The Lipstick Diaries Entry #4: Australis Colour Inject

So this entry is another Australis lip product, and one that I should have more of in my collection. Why? Because this ticks a lot of boxes. It's moisturising, buttery, vividly pigmented, and lasts quite a few hours without wearing away. The Colour Inject range is not matte, but has a glossiness that is neither in-your-face or tacky, but looks creamy and fresh. The colours pack a punch, and I really enjoy wearing this little number. The shade I've got is "Make A Wish". It's a great shade for both warm and cool skin tones, but sadly it is no longer available. I have seen a very similar shade in store though, but have yet to test it out.

The only issue with this lip colour is that is makes my teeth look very yellow which is such a bummer, because I really love wearing this. As such, I've bought whitening toothpaste in hopes that it will improve the colour of my teeth to better suit the lipstick. It stains a bit, so it gives your lips lasting colour that will remain even after the formula fades away.

What I LOVE about this range is that it comes with a detachable bottom that gives you access to more product, although, unlike some brands, the product in these little pots are more like lip gloss rather than lipstick, so you can apply it with your finger or a brush. I find these little pots to be a great money saver, and whenever I shop for new lippies, I make every effort to find ones with removable bottoms.

As you can see, the lipstick itself is quite pigmented and goes on thickly, and the colour is flamboyant as heck. It's rich and vibrant, and the colour payoff means more bang for your buck. The little pot is rather glossy and lightly pigmented, which gives your lips a nice, subtle wash of colour. You can even use this as a highlight in the middle of your lips after putting the lipstick on to give it a more plump look.

Yes, I got lazy and used the same photo from the last post. To be fair, I planned on using the photos from this shoot for both the Lipstick Diaries and the eyeliner post, so I'm only 50% lazy. I had an issue with the memory card on my camera screwing up, giving me far less space to work with, so I had to delete the corrupted files that wouldn't show up on my camera, forgetting that they were from this shoot. So all that is left is this wee picture, unfortunately.

On Friday I went to Heat Group's Cosmetic Warehouse Sale, and came home with a whole bag full of goodies. Do check out my next post!


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