new posts. Oftentimes I'm wincing because I'm looking at my drafts, all fifty of them, and wondering what the hell I should be posting next, let alone plan ahead.

My posts of late have been lackluster and uninspiring, I can see that, and I feel awful for all of my readers that are expecting posts with heart, inspiration and all of my effort put into it. I'm really sorry, I tend to be too harsh on myself at times like these. I don't have writer's block, Merlin forbid, though I can't say the same for my Dramione fic (I need some pressure to finish this one, people, please help!). It's more the fact that life, and bloody Pokémon GO, keeps getting in the way of my weekly routine and throwing things out of whack.

I thought you guys might like to know a little bit about what's going on here in Stephii's world. It doesn't seem like much but for a chickadee like me, it's very distracting and I can barely compartmentalise everything.

1. As some of you may already know, my housemate is moving up to Cairns now that we've taken over the lease for this property. He's properly set the date for his move, and that is this upcoming weekend, so I've been helping him out with packing his stuff, taking photos of certain furniture he wanted to sell on Gumtree and cleaning his fridge. My brand new fridge arrived on Tuesday, and I can't stop fawning over its newness. I've never had a new fridge of my own before, they were either passed on or bought second-hand. Sean and I decided to start investing in proper pieces for our future home, so that was why we got a new fridge instead of a second-hand one from Gumtree.

When Greg moves, I'm bringing the rest of my furniture and boxes over from my mum's house on Wednesday, as Sean has a day off of work that day. It just so happens to be the same day that my blog has its first birthday but never fear, I will still upload a post on the day along with details for my blog birthday giveaway. I'm going to continue to be busy for a couple of weeks after the move as I clean the place from top to bottom and have it arranged just the way Sean and I want it. I'm going to be paying a lot of attention to my new vanity, though I will need to find a new chair. The one I got from Kmart turned out to be structurally unstable, the legs bending at an angle more and more each day. I returned that without a problem, though I have no idea what I'm going to use for a chair now. First world problems.

2. My skin, ugh, my skin *headdesks* thud, thud, thud, thud... thud.  It is driving me crazy because my body clearly hates the way I treat it, so it gives me a few pimples every day or so. I haven't really been taking care of myself lately when it comes to eating properly, drinking enough water and keeping an eye on my sugar and caffeine intake. I don't really like sweets, but I do love a sweet cup of tea so when winter sets in, I just want more tea. Hence the breakouts. I bought a manual face brush to cleanse my face with, and I noticed that when I use it every day, it dries my skin out. So now I only use it on the areas where blackheads are driving me crazy. It's barely much better but I'm keeping a serious eye on it, and I've even got a skin diary that helps me along. I'm currently writing a post on my progress with this skin battle, and it's going to take place over a few weeks until my skin is completely better.

3. I've been doing a lot of research career-wise, because while I'm still very interested in studying for my Diploma in Specialist Makeup Services, I keep having these moments of doubt where I start thinking that I should be studying something that is more financially reliable, like Accounting. I've spoken to a lot of makeup artists and a lot of them recommend it, but those are the ones with a job. What about the unemployed ones? How many of them are out there, wondering when they will get their next client? It's very nerve-wracking and has me figuratively shitting myself on a daily basis.

4. The weather here in Melbourne is a bitch, I'll tell you that. It's made blog photography downright difficult as my bedroom is the brightest room in this place, and it doesn't even have the best lighting. This makes for a very limited amount of blog photography in the mornings on overcast days (which is pretty much every day except every two weeks or so). My partner doesn't start work until 2pm so he's often sleeping in till just before noon, which means my window (pun intended) of opportunity is usually gone by the time he's waking up. I managed to fit the photo at the top of the post in before it got a bit too dark after noon passed. I can see a little bit of noise in some of the shady areas, but for the most part, it is good enough. I am usually never this lucky when it comes to photographing for the blog in the afternoon.

There's probably more that I could talk about, but they're mostly irrelevant - Pokémon GO, I'm looking at you.


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