Heat Group's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale ~ Essence Haul!

I spent quite a pretty penny at this warehouse sale held by Heat Group. As soon as I heard that Heat Group distributed Essence cosmetics, I knew that the 2.5 hour transit by public transport to the warehouse in Scoresby was going to be worth it. There weren't other brands of note that were vegan and cruelty-free, but nonetheless, I knew I would be going home with a lighter wallet, and extremely happy about the major savings that I would be making.

The Lipstick Diaries Entry #4: Australis Colour Inject

So this entry is another Australis lip product, and one that I should have more of in my collection. Why? Because this ticks a lot of boxes. It's moisturising, buttery, vividly pigmented, and lasts quite a few hours without wearing away. The Colour Inject range is not matte, but has a glossiness that is neither in-your-face or tacky, but looks creamy and fresh. The colours pack a punch, and I really enjoy wearing this little number. The shade I've got is "Make A Wish". It's a great shade for both warm and cool skin tones, but sadly it is no longer available. I have seen a very similar shade in store though, but have yet to test it out.

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner Review and Swatches

Everyone knows that I have a love/love relationship with these cream eyeliners. I'm always raving about them. To be fair, I haven't tried other brands' cream/gel liners but I don't think I'll ever need to. You know how everyone has their preferences when it comes to eyeliner? Liquid/pen/pencil, or kohl? Matte/shimmery, or glossy? Waterproof?

My Absolute Favourite Fetta Cheese! Lemnos Smooth Feta

First of all, I'd like to start with an apology. I'm sure most of you were intrigued as to why there hasn't been a post in over a week. I feel awful about that, but it had been a very long and tiring week, and I couldn't gather the wit and motivation to get up and photograph, and to sit down and type. Over the past week or two I've been having those dull headaches and they would show up all of a sudden, and render me useless for a couple of hours, or the rest of the day.

Cheap Vegetarian Eats + Great Company = Lentil As Anything

Many vegans and vegetarians in Melbourne know about Lentil As Anything aka Lentils, a restaurant chain run by volunteers, with more vegan establishments than vegetarian. The food is for everyone who walk in the door, be they rich or poor. You pay as much as you can afford, because they aim to provide for the unfortunate.