The Fiancé Makeup Knowledge Tag

While casually scrolling through Bloglovin' for posts to read this fine evening, I happened upon Miel and Mint's Husband Makeup Knowledge Tag, and found it incredibly funny. Immediately I decided that I wanted to do this tag with my partner because I wanted to see if he did know anything about makeup. I had to do this while he played Batman: Arkham Knight, and I shot question after question at him in parts where he had died or wasn't engaged in a battle.

Speaking of the Batman games, who else thinks they're boring? I really loved watching him play Last of Us and Uncharted, because they had such fascinating story lines and graphics, but Batman? Bah.

Prior to the start of this little quiz, Sean made a comment about how he should start a blog and quiz me on computer parts, and I said: "I think I would know more about computer parts than you would makeup." And his response? "Ya wanna bet? I lived with both my mum and Nan, and they had a lot of makeup."

We'll see, Sean. We'll see.

What are each of these makeup products for?

Bronzer: Um... I don't know... to enrich your skintone?
Blusher: Makes your cheeks glow.
Mascara: This makes your lashes look thicker, and I think sometimes longer.
Eyeliner: Penciling... to do like an outline of your eye so that you could shape your eyes the way you want them to look, to accentuate your eyes.
Strobing: No idea
Eyeshadow: Um... I'm trying to think of the purpose if it. I know what it is, but I don't know how to explain. Maybe add definition to your eyes, to your appearance.
Powder: All sorts of powder? Like face powder or? (Me: yes) I assume you use it to make your face less oily.
Foundation: Foundation? I don't remember foundation? I'm having a brainfart right now. Are you actually writing that? Don't you use it to like tone your face depending on how you want your face to appear? Like, someone might want to look more pale, or darker.
Concealer: Well, that's obvious, covers imperfections and shit. Some might have acne scarring or um... like skin imperfections.
Highlighter: Well, you might wanna highlight certain parts of your face like your cheekbones.
Setting Spray: For makeup? ... I don't know. (Me: It's kinda like hairspray for your makeup) I was suspecting that but I have no idea how that would work.
Contouring: to shape your face.
Primer: You're always banging on about that. I dunno.
Lip liner: You shape your lips, you outline your lips to draw attention to them.
Brow pencil: Outline your brows, some people draw them on.
Serum: I don't know.
Cleanser: To wipe off makeup? To look after your skin?
Micellar Water: I don't know?
Toner: I assume you use it to add tone to your face, to... like foundation.

Was this test hard? *Shrug* Not really, like, sort of.
Why? It included a bunch of shit that even you didn't know the definition of until today!

In that last question, he was referring to the serum, and it's true. I didn't even know the purpose of serums until today when I looked it up for this test. If there was anything he got wrong, he made me tell him the right answers for these. My housemate, who was listening to us, commented that there was a lot of makeup products that it was crazy. I had fun doing this tag with Sean, it was interesting to see, and I was really surprised by his responses for the highlighter and face powder. I was not expecting that!

This test reminded me that I still haven't got a setting spray in my kit, which is all kinds of blasphemy, I'm sure. I was told to try one by Innoxa at Priceline, but it was in such a teeny little bottle...

Hit me up with suggestions for a setting spray by a cruelty-free brand, and please, for the love of my tiny and pathetic disposable allowance, give me options!


  1. I love this! To bad Fredo wouldn't answer that much.

  2. Hahaha! I read the one on Miel and Mint as well, I seriously have to do this with my Boyfriend. That's too funny! None of them have a clue what strobing is!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. I can't wait to see what the results are with your boyfriend. To be fair, unless they wear makeup themselves, new trends are just going to go over their heads :P Let me know when you've done it with your man <3

  3. He actually did quite well! It's interesting that most of the products our men seem to know the least about (ex: strobing, micellar water) are the fairly recent invetions to makeup! This is such a fun post to read! XO -Kim

    1. I proofread one of my friends' tag with her boyfriend, and I agree, the stuff they don't know are fairly new to the makeup scene. You should checks hers out, it's very funny! Livi Evelynn