My Pumpkin Journey #2 ~ Don't Stop Believing!

I thought it was the perfect time to release the second instalment to the Pumpkin Journey, and let me tell you this; they are going so amazingly well I am actually very surprised. I honestly did not believe that I would see the say that my first vegetable plants actually made it past the seedling stage, but here we are. If you haven't caught up on the first instalment, here's the link to the post. Let's look at the progress from the last two weeks!

This picture was taken just a couple of days after the last post, and as you can see, they've have already started growing their first true leaves, with the characteristic lobed shape, and furry and prickly texture. I got quite excited when I saw these, because it's a sign that things are going spectacularly well.

About four days later and their stems are growing tall, and have already started sprouting their second true leaves. The stems are also getting wider and stronger, and are able to withstand the weight of their leaves without tipping over so much. At this point they've grown too big to remain inside the plastic bag, so I've been keeping them in the shade most days while the weather is warm. The soil dries up fast in this heat, so I've taken to checking it twice a day and adding the water when the soil looks bone dry. 

A week later, and the first leaves have formed quite well, and are starting to gain their strength, where just a week ago they were flimsy and soft. I'm starting to get a little concerned about the singed edges to the leaves, but I'm hoping that's just a result of them being in direct sunlight one time. I think the brown edges to the rounded leaves at the bottom of the stems is meant to be normal, though I have no idea if they're supposed to drop off soon or remain on the plant until maturity. Only time will tell.

I'm very aware that these plants need to be in the ground, considering the size, but I've yet to buy the appropriate sized planter. We're supposed to be moving houses soon, so I can't plant them in the garden and then leave them behind, so I definitely need a planter that can be transported from one property to another, as well as some good soil and fertiliser if I want an exceptional yield.



  1. YAY! I love seeing plants grow!
    I've been buying veggies at the grocery store and testing how well they survive in a container with water and sunlight (my green leaf lettuce is actually growing back!) Can't wait to see how these guys grow more :D

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    1. Oh, that sounds like so much fun! Mum's been doing the avocado, and they just look so sad skewered with toothpicks and half drowned, haha! I can't wait to see how they go too!

  2. Oh wow, they really sprouted within that week! I hope you're move goes smoothly with your plants of course. I've never tried planing pumpkins before.

    Sally - DiagonSally

    1. Yeah, they're such little fighters! I really commend my commitment to these, as I'm usually easily distracted from gardening projects instantly. They keep me going =D