Tarte Cosmetics Holidaze Deluxe Set Review


I think a little bit of clarification is in order about my "Less Than 100% Cruelty-Free" statement. In my personal opinion, any company that performs testing on animals or sell products in China where they're legally required to test on animals, they are not cruelty-free. However, if a 'cruelty-free' brand is owned by a parent company that does test on animals in some way, shape or form, they are less than 100% cruelty-free. I prefer to stick with products that I have the absolute confidence in, in regards to their ethics and testing policies.

I initially bought the Tarte Holidaze Deluxe Set for a friend for Christmas, but when the season came and went before I even had the opportunity to meet up with them, I thought gift-giving in February would be awkward. So, I decided to try it out for myself, as this set gave me the opportunity to try out a few pieces at once without the commitment of spending so much dough for the full sized versions. I wanted to see if Tarte was really worth the hype and worth compromising my 100% Cruelty-Free standing. After using them, I can say with absolute certainty that Tarte is not worth it. If they had been omg, wow, so amazing I must have more, I may have considered making some leeway for them, especially since Tarte itself is cruelty-free in that they don't sell their products within China, don't test on animals at any point, even through third party suppliers, and they still bear the PETA cruelty-free logo.

The set contained the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Fanciful, and the Maracuja Oil in a tiny bottle with a glass dropper. 

First off, I want to talk about the mascara. I have no idea how this managed to achieve cult status because it was not worth the hype that surrounded it. I found it way too thick and clumpy for my liking, and it did not achieve the results that I desired. I want my lashes evenly coated and separated, with extra length being an added bonus, but this only clumped my lashes together in the first coat and coated them way too thickly. Not only that, it also got flaky throughout the day and left a scattering of black flakes on my cheeks. Not attractive. And definitely not worth the hype. I rarely wear this one unless I use my lash primer underneath so that my lashes aren't coated so thickly in the product in just one coat.

The Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush is billed as one of the longest lasting blushes on the market, and while that may be so, I rarely ever reach for this one. I've only worn this a handful of times, but the colour really does not catch my fancy as much as the Milani Rose Blush in Romantic Rose. It certainly does last quite a long time, and if I wasn't so anti-cruelty, I might have stocked up on this range, but alas, that is not the case. It's soft and easy to apply, is incredibly pigmented and does not look chalky at all. In fact, it looks quite natural and blends easily.

Maracuja Oil - the bane of my existence. Every night I used to apply this to my face in order to combat the dehydrated areas of my face and return it to its former soft and hydrated glory. It did that, alright, but the added Vitamin E in this oil gave me little pimples and bumps in my t-zone, especially the area around my nostrils. Ever since I made the switch to Jojoba Seed Oil, my skin has been much more forgiving and now the odd little bumps have gone, thankfully. I might try pure maracuja oil in the future, but I will definitely be avoiding this one with every fibre of my being. Pass.

So, would I ever consider compromising on my 100% CF stand for Tarte Cosmetics? You bet I won't. I cannot justify giving a portion of my money to their parent company which would then go towards the testing of animals, especially when I don't love their products enough to make the switch. I'm on a tight budget on a mission to save money for a house, so spending cash on a brand that doesn't sit right with me makes no sense whatsoever.

I'll take Too Faced any day.

It'll take me a very, very long time to hit pan with the blush, but the mascara is going straight in the bin soon. Luckily I spilled half the Maracuja oil, or else it would have taken me much longer to finish it. However, finish it I did, and I have never been more glad about it.

Do you own any of these products? What were your thoughts on them? Compared to other brands of a similar standing, for example, Urban Decay, are they worth it?


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