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My blog is almost a year old, and while I am amazed by that achievement, I've also come to realise that blogging can be a bit of an expensive hobby, especially for someone out of a job for far longer than a year and living on a disability pension. I am on a spending ban for this reason exactly, and there's only so many times you can approach a brand for free products to review without coming off as desperate or cheap. I'm going to be honest here, I want to make a little bit of cash on the side that can go towards this blog, by way of props, products to review and possibly a new camera.

And more makeup for my collection because I'm addicted and I need help.

I've decided to start advertising other blogs/vlogs/small businesses/brands on this site, for as little as $7 AUD a month. I will start with three spots for the month of July and if everything goes smoothly, I will increase that number little by little so as to not overwhelm myself and my readers. I am offering three packages.

The Fiancé Makeup Knowledge Tag

While casually scrolling through Bloglovin' for posts to read this fine evening, I happened upon Miel and Mint's Husband Makeup Knowledge Tag, and found it incredibly funny. Immediately I decided that I wanted to do this tag with my partner because I wanted to see if he did know anything about makeup. I had to do this while he played Batman: Arkham Knight, and I shot question after question at him in parts where he had died or wasn't engaged in a battle.

Speaking of the Batman games, who else thinks they're boring? I really loved watching him play Last of Us and Uncharted, because they had such fascinating story lines and graphics, but Batman? Bah.

Prior to the start of this little quiz, Sean made a comment about how he should start a blog and quiz me on computer parts, and I said: "I think I would know more about computer parts than you would makeup." And his response? "Ya wanna bet? I lived with both my mum and Nan, and they had a lot of makeup."

We'll see, Sean. We'll see.

Skincare Edit: Updating My Skincare Regime


Last August I did a post on my skincare regime as it had been the first time in years that I had a proper skincare process. I had, at that time, focused on what was cheap, vegan and cruelty-free, with the assumption that if the product was marked for sensitive skin, then it was fine, I didn't need to worry about anything else. So wrong of me. I since then added a few more things to my routine, including rosehip seed oil, to help with the dry areas and a couple of masks.

My skin has been acting up a lot since, a pimple breaking out every other day, and dry areas cropping up in areas where there was also an abundance of oil, and some days my skin was either really dry or really oily. There were also clusters of large blackheads on either side of my chin. It got to the point where I was getting really sick of how my skin was acting, so short of going to see a dermatologist, I did my research.

I found out that my skin was oily (this I already knew) and dehydrated. What happens is, the more I use harsh scrubs and cleansing products, the drier my skin gets and the more oil is produced to protect it. So, once I get down to hydrating my skin, the better the overall condition will be. As for the pimples, I needed to get stuff that had pimple-fighting ingredients such as glycolic and salicylic acid. With that in mind, I waited until I ran out of some products and replaced them as I went. I needed products that helped my skin, could be bought from Priceline, cruelty-free and wasn't ridiculously expensive.

Klorane Hair Care Review


Ever since I moved to this quiet part of Melbourne last year, I've been a loyal customer of the local Priceline as soon as they opened their doors in August. I've become something of a regular, and rarely ever do I finish a visit the shopping centre without popping by Priceline to scope out the sales and new products. Priceline is a dangerous place for a beauty loving aficionado like me, especially when they have their 40% off sales and bargain bins filled with the brands that I like.

Last time I made a visit there to pick up a concealer I left the store not realising that my bag was much heavier than it should have been. As it turns out, one of the staff members there slipped in a gift bag. This same staff member recognised me weeks prior after I cut all but three inches of my hair off. So, this girl, whose blog you're currently reading, is definitely a regular at her local Priceline store.

When I got on the bus home, I opened up my bag and found a lovely rustic burlap case. Inside there was a can of dry shampoo, and a pair of mango-scented shampoo and conditioner. I got around to trying them a few times, and I'm here to give my opinions of it.

The shampoo is quite gentle considering how it contains SLS, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, an unnecessary ingredient in most skincare products. It is mainly responsible for creating bubbles and giving a squeaky-clean finish. However, what it does is dry skin out and strip hair and skin of natural oils. Ironically, the website list this product as not containing SLS, but when you look at the ingredient listing below that claim, it shows Sodium Laureth Sulfate as the second ingredient. This was also claimed to help restore moisture to dry hair, to which I respond with a "ha!"

This shampoo seems like it does not contain as much SLS as many other commercial brands, because it wasn't making that irritating slippery feel that happens when things are too clean, but I noticed that it made my oily hair a bit worse, because it had stripped off too much natural oils from my scalp and dried it out, causing it to go into hyperdrive to protect the skin. It gave a little bit of volume on the first day, but then went limp on the second day because the oil had started weighing it down, and not even dry shampoo, unless it is cornflour, could resurrect the volume.

This would probably work for other people not prone to having an oil slick on the top of their heads, though.

The conditioner, on the other hand, I find myself liking immensely. It is incredibly soft and gentle, and if you wanted to show what mango tastes like just by feeling it, this is it, creamy, smooth, and fresh. It makes sense as to why it would be called a Conditioning Balm because it is thicker than most conditioners that I have tried. This is actually quite suitable for those with oily hair, as it contains no oils, and has Salyclic Acid, which definitely helps slow down oil production. It leaves hair feeling very soft and fluffy and doesn't make it dry and frizzy.

