The Lipstick Diaries Entry #5: Essence Longlasting Lipsticks

Could you believe that I haven't done an Essence post yet? There really isn't a good reason for this, except that I didn't really have any Essence products in my arsenal. Until now, that is. I blame E.L.F. Cosmetics, really, because if it hadn't been for my loyalty to them, I would've bought Essence goods much, much earlier. I think I was a bit afraid of using their products just in case they all didn't work out for me, but I've come to see otherwise.

Better late than never.

Doing a review on all the Essence products I currently own would be going a bit overboard, as there's a decent amount in my toolbox now, thanks to the Heat Group's Cosmetic Warehouse Sale, and Priceline's 40% off cosmetics sale. It is for this reason that I will only review one of their lipstick ranges, and then I'll move onto the other products in future posts.

The Longlasting Lipstick range has two groups, the regular shades, and the nudes. So far I only own two of the regular shades, and one nude lipstick.

Essence Longlasting Lipsticks in 04 On the Catwalk, 11 Nude Love, 14 Adorable Matt!

These lipsticks are actually so much better than I initially expected, and my expectations were somewhat low then. I am quite surprised by the intense colour payoff, the even coverage, the creamy texture, the quality, and also the price. The only downfall to the Longlasting Lipstick range is the packaging. Unfortunately, it is not very high quality, as one of these tubes sometimes wind back down as I'm applying the lipstick, so I have to hold both bits of the tube to stop it from winding away from my lips. The price is in the formula apparently.

On The Catwalk!
The glossiest one out of all three shades, the colour's quite nice, but I'm not too fond of this one. If it was a tad more matte, I'd be all over it like white on rice. Glossy red lipsticks make my lips appear smaller, whilst matte reds gives me that va va boom I so dearly love. However, it's a lovely warm red, the perfect shade for Autumn, and would work in most scenarios. This shade is more creamy than the Adorable Matt! shade, and doesn't last as long. It doesn't stain much, so you'll need to reapply a bit more frequently throughout the day if you want a consistent colour. 

Nude Love
I must admit that I was not fond of this colour at first. I found it too pale for my liking, and it disappointed me because it was such a lovely shade when I swatched it. However, since trying it on for this post, I find myself falling in love with the shade. I think it works much better when I have some eye makeup on, so that it doesn't wash out my features. This is a slightly glossy lipstick, but it works nicely that way, because it stops my lips from looking like it's been slathered in concealer. It's not patchy, nor does it accentuate any flakiness on the lips. It gives a great coverage from the get go, and looks quite natural. I think this may have begun a new love for nude lipsticks now... 

Adorable Matt!
Adorably matte, this is a very similar shade to the Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in NY-CEE, and without doubt, SO much easier to apply. I think I will find myself reaching for this lipstick more frequently than the Velourlips to save time and effort. This stains like crazy almost immediately, which is excellent for a super longlasting colour and fewer reapplications. I find this one to be less drying than the Velourlips, and it definitely shows in this picture, where it doesn't make my lips look parched.


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