Wet n Wild Beauty First Impressions - Take It or Leave It?

I've been wanting to talk about Wet n Wild for a long time, but I had to wait until some of my current mascaras and eyeliners reached their expiry date. Part of being thrifty is to not buy, or use new products until you've used up your existing ones, or when they're past their expiry.

I've tossed out both of my current mascaras, namely the Savvy by DB's High Voltage Volumising Mascara and e.l.f.'s Eye Enhancing Mascara in Black Diamond. The Savvy one isn't worth a second look unless you've got some mascara primers on hand. e.l.f.'s mascara on the other hand had a fantastic brush that I really liked for their lash separation, but I absolutely loathed the glittery formula, which is difficult to wash off. I really don't like glitter in my eyes, thank you very much!

I bought the Wet n Wild goods from the Luxola, now Sephora, website, and you can still find these products on the site. The Sephora website holds many sales on Wet n Wild cosmetics, so you should keep an eye out for the deals when they match up. Sometimes they offer free shipping, and when you combine that with the frequent sales on Wet n Will, it's a bargain. In fact, that is how I managed to buy both the eyeliner and mascara.

One note of importance though, the Melbourne Sephora store does not stock Wet n Wild.

I chose the XXL Lash Mascara and H2O Proof Liquid Eyeliner, because I figured that they would be a good representative of the brand. I wanted the Megalast lipsticks in the first place, but all of the shades that I had my eyes on were sold out. Good news on that front though, a friend of mine in the US has sourced four Megalast shades and has sent those out to me. A review is coming your way...

Back to the point, let's check these babies out.

XXL Lash Mascara
I must say I am disappointed with this product. As soon as I took the wand out of the tube, I noticed that the formula was thick, and pretty much caked the brush. The brush itself was also a downfall, being a regular spoolie instead of something specially designed for voluminous lashes. As soon as I put it on, I noticed that it was actually a bit difficult to get even coverage because it goes on thickly. Not long after application it started to flake a little bit onto my cheeks. It's not terrible or easily noticeable, but it still flakes nonetheless. I really don't like this mascara because it looks too dry, doesn't lengthen my lashes as much as I'd like, and it reacts with my eyes and makes them sting. The only upside to this mascara is the long staying power, so I give this 2 stars out of five. With  a mascara primer, this one can be redeemed. The primer produces fewer clumps, a slightly easier application, longer lashes, absolutely no flaking, and super lasting results (I may or may not have gone to bed without removing my makeup on New Years Eve. So much for a fresh start. At least the mascara stayed put!)

H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner
I'm not too sure how I feel about this one. For a waterproof formula, it's definitely difficult to remove with just water, so oil is the way to go when washing this off, and even then, there's still some that remains. I couldn't wash this off with my regular eye makeup remover. The formula tends to separate in the bottle on warm days, so you need to shake or roll it between your hands to redistribute the contents. This dries really quickly so it won't be easy to smudge. I honestly like the firm felt tip, because it's just like drawing with an eyeliner pen, only that the handle is much easier to use and control. I can achieve a flick with this brush, though the brush tip does not allow for a very thin line. The downfall, however, is that the eyeliner has a slightly acrylic paint-like texture, where it's shiny instead of matte. It doesn't stand up well against my hooded lids either, and transfers to the brow bone rapidly after application, even when using mattifying powders and a very good eyeshadow primer.

For a first impression on Wet n Wild products, It's not looking very good. Hopefully the Megalast lipsticks fare much better, and leaves a better impression. I look forward to trying them all and reviewing them.



  1. I never tried the Wet n wild Mascara yet... I only have their lipstick :).

    Glowlicious.Me | Lily Widjaja

    1. I'm really liking their Megalast lipsticks, they're so nice and richly pigmented, which makes the brand look so much better after the flop that is the mascara and eyeliner. Look forward to the upcoming review on these lipsticks if you're interested.