Care Package from Cat Miranda


I recently met Cat Miranda, a soon-to-be blogger on Twitter. We quickly became fast friends, and rarely go a day without chatting with each other. It sucks that we live on opposite sides of the Earth, but where distance is concerned, the great conversations and good company more than makes up for it. We started out with her asking for some advice on how to start up a blog, and my knowing exactly how hard it was to start up a blog without any solid advice or guidance from a fellow blogger, I was all too happy to lend a hand.

We ended up deciding that I would design the blog for her since it would take her too long to understand CSS and HTML codes, let alone make changes that suited her. In exchange, she would send me a few beauty products that I couldn't really get in Australia. However, that quickly evolved into a care package swap.

This package came weighing in at least 4 kilograms, much to my horror. The shipping must have been steep, and I feel extremely bad for it. It has however strengthened my resolve and ambition to make her blog amazeballs, not to mention add more to her care package, soon to be sent out once I add a few more items to it.

I opened it up and found bronze coloured confetti, and had to breathe a sigh of relief because it wasn't glitter (she told me she loves putting glitter in her cousin's letters to annoy her). There is seriously a lot of confetti in the box, and after taking everything out, there was a thick layer coating the bottom of the box haha.

She sent me so much stuff, and it took me a long time to go through the box and photograph them as I went along. I think I'm most excited about the Cookie Butter. Goddamn it, it looks bloody delicious! Sean was working while I was unpacking the box, and even he couldn't help but be gobsmacked by all of the food in the box. I really was spoiled rotten by Cat!

Cat included one of the pouches from her Ipsy subscription, and I seriously love the tie-dye pattern and colour. It stands out so much and I just love looking at it. It makes me feel happy. In it was Wet n Wild Fergie Take On The Day Eyeshadow Primer, theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer with a small tube of Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick in Committed, and two ColourPop Lippies.

Cat also threw in some hair and skin care products, and I'm very keen on trying the Paul Mitchell products out, as I'm told they're a high-end brand. I'm super excited to try out the tea tree goodies, because while I love the scent and tingly effect it has on my skin, Sean absolutely hates the smell bwahahahaa. Sending me some micellar water and the charcoal bar was really thoughtful of Cat, as I've been complaining about the condition of my skin lately, especially with blackheads and a wave of pimples popping up left, right and center over the past few weeks.

She included six different bags of tea by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (that company name could not sound any more like a Hobbit coffee and tea vendor in the Shire!) and I am really looking forward to trying these out. Apricot Peach sounds amazing! She also included a box of Altoids, which turned out to contain gelatine, unfortunately, and a box of Extra Dark Chocolate Wedges, something else that I'm also super excited to try out, as I really like dark chocolate. The packaging for these are so adorable, and I just know that I will keep them for forever.

And oh my god, the cookie butter! I'm dying from the sheer awesomeness of the label, and I imagine that the product within will taste just as awesome. Cat included a tub of dark chocolate coated espresso beans for Sean, because she wanted to send something just for him too.

Cat really wanted me and Sean to try Smores, so she sent us some graham crackers while I purchased some vegan marshmallows from iHerb. I asked if she could include a couple of dark chocolate peanut butter cups because it was hard to find them here, but I really liked them because they weren't too sweet. She ended up sending me an entire tub and demanded that I try them in place of regular chocolate when I made the smores. The marshmallows arrived a few days ago, so today I tried my first smore, and shit, they're freaking delicious! The Jelly Belly Flops were a nice surprise, because I really like Jelly Belly beans, as they're the only jelly bean that I've ever liked in my life, and the best part is that they're gelatine-free.

Can everyone give Cat Miranda a round of applause (and lots and lots of gummy bears) for spoiling me so much that Sean now has some competition when my birthday comes around? Haha, I don't know how I've managed to find such a wonderful friend like Cat, and I can only hope that I am as good of a friend as she is. She's brilliant!

Now I'm off to go and find more things to add to her box, because what I've got so far clearly isn't enough.

Do you guys have any idea as to what I can add to her box? I'd like to include more local brands so that she gets a taste of what is Australian.


  1. Wow! What an amazing and thoughtful package of goodies, how generous! I really want to try Colourpop, definitely report back on how those lip products are!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. Yeah, it was such a lovely package! I have yet to try out the Colourpop goodies, because I've barely gone out ever since I got a cold two weeks ago!