My Week In A Nutshell


I'm sorry for the really late update, everyone. I was supposed to upload a new post on Monday, but time got away from me and I had a busy schedule. I barely had the time to read blogs and leave comments, let alone keep active on Twitter or Instagram. My friend David from Adelaide came to town on the Thursday before last, so not only was I spending my time playing host for the entire weekend, I also had to go out. I had so much happening this week, and I have a feeling next week will be more or less just as hectic. Yesterday we had the real estate agent come in the afternoon to go over the property with a fine tooth comb for their condition report, and it was a pain up my keister having to clean the place from top to bottom to ensure my housemate Greg's bond doesn't get affected. I don't want to do it, but considering how he helped us move out and clean our last rental, it's only fair that I return the favour. Oh, and they came 40 minutes early so they found out about the cats. No idea how that's going to impact our lease...

On Saturday, David and I went to the Deaf Football Final and met up with a number of our friends and my sister there. I hadn't caught up with anyone in the deaf community for quite a while except on Facebook, so I figured it was high time to grace them with my wondrous presence. Ha! I had to stay the night at mum's house because my sister Naomi is a complete noob when it comes to makeup application and she was all but begging me to put her face on not just for Comic Con the following day, but also for a friend's party. It was also quicker to get to MCEC for Comic Con from mum's house than it is from my flat, so two birds, one stone.

I went to Comic Con on Sunday and met Timothy Omundson. I've got a crush on him, because that #KingBeard is magnificent. In fact, I told Sean that he had to grow a beard just like that when he gets older. I loved Tim in Galavant, he was fantastic, and really pulled off King Richard quite nicely. It also didn't hurt that that beard, paired with a golden crown, just makes him look all the more majestic. I apologise for the poor photo quality at the head of this post but the scanner was acting up. As soon s I can get it scanned properly, I'll replace this one with it. I was going to get a photo with John Barrowman, but considering my spending ban, I had to be really careful with whom I got a photo with, and I went with Tim because uh... #KingBeard? Those closest to me know that I have a thing for beards and long hair a la King Thorin from The Hobbit.

I know, I know, I'm a strange one.

Meanwhile, I've been thinking about my future, because despite trying hard to look for a job, my search comes up with little to apply for, and little hope for a response. When I spent some time with my friend Molly last Wednesday, she told me that I should consider studying makeup artistry, since every time we meet up, my makeup skills keep on improving. I took her words to heart and started thinking about it carefully. Molly did the same Patisserie course as me, that was how we met, and barely had any success in securing a job. She gave up and went on to study childcare, and now has a job looking after students with special needs at before and after school care.

I'm considering the Diploma of Specialist Makeup, though I'm not sure where exactly I will study. I've looked into a wide variety of schools, each of them offering various things that others do not. The Melbourne College of Hair Design and Makeup has the kit included with the tuition. Better yet, the makeup kit is all Kryolan, which is a cruelty-free brand. Problem is, the school doesn't provide any support for deaf people by way of note takers, so I'm still trying to weigh up my options. I could probably be just fine without any assistance, but do I take that chance and risk failing? I'm a very visual learner and learn best from reading/watching rather than listening, but what if I have trouble catching up? I asked my friends and family for their opinions, and while most of them have said that it could work, I'm worried, as always.

Cat jokes that my new vanity is too small for a makeup artist and that it won't be long before it starts overflowing with products. Eek.

By the way, speaking of makeup, Besame Cosmetics sent me a few samples to review on the blog, so expect that to go up sometime in the next few weeks once I've played with them a little bit. Milani Cosmetics Australia is also sending me a few things for review on the blog as well, and I've got my fingers crossed that they're sending me some of the new releases.

What does everyone think about the 18pcs Vegan Brush Set by Morphe? What about Morphe brushes in general? Are they worth it for the price and purpose of being in a student kit? The brush kits most schools supply contain animal hair, so I want to avoid that at all costs.

Again, sorry about the really late update. I promise to try and get things back on track and in order. I went to the DownUnder Makeup Store today and ended up buying a couple of concealers because the last one I bought did not serve it's purpose, so it had to be replaced. My friend Livi, you can find her blog here, met me there because she was excited about getting some cheap makeup. They had their 50% off sale this weekend, so she went home with quite the haul. I'll upload a post on my mini haul on Monday provided I get some sunlight for good photography.

Have a good weekend, and I shall see you all on Monday!


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