The dry shampoo isn't anything special. It does the job if you have second-day hair, but does nothing for third-day hair, unlike Batiste dry shampoos. I am almost finished with this bottle, but I wouldn't purchase this one if I had the choice.

I did some research about the brand and found out that it was owned by Pierre Fabre. Upon further research, I learned that the parent company claims to be against animal testing, but they are not certified by any anti-testing organisations like PETA and Leaping Bunny. They also sell products within China (namely the Avene brand) where they are required, by law, to test on animals. So this is not a company to go for if you're 100% cruelty-free like me. Since I didn't spend any money on these products, I'll continue using them until I run out. This is definitely not a company I want to support.

Do you use Klorane? What do you think of their products?

DownUnder Makeup Mini Haul

As soon as I found out that the DownUnder Makeup Store was having one of their 50% off sales I notified everyone that had expressed a wish to visit the store with me at some point. I figured it would be easier to go with everyone at once, and they would get to reap the benefit of such a bargain at the same time. We all knew each other, including my mum, so I arranged with everyone a day and time to meet up. Mum drove me and Naomi to the store because she needed to replace her mascara, so she wanted to come along and check it out. We picked up Livi and Cate, friends of mine and Naomi's, from the station on the way there.

Livi brought my vintage train case along with her to the station, because her boyfriend Nick, a very close childhood friend of mine, picked it up for me the night before. I rewarded him with a few Harry Potter treats that I picked up at Wizarding World, and I just know that he will get a kick out of the Exploding Bon Bons. I love fellow Harry Potter fans!

My Week In A Nutshell


I'm sorry for the really late update, everyone. I was supposed to upload a new post on Monday, but time got away from me and I had a busy schedule. I barely had the time to read blogs and leave comments, let alone keep active on Twitter or Instagram. My friend David from Adelaide came to town on the Thursday before last, so not only was I spending my time playing host for the entire weekend, I also had to go out. I had so much happening this week, and I have a feeling next week will be more or less just as hectic. Yesterday we had the real estate agent come in the afternoon to go over the property with a fine tooth comb for their condition report, and it was a pain up my keister having to clean the place from top to bottom to ensure my housemate Greg's bond doesn't get affected. I don't want to do it, but considering how he helped us move out and clean our last rental, it's only fair that I return the favour. Oh, and they came 40 minutes early so they found out about the cats. No idea how that's going to impact our lease...

Takoyaki In My Heart


Recently my mum and my sister came over to visit while my housemate was away in Cairns, and we had a late lunch. I decided on a Japanese theme for the meal, as mum and Naomi love their Japanese food and I had just bought myself a dutch pancake cast iron pan with deep grooves, so they were just right for takoyaki, as they made perfect spheres. I first had takoyaki when I visited Japan in 2010, and I loved it so much that I ate it whenever I could. I decided to make it again when my friend David came down for the long weekend. 

Pinterest Inspo and Home Decor Wishlist


Some of you might remember from one of my previous posts that I was going on a spending ban for two months, saving money for new furniture being part of the reason. I mentioned that I was going to buy a desk, as well as some components to make up a vanity and such. My housemate is moving up to Cairns fairly soon, and we've taken over the lease to save ourselves the time and effort of looking for a new rental. Which means that the second bedroom will be free for Sean to move his work office out of our bedroom and into the other room. This gives me the space next to my bed to set up a vanity that also plays the role of a desk and a bedside table.

The Liebster Award

"Sempai noticed me! Sempai noticed me!" That was exactly how I felt when I received this wondrous nomination for the Liebster Award. I had honestly thought that it would take me at least another year for someone to nominate me for the Liebster Award (self-depreciating much?). I didn't think I was at that level yet, so to be nominated for this almost a year after I started this blog, I'm pretty chuffed. Thank you so much, Chels Lauren, for this nomination, I truly appreciate it from the depths of my heart! It made my day then and continues to bring a smile to my face every time I think about this nomination. It's the little things in life, I always say.

The Liebster Award, in summary, is a way for bloggers to promote fellow up-and-coming bloggers, to reward their efforts and accomplishments in becoming a blogger. With this award, the nominee has the choice to answer 11 questions of the nominator's choosing, which lets your readers learn a bit more about you, and you nominate five other bloggers for the award and provide them with questions of your own choosing. When nominated, you don't have to accept the award and answer the questions, but I hope you do because it really does help yours and everyone else's blogs.

On with the questions that Chels has given me!

My Two-Month Spending Ban


Yup, you read that right. No, it was not Sean that imposed The Spending Ban, because he doesn't see any point in trying to stop me from buying makeup, as it would be fruitless. It was Lord Voldemort me that announced out loud that I would be restricting myself from spending any money on luxuries for two months starting from today, the first of June. Usually I'm careful when it comes to spending money, but lately, I've been needing the retail therapy after all the crap that's gone on. Which isn't good, obviously, because it becomes an addiction, and I need to nip it in the bud before it takes hold.

This ban comes at a really good time, actually, because just a few days ago I found out that Big W now stocks Barry M, another cruelty-free brand that's (sort-of) cheap. It's dangerous having that kind of temptation, you know, a whole new cruelty-free brand sitting innocuously on the shelves at a local department store calling my name.

You can bet that by the time this ban ends, I'll have a wishlist of Barry M products that I want to try out for myself. I've actually got two items on there already, so that's saying something. (And of course one of them is the strobe cream, duh)