Priceline 40% Off Skincare Haul

Yesterday I finally got to cross out #2 of of my goals for 2016, which was to be more proactive with my skincare. I went out and got four new products after discovering Priceline's 40% Off Skincare sale. When Priceline hold these 40% Off sales, they mean business. They generally last for two days, and the entire range is up for grabs, no exceptions. I always pinch my pennies in anticipation for these days, especially when I've got my eye on something a bit pricey, EcoStore Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner, I'm looking at you.

This time, I splurged more than I would spend on any ordinary day at Priceline, but considering how my total only came up to $21.64 for these four products with the help of a complimentary $5 voucher, I am calling it A Very Good Day.

First up is the Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner in 125ml. I grabbed this one because I didn't have a toner yet and was waiting for this one to be ridiculously discounted before I bought it. I used to wear toner back in high school to refreshen my skin, and somehow it made my skin feel less greasy. This was so long ago I can't even remember what brand I used. Since then, I pretty much neglected my skincare up until last year.

This is what happens when you get together with a bloke that doesn't give a shit if you're bumming around the house in PJs for three days straight.

I bit the bullet and added two tottles of Montagne Jeunesse's masks to my basket. Yes, they're called tottles, not bottles. I picked up the Green Tea Peel-Off Face Mask and the Dead Sea Mud Pac. This brand is BUAV Approved, so it is 100% cruelty free. When I brought them home and showed them to Sean, he said "What are these for?" to which I responded with "Your pores." And then he says "I noticed that when I rub my skin, there's this gunk that comes out."

"Yeah, that would be from your pores. These will help."

I got a cruelty-free sunscreen that I can finally protect my skin with. I've always wanted my top half to match my bottom half, as in, I want my face and arms to be as pale as my chicken legs, thank you very much. I don't care if I glow in the dark, I like pale skin more so than tanned, and this will do the job of making sure they eventually match. Using my $5 voucher, and taking advantage of the 40% off discount, I nabbed Natio Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50+ for just $4.57. Score!

Did you go to the Priceline 40% Off Skincare Sale? What did you get?

Luna hijacked my photography setup and claimed it as her bed...



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