Blog Hiatus and Breaking News

Hi everyone, don't be frightened by the title, I promise you that this hiatus won't take longer than a week, two maximum, and I'll list the reasons below:

1. Life
I need to put more effort in the search for both a new job, be it casual or part-time, and for a new rental so that Sean and I can move out of our friend's sooner rather than later. I'm a very solitary and introverted person, so living with other people makes me irritable and unreasonable, through no fault of theirs. Also, being unemployed for a long time makes it hard for me to remain motivated and upbeat, and I've been feeling the blues quite deeply over the past few months.

And that in turn makes me produce fewer content for the blog, though I've kept the quality consistent through my posts since. Having a break from blogging will help me renew and strengthen my motivation and love for blogging, give me some time to properly plan, prepare and write new posts, and have a few backups written up for those days when I've hit a writer's block or have to deal with real life.

2. Travel
I have to plan my, and my partner's, one-week trip to Japan, while my fiancé works his butt off at his job. My being unemployed means that I have more time to organise this trip, so the responsibility falls to me. There's a little over a month till we're meant to fly out, and that means a lot of stress over booking the accomodation, and sorting out the itinerary. This will be my partner's first time flying overseas, let alone to a country where he doesn't speak or read the language, whereas I've been to Japan once before, and I have some experience with the language and culture. My previous trip to Japan was a waste of money, with my travel buddy getting in the way of my plans, and wasting all of my time and effort in saving the money, by forcing me to go shopping in Harajuku 14 days in all of three weeks we were there, so I want to do this trip properly without any regrets.

This trip was a stroke of luck, actually, because we decided to cancel it after my partner wasn't able to take the three weeks off, from his new job. We tried to sell the tickets to a couple of friends after shortening the trip down to just one week, but plans fell through when we discovered that the fees to change the bookings were exorbitant. Luckily, Sean was approved for one week of annual leave just a week ago, so now that leaves me so little time to plan everything. That's partially why I need some time away from working on the blog.

3. Blogging
Lastly, and most importantly, I have some news to share with you. I am planning on doing a moderate overhaul with this blog, including the name, header and slight adjustments to the layout and overall design. The posts, the writing and whatever niche I had will remain the same. I'm not too fond of the blog name, as it gives potential readers the impression that I am a preachy vegetarian that runs a food blog, rather than one that likes to provide affordable cruelty-free ideas for those that are vegans/vegetarians, as well as anyone that may possibly be interested in leading a cruelty-free lifestyle, be it in food or beauty.

That said, don't be alarmed by the changes you may spot in the days to come. Most of my social media accounts will remain largely unchanged. Until then, please keep showing your support, and use this time to catch up on some posts that you may have missed.

I love you all, and thank you so much for all of your support. I really appreciate it, more than you could ever believe.



  1. I completely understand your reasoning for changing you blog's name! Personally I don't think it sounds preachy, but it might to new readers. Good luck with everything and I hope you find a job you love! Come back soon :)

    1. A lot of friends and family members have said that it doesn't sound preachy, but that is only because they've got experience with this blog, whereas new readers don't. Hopefully this new name and style will help bring on the followers.