DownUnder Makeup Mini Haul

As soon as I found out that the DownUnder Makeup Store was having one of their 50% off sales I notified everyone that had expressed a wish to visit the store with me at some point. I figured it would be easier to go with everyone at once, and they would get to reap the benefit of such a bargain at the same time. We all knew each other, including my mum, so I arranged with everyone a day and time to meet up. Mum drove me and Naomi to the store because she needed to replace her mascara, so she wanted to come along and check it out. We picked up Livi and Cate, friends of mine and Naomi's, from the station on the way there.

Livi brought my vintage train case along with her to the station, because her boyfriend Nick, a very close childhood friend of mine, picked it up for me the night before. I rewarded him with a few Harry Potter treats that I picked up at Wizarding World, and I just know that he will get a kick out of the Exploding Bon Bons. I love fellow Harry Potter fans!

My case turned out to be a light tan colour rather than the creamy white it appeared on the photos in the listing, but I'm not too fussed by it, and can definitely work with it when the time comes to set up my vanity. It is bigger than I expected, so I need to work out a way to get as much empty space on the surface of my desk as possible with this case on it, including stacking things on it in a way that it doesn't compromise its structural integrity.

We ended up getting to the store an hour later than planned but the opening rush had died down by the time we got there and so we got to relax and take it easy. I knew Kinnaly would be working at the store, and I wanted to surprise her, and surprised she was. She and Naomi had fun playing around swatching the DownUnder eyeshadow pigments and Naomi ended up falling in love with the Kinnaly shade so she bought it. I was surprised by this development as Naomi rarely ever voluntarily buys a makeup product unless it is the bare minimum such as foundation.
I was hoping that the L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer in my shade would be restocked, despite Kinnaly telling me that the company was reluctant to send it over because they were low in stock on that shade in the US. Kinnaly told me as soon as I arrived that they managed to convince them to send it in and that they were now on the shelves! I got so excited I quickly grabbed a tube of it in Natural, GC972. I've always wanted to try the L.A. Girl concealer after seeing the hype surrounding it on Instagram and Twitter, but wasn't able to get my hands on the shade I needed.

I also found a crate containing the colour correcting ones from L.A. Girl, so I could not resist grabbing the green and yellow ones, ignoring the deep orange ones. Each concealer only cost me $5 with the 50% discount. I also added a tiny sample of a ModelRock lash glue to my kit, as it was only $1, as well as a mini beauty blender dupe that came in a 2pc set that I split with Naomi. I also bought a few things for Livi, because I missed her birthday last year and wanted to make it up to her.

The store had a few new additions to their stock, most of them being from L.A. Girl, which I eagerly looked over. I didn't add anything else to my basket, because I needed to be good. My spending ban was already in danger what with my purchase of the concealers, but as they were replacing one that wasn't fit for the purpose, I didn't have too much of a hesitation.

On an unrelated note, my blog turns one next month! I can not believe how quickly time has flown and I honestly did not have the faith in myself that it would last this long. I'm aiming to publish my 100th post on the day, but I want to do something special on the blog to celebrate. I'd love to do a giveaway, but frankly I don't think my finances would let that happen. Unless it's something homemade... wait, I've just given myself an idea! GO STEPH!

Now, I must bid thee all good night, because I am watching Game of Thrones soon, and I am rooting for Brienne and Tormund. Good night!

Have you used these concealers before? What were your opinions on them? I can't wait to try these out!


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